Seriously, Verizon, Where’s My HTC Merge? [FCC]


Look, guys, this has gone on long enough. We know it exists. We know you’re holding on to a gem of a phone. It could be a great device for a lot of people. Why are you holding out? How many open letters must I write to persuade you to just unveil this phone already?

It’s not that we’re not used to it by now, but we’re getting antsy. We’ve seen this thing go through all of the motions, and we were convinced that it was – at some point – official. Yet, you haven’t said a peep about it. We even feared the worst: that it had been canned.

But this weekend’s FCC approval gives us hope yet again, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing left to do. Get those marketing materials to your stores and affiliates, set a price and a date, and get the HTC Merge into the hands of HTC-loving keyboard-obsessed smartphone users everywhere. Or else.

Quentyn, Phandroid.com

[via TalkAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully they’re holding out to make it dual core LTE.

    Thats’ what I’m waiting for on VZW….

    HTC w/Keyboard, dual core, LTE. Come On!

  2. It’s called HTC Vision G2

  3. I heard Verizon canned it and are shipping it off to Alltel. Even though they’re owned by Big Red. I would rather have the Thunderbolt anyway. I highly doubt this will be the phone to get a dual core or LTE. The HTC Incredible 2 (HD or Global) whatever you want to call it is VZW next HTC. 4G, no dual core

  4. where is the Merge? Alltel…..

  5. Quentyn, thanks for posting this. My friend is looking for an Android phone with a better keyboard than the Droid 2 Global and I thought the Merge might be the one. I’m wondering if the similarities between the Merge and the Droid 2 Global are causing Verizon not to release the Merge or delay releasing it.

  6. Strange. Last time I check on the Merge forums, there had been rumors that it had been scrapped. Which made sense to a lot of people. Awkward timing between LTE rollout and Thunderbolt release as well as dual core dominance. I’m jumping ship if it comes to Verizon though…

  7. ^ Oops I meant to say scrapped in its current form. It also said they hoped for a mid february/march launch so let’s hope this is it!

  8. I bet it launches as a single core lte phone to give then an entry level device on 4g. Maybe they will do what they did with the eris and on thunderbolt launch day they will be like, oh ya. This one too

  9. I thought it was taken over to Alltel??

  10. I hope they do have it available through Verizon. My wife really wants this, and we were a couple of the folks who were bumped from Alltel to Verizon awhile back. How ironic if it’s only available through Alltel. My wife may have to rip a few new ones if that’s the case! ;)

  11. I’d love to see this phone come to be… simply because that keyboard looks pretty sexy (except for no dedicated row for numbers.. but I can live with that).

  12. yeah this is pretty much a g2/shift 4g

  13. I for one, would love this phone. I want a flip out android phone, but I love sense. This is perfect!

  14. Seriously Quentyn, thank you so much for posting this. I for one have been furiously checking the web on a daily basis waiting for any news about this phone. I am a Verizon customer and this would be the perfect phone for my wife, she wants an android phone but will not go without a physical keyboard. She hates the droid 2 and likes my incredible because of sense. Please Verizon…RELEASE THIS PHONE ALREADY! :)

  15. I’ve been waiting for this too. At this point I’m hoping for LTE support as long as it’s still a global phone. I travel outside the country often.

  16. Release the wife-droid!

  17. Send it to Straight talk. They’ve got the multiple network coverage. They’re the best large consumption MVNO in the nation – why not? You’ll probably have to sell your kidneys to afford it, but if you can have access to both network types, and still only pay $45 for unlimited, then YAY

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