Feb 17th, 2011

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, too. There’s a new trojan running around climbing in your Android and snatching your data up. OK, you don’t need to be that scared, at all, really. The new malware attack called Hong Tou Tou (also known as ADRD) is mostly causing problems over in China (if you couldn’t tell by the name).

Like most trojans of its class, it hides in the background of applications and uses additional permissions the user didn’t intend to give it and sends encrypted data such as device IMEI and IMSI back to a remote host. Th scary part is it has been found in 14 apps, including some of the more standard wallpaper apps usually containing these trojans and the popular game RoboDefense.

But don’t let that last part get you too worried. This only pertains to iterations of apps installed from third party sources. If you got them in the market, you’re safe. An easy way to avoid these type of problems is to avoid finding random applications online and installing them to your find. The other key is always double check the permissions an app is requesting. Your Android is as safe as you let it be.

[via Android Community]