Things We Missed, You Shouldn’t [March 2nd]


Although the iPad 2 was released today, there was more than enough Android to go around. Along with everything you’ve seen on our front page, these are some of the things going on in other parts of the universe. Take a look-see below.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ace is launching at Vodafone, free with at least a £25 tariff.
  • The Ace has also launched in South Korea in Onyx Black and Ceramic White color options.
  • Opera Mini will be featured in INQ’s lineup of Android smartphones.
  • Unity has made available its game development platform for Android. The first game built on Unity Android was shown off at GDC.
  • In case it concerns you, it looks like Bing won’t be featured on the Samsung Gem from Verizon. [AC]
  • The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will be available on all major Australian carriers come May/June.
  • Trendy issues another press release for something we’ve already known: Dungeon Defenders will have cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Skype is not functional on Verizon’s tablets, but this is because the tablet isn’t considered a phone and Skype for Verizon requires the use of landline minutes.
  • Three UK’s getting a bunch of HTC phones. Here are the release windows you can expect for each of them.
  • Elonex has introduced another Android-based tablet. No, it isn’t running Honeycomb.
  • Koodo has launched the LG Optimus One in Canada. [MS]
  • The Wi-Fi version of the Motorola XOOM in the UK will be getting Flash support in the first week of April. [AC]
  • After a quick scare, Google Body is now back on the Android market.
  • ROMTools helps bring the command line back into your life. [XDA]
  • There are more Honeycomb ports available. This time, the HTC Wildfire is getting some love.
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  1. Kinda funny ’cause the today my teacher said he would extend out project due date by a week if we get him an ipad (jokingly) but now the ipad 2 is released today also. Irony? I think so. Conspiracy against android? Not today.

  2. The new iPad is slick, although its not got any specs that are better than the xoom, im sure that the OS is more polished, thats the only reason why i havent gotten a xoo, yet, i dont want to send it in for a LTE upgrade, i dont want to NOT have SD support. ive played with several and im very impressed with them and its a solid peace of hardware, they could have waited another month or so and finished up its software and released a beast. i cant wait til androids game catch up with iOS either, i bought my wife a IP4 for valentines day and the games on that thing or so much better, hell they have one snowboading game that easily rivals my old PS2, not quite up to par with my PS3 but still marvelous, its so much simpler than android and i hate that but overall its polished, man im dying inside waiting on a dual core phone with an UNLOCKED bootloader

  3. @ksizzle9…Then perhaps you can wait and get the samsung galaxy S2 which will give the apple5 for its money. FYI it has unlocked bootloader and you can sideline apps too as well

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