Desert Winds Game Demoed on Android + Snapdragon, Beats PS2 Graphics [Forum Talk] [Video]


When we heard Android graphics would eventually near or surpass the performance of consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation 2, we had trouble visualizing how. We didn’t know what, when, where, and who would blow us away. The Epic Citadel was pretty impressive, but I think a new king has shown up.

The folks at Southern Interactive introduced their new game – Desert Winds – and gave Pockett an exclusive preview of the demo running on Android.

They didn’t mention which Snapdragon chipset was being used exactly, but we can’t imagine anything less than a dual-core processor was being used with Qualcomm’s Adreno 3xx series of GPUs set to ship to OEMs this year. We had more on these chipsets in this post back in November.

Take a look at the video above and form your own opinion. I’m not sure how soon we’ll see games like this pop up regularly for Android, but we’ll be partying once that day comes. [Android Forums]

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  1. Impressive

  2. Most impressive.

  3. extremely impressive

  4. This game looks amazing.

  5. Looks good im going to need to buy some kind of tablet this year. im waiting in till Nov when all the price wars will be in full affect

  6. Hmmmmm.

  7. Awesome kick iphone associated.

  8. so when are these games coming and on what?

  9. Want :-) My old PS2 is cowering in fear..

  10. Nice. The animations could use a bit of work, but overall it’s very good for a portable device like a cell phone.

  11. This is what we need: Snapdragon-only games! They would go great with the Tegra2-only games already released. Yay.

  12. @ Almos, why will they make only qualcom games when everyone knows that samsung exynos or tegra 2 are better equipped?

  13. @Prince why are they making Tegra2 exclusive games when the Samsung Exynos is just as capable?

  14. they should make games for all devices!! not just certain this fucking suck!!! thats why apple good with there games

  15. Looks like the sort of play that you find in ‘Dragon’s Lair / Space Air’ — do the right twitch and you get rewarded with the next correct scene…but do wrong one and SPLAT.

    Amazing that something like this can be packed into a phone…

    …now, stop working on phones and make my flying car!!

  16. @16 ‘Space Ace’

  17. Umm. Didn’t some developers already port full PS3 games to Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablets? I don’t think the Adreno GPU will ever catchup with Tegra or PowerVR graphics anytime soon. And btw, Adreno 3xx will launch towards the end of the year in devices, and by then Tegra 3 with 3x the graphics performance of Tegra 2 will be out in tablets. Just saying.

  18. It was Tegra 3, and a quick Xbox 360 port. I really doubt this video was on the Adreno 300. More likely a 220.

  19. Possibly the worst case of ice skating in a running animation ever.

  20. boss looked way to easy to beat.

  21. Does this mean we could see PS2 emulators on Android. Ooo the possibilities :)

  22. Great…now we just need some kind of controller attachment for our phones because playing that on a touch screen looks hella clunky

  23. The graphics are certainly nice, but the animations are… lacking. Very lacking.

  24. @Dave – Don’t be too proud of this technological terror they’ve constructed

  25. wow the graphic is as almost good as PS3/360! :O

  26. If that’s the gameplay, I’m not impressed.

  27. This is on an MSM8660/Adreno 220 – 2x the performance of Tegra 2.

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