Havok Engine Shown Off on Xperia Play [Video]


Havok – if you don’t know – is a popular game engine used by hundreds of studios for thousands of titles on console, PC, handhelds, and more. They’ve teamed up with the folks at Sony Ericsson to bring it to their Xperia Play and have demoed it on video. They show ragdoll physics, their destruction engine, and their behavior engine. Simply put: games for this phone will be awesome. Go ahead and watch the video above to get an idea of what you’ll be playing pretty soon. [via UberGizmo]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Uncharted 2…now that’s a real game.

  2. havok ported all 7 products to Android: AI, animation, behavior, cloth, destruction, physics and script

  3. Kinda related.. but has anyone heard how the licensing on the games for it will be? Same as Android market?… so, my phone is lost/stolen/broken and I get a replacement, would I get to D/L the games on the new phone?… or would I need to buy them again?

  4. I think it would be just like Android Market. I have bought many games under Android Market and I have a generation 1 Droid and a Droid2 and once I purchase the game on the Market I can install it on both without additional charges.

  5. from
    “According to Havok lead pre-sales engineer Steve Ewart, there’s a particular set of hardware instructions on the PlayStation phone that’s not on all the Android platforms. Those instructions and the phone’s “relative hardware power” convinced the company to bring its middleware to the platform.”
    “Set to launch this month on Verizon Wireless, the Xperia PLAY will arrive with 50 launch titles from Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, Namco Bandai and numerous other publishers that was designed to make use of the phone’s slide-out gamepad. Fifteen of these games will be ports of original PlayStation titles, one of which has already been confirmed to be the original Crash Bandicoot (booga booga).”

  6. Isn’t this thing using the adreno 205, does that not concern anybody in dealing with the graphics limitations in say the next 6months to a year and forward?

  7. If this phone had a Tegra 2 processor I think it really could have been ground breaking. None the less the demo above does look nice.

  8. yeah they really cheaped out on specs. On the other hand you can also say that Samsung, Motorola, etc are idiots for pushing out all this tech just to play games that are just nicer looking iphone ports. Android needs games that you just can’t do on iphone!

  9. does this mean we will be playing halo CE and halo 2 on our phones in a few months?

  10. If there were as many android users will to buy original games like iphone users, then the game devs will come with exclusive games for android.

  11. everyone who buys an xperia play announces to the world that he’s a gamer.

  12. Since the games are only optimized for the xperia play, im sure they newer games will still play very well on it, kinda like iphone games on an iphone cuz of vert intergration… but wayyyy sicker on this

  13. Havok is a physics engine not a game engine.
    Next time you write an article try using google for research first.

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