Confirmed: Motorola Atrix Will Launch February 22nd


The rumor that the Motorola Atrix 4G will launch on February 22nd is no longer that, as AT&T has confirmed that the device will indeed go on sale next week at the price of $199. Pre-sales, which began on the 13th, will be shipped on the 21st. But if you were savvy enough to have the phone shipped to an AT&T store for pick up, you can get yours a whole day earlier than everyone else when you waltz in on the 21st and claim your Atrix.

[via BGR]

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  1. Hm…maybe I should switch to AT&T and leave Verizon/Thunderbolt in the dust.

    At least AT&T has enough respect for its subscribers to keep them posted on release dates, instead of letting rumors proliferate on the web (right verizon??????).

    The Atrix, IMHO is this year’s winner in the mobile world; Motorola has introduced a new concept and made it work. Just as they were the first to market on soooo many other devices/concepts. I give them respect.

  2. @destardi

    i agree, Moto seems to be staying on top. just wish they would stop locking the bootloader!

  3. how about european launch? any news yet?

  4. I’ll wait to see if XDA or anyone else is able to unlock the bootloader. If not, I’ll pass on this phone.
    ……..still waiting for something worthwhile HTC………………

  5. I wish motorola would come to sprint and drop a good phone. Come on phone overlords

  6. What about Canada (Bell)

  7. So in the end, after all the dust settles, it was the end of February just like Moto originally said. What a rollercoaster that was…Now I can buy one for my birthday!

  8. Moto u still screwed us loyal customers of yours from Verizon by giving us the Droid Bionic which is a weaker version of the Atrix.

  9. I like this device. I like where this is going. I hope more phone companies jump on this idea and improve it! (HTC) A FFC on the dock would be a nice idea. I think phones would need longer battery life before this would be considered a laptop replacement. I’m sure that thing drains the battery. I’d use this instead of my laptop for notes or travel. It’s a good idea. I like this better than tablets.

  10. Man, who would have thought that the Atrix would be released before the Thunderbolt?!?!?!? Verizon missed their chance. They could have gobbled up a lot of new customers if they would have released the Thunderbolt earlier. Now there will be a supierior phone on the market. Verizon looks really dumb now. They put way too much faith in the iPhone. AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T ANNOUNCED A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!

  11. Its great for motorola but I will have to wait for the galaxy s2 which will be easier to flash and outperform the atrix.

  12. @ Cory – On the contrary. The Dock actually CHARGES the phone, not drains it.

  13. @Prince Do not get a phone from samsung. You will be stuck on whatever os it launches with forever. Get something from moto or htc. They actually care about their customers. Trust me on this, samsung has fooled me twice, and they won’t be fooling me again.

  14. Too bad their 14.4 HSPA+ is only in 9 markets. They blatantly lie when they say it’s in virtually 100% of their 3G markets.

    1. Dallas, TX
    2. Houston, TX
    3. Los Angeles, CA
    4. San Francisco, CA
    5. Chicago, IL
    6. Baltimore, MD
    7. Charlotte, NC
    8. Buffalo, NY
    9. Providence, RI

    Source: Att dot com / network


  15. What does a locked bootloader actually mean? (What features will you not be able to do?) Sorry for the newb question lol.

    Btw, looks like motorola is going to keep it locked…

  16. i will get this Device, but personally i wish it wasa the HTC atrix instead of motorola atrix, cause i jus love the HTC UI, I really hate how HTC didnt put a forward facing Camera on the Inspire, Dam i hate how att buy there phones, its like they refuse to get the perfect phone with the perfect specs. it like every otha carrier would get good phones with good specs, its too bad att is actually better for me service wise or i would switch carriers

  17. That’s an awesome phone! I want HTC to build something like that for Verizon!

  18. thunderbolt is just another plain o phone, this phone is actually a game changer. if i wasnt a tmobile lover. i would def get this phone AND all the accessories.

  19. If Verizon was smart they would release the Thunderbolt on 2/21 so they can steal AT&T customers. The Atrix is a legit phone and kudos for AT&T to let their customers know the phone is coming and its coming out earlier than expected. VERIZON GET OFF YOUR DUFF AND RELEASE THE THUNDERBOLT! I’m sick of seeing web & TV ads for it with no real information.

  20. And yet we still can’t fet a release date on the thunderbolt. Big red should be ashamed..

  21. Is this phone even worth getting if you don’t use the laptop dock and such, because Samsung infuse looks pretty sweet to me

  22. +1 for att? Not used to saying that too often..

  23. Didn’t Verizon want to be the first carrier to release a LTE device and now At&t beat them to the punch?

  24. iPhone sucks.. Verizon sucks.. so we are left with AT&T and Android a decent combo once they get it right. The Captivate could have done just that, however Samsung screwed the pooch and decided to release more hardware rather than updating their current phones and for that they will loose all of their current customers. I’m never buy another Samsung device. The Razor was one of the greatest phones and no one wanted to let them go, so I imagine the Atrix will be no different.

  25. I can’t believe that I’d ever live to see the day when people would post nice things about AT&T on an android site.

  26. @Servontius Verizon IS the first company to release an LTE capable phone. The Atrix “4G” and the Inspire “4G” are HSPA+ not LTE.

  27. I Called ATT customer care. They told me that it will not be in stores till the 25th.

  28. When I saw the laptop dock in your MWC coverage, I assumed it was some kind of pre-production prototype. Could it possibly be real? Did Motorola engineers really put the phone dock on the back, behind the screen, at an angle, and think that was a good idea? I wonder how many phones will need to be destroyed before they recall it?

  29. Just when I was hoping it could come earlier. didn’t get paid enough to get it have to wait two more weeks to upgrade my phone “SIGH”.

  30. I’m guessing the people waiting for a Sumsung phone have never owned one. They have good hardware but the worst software and support. Have they ever gotten around to fixing the GPS on the Craptivate yet? Such a major feature and they never really fixed it did they.

  31. @Mimsy According to Samsung the GPS issues is fixable with a free APP from the market. However, it did not help most people. ALL the other issues they blame on the user, or ignore completely. It is not just the Captivate either, all the american GS phones have the issue. I would not be surprised if the GS2 line will have similar issues. It seems that the auto re-set is a common issue with Samsung phone all around.

  32. Att is getting cool now! Lol.

  33. That’s what happens after iPhone exclusivity. And while Verizon may be having a little fun now that it has the iPhone, eventually it will be just another phone and Verizon will put their focus on the next phone that comes down the block. That’s why android is even stronger overseas where iphone is available on many carriers. Individual phones won’t fare as well but the OS benefits because oem’s just put out phone after phone.

  34. “Do not get a phone from samsung. You will be stuck on whatever os it launches with forever. Get something from moto or htc.”

    Depends where you live. Here in Canada the Milestone (like the Droid) is still running 2.1. The Galaxy S, however, was updated to 2.2. HTC was a bit better by updating the Desire about 1 month before the Galaxy S but failed miserably with other high end phones such as the Hero. I think even the Legend is still on 2.1.

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