HTC Merge for Verizon User Manual Hits the FCC


We’ve seen this thing hit the FCC before, but now they’ve updated the HTC Merge’s listing with a user manual for the device. There won’t be many surprises to be found here unless you thought this thing was going to launch with 4G radios. Many believed that to be the case after its initial reported delay, but we had nothing to go on but unconfirmed rumors. Dive into the manual over at the FCC’s website if you’re interested. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yes I was one of the people that actually believed it was gonna be 4G… why release a phone that is not 4G after you started selling 4G phones??!? This phone should have been released in the fall and it would have seen many sales.. now I don’t know.. to many people will be tempted to get the TBolt, me included.

  2. There WON’T be many surprises to be found here – UNLESS you thought this thing was going to launch with 4G radios. Many believed that to be the case after its initial reported delay, but we had nothing to go on but unconfirmed rumors.

  3. Too bad they didnt use the extended time to put 4g radios in I think that would have been a huge selling point for those who want a keyboard and 4g

  4. I see your point but i am so sick of hearing about 4g. i have a 4g phone and i never really use 4g. i think that they should hold up on the whole 4g stuff instead of rushing into it. the battery life sucks when 4g is on and it is not that fast. if they were smart they should save money and wait until the battery life is amazing, the 4g speeds are amazingly fast and the phones are great.

  5. it will still have bing

  6. Sorry guys, but this is old news. This user manual has been since September/October…

    I wouldn’t trust anything about this phone (including that it will finally be released on Verizon) until I actually see it.

  7. This will appear on sprint also

  8. BTW, if you take note to the date those documents were posted to the FCC, you’d notice they’ve been around since early September. If anything has changed about this device since then, these documents aren’t reflecting it.

  9. @Richard Yarrell

    Sprint already has this.

  10. Sweeeettt!!! HTC long again show why it is leading innovator in mobile space. Won’t be long before crApple copies leading Asian handset maker again or perish by wayside. This look might be next handset. Go andoird!!! Screw crappy american crAPPle!!

  11. Heh heh, been there done that. I am surprised, actually. I seriously thought it would never come out. Thought the “multiple carriers” announcement was referring to multiple regional carriers. Great to see it come out! It was a great device from the time I got to play with it. I know a lot of people will enjoy an HTC slider on Verizon. The keyboard kicked ass!

  12. This is a re-badged G2 …. But the G2 actually has 4G (HSPA+) lol

  13. I was hoping the merge was going to be an LTE device. I want to jump to LTE before they start tiered data. The Thunderbolt is a great looking device, but that thing is worrying me – the iPhone launch is completely a non-issue at this point. Something is either wrong with the TBolt, or the LTE network. There is no way in hell that they would sit on warehouses of devices unless something was wrong. I’m going to wait a few weeks after the TBolt comes out to see what the general feedback is from owners. What I really want is an LTE device with an unlocked/unlockable bootloader (which means the upcoming Moto phones are utterly useless to me, and I think they’re 3G anyway) and I would REALLY like a physical keyboard. I play a lot of emulators (nesoid, gensoid, etc.) and not having a physical keyboard means that you are using on-screen real estate. Hopefully something comes along before the tiered data kicks in.

  14. I absolutely hate the rebranding and minor tweaking companies do to phones to make them seem new. Why can’t they do what they did before and just release the SAME FREAKING PHONE across multiple carriers here in the states. Currently this phone is known as the HTC EVO Shift 4G on Sprint. Why not just release the same thing on Verizon as the EVO Shift (with or without 4G)?

  15. That’s not the importance of this phone. It’s the first phone that can alternate between both the CDMA, and the GSM networks. It’s the first phone that Straight talk should be grabbing with all the hands they can. Imagine being able to switch between networks, and have unlimited everything for only $45.

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