The Hangover’s Alan Gets Androidified


I’m not sure words will do this picture – made with Androidify – any justice. Instead of trying to explain something that needs to explanation, I’ll let you leave your epic lulz in the comments below.

[Twitpic via LarvaLabs, Snambomb – Thanks Mike!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. This movie was seriously overhyped. Funny, but seriously overhyped.

  2. Not when the rest of the crap around it made it to the movies…Hangover was a funny movie.

  3. It is totally a classic. Great job Droid’n up Alan!
    “Cause we’re the three best friends that anyone could ever have!”

  4. Great droidify! The movie was ok, just wish they would have shown the actual party more, instead of just the aftermath. Look forward to Hangover 2!

  5. One of the funniest movies in recent years!!

  6. bela and toastnjam you guys are retarded, that movie is hilarious and you guys are just square

  7. Wow. How timely.

  8. “is this hotel pager friendly”?

  9. and with every sale of a new Android, our pack grows by one.

  10. ::man gets up from ground::
    “Uh, We’re going up guys”

    “Oh, that’s perfect.”


  11. I’d like to point out my avatar on androidforums….
    Great minds eh? Lol

  12. His names Android? I know, I thought he looked like a Carlos too.

  13. oh don’t you worry your pretty stripey head, were gonna get you back to tyson and your cozy tiger bed

  14. “Would you please put some pants on? I feel weird having to ask you twice.”

  15. Liked the movie… but yeah gotta agree with Bela. Seriously overhyped, and still is.

  16. I have to agree. I give the movie a C+ at best, but if you grade on a curve with all the other horrible crap that has been coming out: It’s a phenomenal A+. Oh corporate media, is there anything you can’t ruin?

  17. BATMAN APPROVES THIS MOVIE. It was good, not great. However, BATMAN DARK KNIGHT RAISES AGAIN. It’s coming!

  18. That movie was just utter crap. Im glad i waited for it to hit dvd so i could fast forward through damn near all of it. Tried to watch it twice but still the same result. D-

  19. Bela you said it y0 that is just how I feel about …one of my Facebook friends has it as one of their top movies …I just don’t get it

  20. As stupid as my screen name is batman is worse, but in your defense batman, the dark knight was and still is one of the better movies I’ve seen. 4 stars by critics and very few movies ever get that

  21. He moved from a pager to andriod. The next hotel will be andriod friendly!

  22. I loved this movie. i think people need a good sense of humor to watch it, but thats just me.

    “Alan, you’re literally too stupid to insult”
    “Thank you”

  23. I do not watch these kinds of movies. Give me a movie such as Inception or Dark Knight and I’ll watch it. :)

  24. D+ movie for losers without a life.

    Seriously. Did you really take 20 seconds out of your life to call people who don’t like something you do a loser? I lol’d.

  26. Lol awesome!

  27. The concept of the movie was ridiculous. Do you have to bend you perception of reality sometimes at the theater? Sure, that what makes certain movies fun. The Hangover expects me to forget that I am on earth. Hard to find humor with a date rape drug. People on “roofies” are not capable of doing all the things they supposedly did. The average age of people convicted of assaulting women/men with this drug is the same as the age of movie goers is thought this movie was hilarious. By the way, I’m going to take 20 seconds to tell you that you took 20 seconds to respond to his comment. Hypocrite much? My time has been worth it. Get back to class, otherwise known as where you plan your keggers, and keep binge drinking on your parents/taxpayers dime. Keep telling yourself it’s not weird to be 26 on campus. But don’t worry, you’ll flunk out soon douche. To Jose, what to bet your “Bro’s back” with the, Lol awesome, comment. Try to think on your own. Lastly, popularity doesn’t make something good. Ever.

  28. My apologies to the educated for my typos.

  29. Hangsuked, you use so many generalizations and false arguments and then have the balls to insinuate that you’re educated? You an idiot. You go off on a crazy tangent insulting people because of a movie. Get a fucking life.

  30. When did I insinuate my intelligence? “You an idiot”, that’s pretty sweet. At least I had the courtesy to apologize for my mistakes. You tell me to “Get a fucking life”. Why don’t you get a dictionary. Nothing in my comment is generalized. It’s pretty specific. False arguments? Disprove them. My tangent did exactly what I wanted it to do. Draw out Hangover fan BOYS who defend this movie like it’s their mother. You insulted me because of a movie. Now that I think about it, your comment is better suited for yourself. Let me put this in frat BOY speak. You got owned. You got on here just to attempt to insult me. All you have done is proven my point that people of your ilk REALLY liked this movie. Bring it.

  31. You acted like you were going to bring it on. Then in the end, you just let me down. Like Hangover. Way to hit and run girlie man. Your lamer than a cameo by Tyson. Your favorite movie should have been called Shark Jumping for Dummies.

  32. Nothing else to say I guess? Give up often? Internet has killed debate. Too easy for chumps to walk.

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