Motorola XOOM Gets Clockwork Recovery in No Time Flat


The Motorola XOOM is well on its way to root and beyond with the first instance of Clockwork Recovery running on the tablet. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that famed hacker Koush managed to get CR up and running in less than two hours after picking up his own XOOM.

This is a good sign, but we still anxiously await further word on just how developer/hacker friendly this tablet will be.

[via DroidLife]

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Sweet ass… might actually still buy one if good news keeps coming….

  2. Clockwork is available on the galaxy tab, fyi. I’m fairly certain that counts as a tablet, too.

  3. It says, “on the tablet,” referring to this specific model, not to all tablets in general.

  4. Using it right now. Happy as hell. I trust the devs. To hope right on board. A few OS kinks here and there but no different than any adopter of the nexus line (me included) LETS GOOO

  5. Hop right on board…oops

  6. got mine, its epic!


  8. Lol wonder where’s the common Richard hate and Sprint love comments? In due time I’m sure…anyhey This thing will likely be mine soon …looks to coolish

  9. @ @semianonymous
    whoops, my bad. Can’t read.

  10. Wow. I wish he would not have taken a photo with his crotch bulge in the shot!

  11. can someone explain to me what clockwork recovery is?

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  13. all that for $600+ tax

  14. @Logan
    I didnt even notice it until you mentioned it….. The only thing I noticed was the top hat and was trying to figure out what that was under it.
    You got something you wanna get off your chest? We wont judge you…lol

  15. @ Logan

    That’s just the way zip up jackets bulge when you sit down man :)

  16. @Logan. I thought the same at first. But after a second look it appears to be his jacket. As it doesn’t match his jeans.

  17. ROFL. Didnt even notice until you mentioned. Koush is getting a boner from his Moto Xoom. XP

  18. That’s his hoody perv, just joking though.

  19. Wow! Refreshed way to late jokes on me now ouch.

  20. @jroc the top hat is CMR’s/ROM Manager’s logo. It is a gear with a circular arrow in it. If you type “ROM manager” in the market, you’ll be able to see it.
    @andulas Clockwork Mod Recovery is an alternate recovery generally used with ROM manager. It is an absolutely awesome app that makes it very easy for root users to do nandroid backups, and flash ROMs, themes, overclock kernels, fonts, etc.
    without having to rename everything (there are other methods, but I personally prefer CMR, and, apparently over 600,000 other people do as well)
    Keep up the great work Koushik!

  21. All I have is my gtab,I can only wish :(

  22. Nice pants tent!

    Nice to see someone who enjoys what they are doing.

  23. don’t need to rename everything You can name it whatever you want but if that is the case you must click install custom zip and locate the file manually

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