Motorola Aims to Make Android Secure, Attract More Enterprise Users


For all the recent popularity Android has seen, the team behind its development has done surprisingly little to increase the security of the platform and make it more appealing to the enterprise market. On-device encryption has just shown up in Android 3.0 Honeycomb (and will most likely feature in future smartphone iterations of the OS), but businesses still don’t see the same level of security in Android that they already get with RIM and their BlackBerry lineup. Instead of waiting around for Google to make the changes themselves, Motorola is taking it upon themselves to dive headfirst into device security.

With the help of recent mobile security acquisition 3LM, Moto plans to develop a series of APIs for the Android platform that will enable the security features enterprise users desire. The APIs function at the OS level and allow for remote management using popular tools already in the market, with plans for Motorola’s own suite of corporate-level software to roll out this summer.

In an effort to make sure they succeed, Motorola will step aside and allow 3LM to operate as their own subsidiary. This means the APIs developed will be made available to other hardware manufacturers if they choose to use them. The hope is this will open the door for Android devices in the business place in the same way that Apple moved into that realm when they moved forward in securing their devices.

While we always prefer for such things to be implemented at the OS level for the sake of uniformity, any step toward a wider range of use for Android is a good one for the platform. Now companies just need to take notice.

[via InfoWorld]

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  1. Has Motorola pushed device/sd encryption to the Droid Pro yet? All the documentation I have seen said that was coming Q1 2011.

  2. They should add this stuff to the Android sources. This is why android should have been GPLed.

  3. Just copying the things Samsung is doing with the new Galaxy S2…

  4. Hoping this leads to new Droid Pro style smartphones…

  5. @Wesley….Your exactly right technology wise the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best device on the market. Current HTC or Motorola, Lg device are NOT PACKING the above board technology that the Galaxy S2 has. Truthfully I am what is known as an Htc fanboy total Evo 4g head but on this device I give samsung SERIOUS CREDIT they know where they are headed… ATRIX has nothing on the GALAXY S2…. Htc better make sure the next Evo 2 is packing the same on board TECHNOLOGIES that is the only way it will compete for the next 6 to 8 months

  6. Android most secure OS mobile except for BB. But BB has no Apps and cannot jailbroken. On other side BB monitors all emails on the central servers the same way crApple does in North Caorlina. Anyone buying BB and crApple get what they deserve with the US government monitoring. This why Android wins. It free of US control. For two hole years now Android had been free in Asia. No control and no crApple DRM music shit and no CIA monitoring on handsets. Android rocks, rest fail!

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