Evidence Mounts for BlackBerry Android App Compatibility


Well, what do we have here? More evidence that RIM is hard at work on getting Android apps on their BlackBerry hardware? According to analytics data compiled by popular Android application ShopSavvy, that is just the case. Their data shows that a total of three separate BlackBerry devices accessed their servers while running the Android version of their app. Those devices are as follows:

  • BlackBerry 8300 on January 31, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8600 on January 17 and 24, 2011
  • BlackBerry 8520 on February 7, 2011

Even more interesting is that all the devices above can be tracked down to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. THis is significant because this is where RIM is headquartered, further evidence that this app portability is a project RIM is working on in-house for a future deployment on their BlackBerry platform. Things could get very interesting in the near future.

[via BGR]

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  1. crackberry blah

  2. This is interesting to say the least

  3. sweet! Best of both worlds. Me likey!

  4. Wth? Better give us their apps too! Wait, they haven’t got any useful ones..

  5. not just playbook but all blackberries out there? RIM could do a better job at promoting android apps than google!

  6. BBM, and other enterprise solutions would be VERY beneficial to Android. It wouldnt be very open if Rim didnt share their apps as well. I would think that would have to be part of the deal. Android+pin+playstation integration= game over Apple. Two Eagles make….a SUPER EAGLE.

  7. Very interesting.
    And how will Blackberry users get their Android apps? Will RIM start its own Android app store? Or perhaps license the Market from Google? I’m not sure which possibility is funnier.

  8. here’s an idea for RIM: the 2 things keeping blackberry alive are BBM and their superior emailing. So why not just have their phones run android and add email and bbm as a manufacturer exclusive app?

  9. RIM will have a huge advantage if google let this happen . Android is – right now – sky rocketing .. and will , in the near future , dominate RIM . If google let this happen Blackberrys will last longer and android may have a harder time kicking RIM out of the competition .
    Google , please if you are going to let this happen , atleast let us android fans get something out of it :) , BBM for android :D ?

  10. If the conclusions are true I’d imagine this would be fantastic news for Android app developers in terms of expanding their market presence. On the other hand, if the implementation is poorly handled it could become a pain (imagine all the market comments “crashed on my Blackberry Bold” “Doesn’t work on Playbook”) and might create pressure for extra device compatibility testing and restrictions. I’ll stay cautiously optimistic and I look forward to seeing this play out.

  11. @ Moses

    RIM would be just another Android handset maker like HTC, Motorola and LG. Which would mean that Android would fullfill is mission for world conquest.

    @ MrTomatoPaste

    I think that’s the only way it would work. They would have to give up thier source code if it was merged with Android and there is no way they would want to give up their only advantage left.

  12. Nice… This is really good news for consumers: Any device, any app.

  13. That would be a good thing for both Android and RIM.

  14. This is a horrible thing, because now fragmation will be even worse.

  15. Now to get android combatibility on WP7, WinMo, and iOS and then ladies and gents we will have control over the world!muhahahahaha :] yesss yess my pretty we shall take OVER!

  16. Google should buy out BB and have the whole piece of enterprise market. Come on Google… What are you waiting for???

  17. It wouldn’t be big news if some underground developer came up with android compatibility for blackberry. It is big news if RIM is pushing for this. RIM could do a better job at promoting the android market than google!

  18. Alot of you guys do not know what your talking about hating on blackberry first of all they have second best store for apps next to apple, 2nd of all you guys should look into what RIM aka blackberrys market shares are, and third of all they have super apps meaning real software not some korny app thts useless. Blackberrys are overall the best smartphone period. Keyword overall.

  19. Too bad their hardware is crap.

  20. Does this mean that Android devices may get a BBM application???

  21. @ari-free your definitly right about that rim has and knows exactly what they are good at and they usually are great at keeping it secret and hardware wise maybe droid has better hardware. BUTTTT Blackberry uses efficient hardware that they know the technology wont be outdated nd makes great choices on the hardware they do use to preserve battery issues and get the most out of their phone with the least ammount of battery power and least ammount of data

  22. nobody will complain about real apps for android once softmaker office arrives. It can even handle DOCX

  23. They have great hardware and the stability of their software is pretty awesome. Maybe I should be open to a BB device again.

  24. I think RIM should start making Android Devices maybe with a custom version of android for bissieness

  25. Their hardware is comparable to low end Android devices. Look at the specs for the Torch. It is almost identical to that of a Dell Aero.

  26. People asking about getting BBM on their android, sorry. This is RIM using Androids free and open source… not a trade. We will not get access to the BBI as our devices do not have PIN numbers, and blackberries have special provisioning required (their plans cost more usually). Also, BBM is really all blackberries have going for them to entice non business users to use them.. they are not going to give that away. This will be good for Blackberry users though as ya, they have no good apps.

  27. this will make my work provided Blackberry Torch for the next 18 months tolerable.

  28. BB phones do what they do, but nothing flashy. Ultimately, their battery consumption is extremely good, but is due to two reasons:

    1. Small, low performance screen. Bad for multi-media, decent (but not great) for emails and messaging. Great for low power consumption.
    2. Lacks multi-tasking. Simple.

    BB is dated, unless they change their form factor. They’ve tried with Storm, but that wasn’t successful, because it was in polar opposition to what BB is best at. I think Android apps might be nice, but it won’t really help BB that much. It will open up revenue streams to our Android developers, which I think is great, but it won’t draw new customers to BB.

  29. @Wilco

    Very well said Wilco, agree completely. Also many Android apps as they are right now aren’t suited for the smaller blackberry screens.

  30. This is a win for everyone but least android users as these phones can now claim to run android apps, but android users wont able to run any of their apps or use their features.

    They can do this because android is open source, so google can’t do anything about it without making android proprietary which defeats the whole point of android so they wont.

    The biggest question is, who will the market work, will google license the android market or will their phones have an android market of their own.

  31. Robert –

    What the heck are you talking about bud? The second best app market to Apple? Seriously? What the heck are you smoking? Ok, have a seat, you are obviously overworked.

    Yes, I had a Blackberry 8520, and I thought it was everything and a bag of chips. But then I realized a phone today could do, should do, so much more – and upgraded to a HTC EVO, and never looked back.

    RIM is definitely showing signs of improvement, what with the Playbook and working with Google to access the Android Market. Also, by being Flash capable, it allows developers to create apps for both marketplaces as well. If the Playbook tablet does come in under $500 – so much the better.

    Now if only RIM would take the Playbook concept and port it to a phone? Something along the lines of an EVO, Atrix, etc…


  32. re: BBM, and other enterprise solutions would be VERY beneficial to Android.

    Wrong. Android doesn’t need blackberry, blackberry needs android.

    Android already has all the features blackberry has: remote wipe, encryption, tracking, exchange, and more. So there isnt’ anything blackberry has over android, other than horrible devices.

  33. “Too bad their hardware is crap”? Spoken by someone who hasn’t tried the BB Torch.

  34. I doubt very much that BlackBerry is going to be using the Android Marketplace. Whats more likely, is if their testing proves that BlackBerry can run the same apps as Android, then BlackBerry will heavily encourage and promote developers to submit their apps to the BlackBerry app world,which open up a whole new user base, without the developer having to use 2 different sdks.

  35. I am not sure what the fuss is about BBM. WhatsApp is at least as good as BBM.

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