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Looks like Verizon and Motorola are looking to introduce a sequel to the original DROID X – appropriately dubbed the DROID X 2 – and CrunchGear dug up some pictures and specs that Mobizone had taken down to keep things rolling. As you can tell, it looks almost exactly like the original DROID X. We hear this one doesn’t have a dedicated camera key, though. Here is the full list of supposed specs:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • QHD LCD Display – 540 x 960 Resolution (Same as Motorola Bionic)
  • 3G Only – No LTE/4G
  • 8MP Rear Facing Camera (No Front Cam)
  • Froyo (Android 2.2) – Could get Gingerbread (Adnroid 2.3) before launch
  • New Moto Blur (Same as Droid Bionic)
  • FM Radio
  • Locked/Encrypted BootLoader
  • Launch in Q2 of 2011
  • No Hardware Camera button

Sounds like a dream phone, really, but it also sounds an awful lot like the DROID Bionic. It also won’t have 4G radios or a front-facing camera if this list is to be believed. Cool sounding specs otherwise, but if you’re going to get a dual-core Motorola phone on Verizon, just wait for the Bionic.

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  1. Way to think out the box moto, of course this is more than be said for htc’s announcements

  2. No ffc? wonder why they didnt add one of those.

  3. there’s gotta be more to it than this. why would Verizon come out with two phones that are essentially the same?
    differences seem to be front facing cam, 1gb RAM vs 512…

  4. its because they want to offer a premium 3g phone for those who do not want/cannot utilize 4g lte

  5. Isnt the bionic 4G? That would be my guess… I have this awful fascinate so I may get the X and root it and get stock.

  6. Verizon will not allow any 3G phone to have a front facing camera – simple as that.

  7. they already said 512 on the bionic was a typo so its 4g fee + ffc vs noo 4g fee

  8. As long as it doesn’t LOOK like the Bionic it can be a internal twin. Not to be confusing because personally I adore the look of the Bionic and I would be buying it if I were with VZW but sometimes its about design and people like having a choice on how their phone looks.

  9. I mean seriously… looking at these specs, X2 and the Bionic are almost the same phone, except the X2 has the RAM I want. Why couldn’t they have put 1GB in the Bionic and be done with it? I want my geebee! Not mention I’m sure anyone looking forward to this phone will be saddened by the lack of 4G and a front facing camera.

    I guess I’m just waiting for the phone that has it all. Tegra 2, 1GB RAM, 4-4.3 in screen, 4g, 8MP camera on the back and a front facing camera, a display on par with QHD or Super AMOLED plus, HDMI out, a microSD slot I can use while the phone is on, and a battery that lasts all day so I can actually use all these features. I barely use my OG Droid, since if I play any games on it or stream video my battery drains considerably. Sorry for the rant… but I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way. It just drives me nuts to see yet another phone with ALMOST all the features I want.

  10. Locked Bootloader = Dead on arrival

    You’ll be solely dependent on Motorola regarding updates.

  11. yea this makes no sense of as to the reason of the x 2 being really nothing of a powerhouse..
    dualcore processor is nice sure.
    1gig ram really nice sure
    moto blur like the bionic not nice
    locked bootloader as inuZ stated = dead on arrival
    why would you get the x2 when the bionic is just as nice and is capable of 4G?
    sure if some people dont get 4G in there area that sux, cause i wont see it for a while. but just hear me out. people move to find jobs, and maybe 4G will be with them…. too much of a gamble i guess, but wont the bionic also run on 3G?? besides that i think i will stick with my X the only thing i wont have is the extra core processor and 512 more ram… bummer….

  12. I actually think that the bionic only had 512mb of RAM, at least that’s what all early spec reports say, would be much more appealing to me if it had the 1gb like atrix, if u watch the videos of the bionic at CES it looks slow, well more of just jittery In the homescreen scrolling just like my x, that is solely because of motoblur and LP can fix that easily.

  13. I give Verizon credit for thinking of there current Droid X customers. The current Droid X is a 3g device and will always be 3g verizon would’ve had to spend so much money to add a lte/4g radio to all there Droid X devices it was easier in the mind to do this… IN MY WORLD a real true 4g device not only operates on 4g but works great on 3g as well that is WHY THE CURRENT HTC EVO BITCH SLAPPED THE DROID X AND BITCH SLAPS THE CURRENT DROID BIONIC.. So basically the choice is Droid X 2 a 3g device with 1gig of ram, no ffc, no lte/4g, VS Droid Bionic 4G, ffc, 512ram, both devices are 4.3screen… My choice would be for the Droid Bionic SIMPLY BECAUSE IF I HAD THE DROID X ALREADY I WOULD WANT SOMETHING NEW IN THE BIONIC… Today 4g/Lte technology rules but real networks make device that can SWITCH TO 3G ANYTIME I HAVE TO QUESTION VERIZON’S SERVICE CAUSE THEY ARE SEPERATING DEVICE BY 3G AND 4G… Guess the IPHONE5 will only be a 3g device but will have dualcore processor in it. Apple won’t trust Verizon’s lte network to produce a lte iphone5…. Where is that GAY BIRD… ksizzle9…

  14. Seems like if LTE pricing (still not announced right?) is outta control, the X2 will be the 3g phone to beat. To everyone out there questioning this and that. VZW still needs a flagship 3g phone, not everyone gets LTE or will want to pay a premium for the extra speed

  15. Take it from a DX owner (me): the comments about the encrypted bootloader being the phone’s major downfall is completely accurate. I get to watch my friend’s OG droid rocking awesome roms with way more options and custom kernels, etc. Guess what, he even can match my phone’s performance if I’m rommed and overclocked. Oh and he doubles my battery life too.
    Anyone who tells you that encrypted bootloaders are ok is either lying to make themselves feel good about their new purchase or they don’t have a friend to compare with like I do.
    Custom kernels, the ability to access the nearest version of android regardless of when it’s occident released for your phone and the support from developers that these two puzzle pieces bring makes it silky to buy a phone with a locked bootloader. A lesson I learned the hard way.

  16. Any chance this will do simultaneous voice/data over 3G like the HTC Thunderbolt? I care more about that than I do LTE since that’s so limited right now. I really hate thinking I’m going to buy an HTC phone again…love my X. If HTC can do it, then it’s possible, so why aren’t others doing it?

  17. Please, do not buy or recommend a phone with locked/encrypted bootloader or Blur. I am telling that from my personal experience. The best selling moto android phone ever is the OR Droid and one of its strength is that it is OPEN and currently running a very stable 2.3 version compiled from AOSP. I don’t know why Moto can´t understand this. I guess that the only way they will understand is if you and your friends vote with your wallet. We are only a few, but with very bad reviews and comments maybe they will understand what OPEN should be.

  18. same old crap everytime someone mentions motorola. bootloader blah blah. bollox. get over it. if youre not gona buy it then dont buy it. noone gives a fuck. motorola doesnt read these forums so its a waste of time bothering to write it. not everyone wants to hack their phone or use custom roms or whatever. most people dont give a crap about locked bootloaders.. this is proven by how popular the other motorolas are! if people where that bothered then they wouldnt be selling over 25million phones a year and motorola would either stop making phones or change their policy. how many people are into hacking android phones…mainly the people on here and xdadevelopers and similar websites. so thats 500,0000 tops? thats a couple percent of their potential customer base. and not all of those are bothered about locked bootloaders either (im certainly not) so im sure motorola arent quaking in their boots at such tiny proportion of potential sales.

    id love it if motorola had unlocked bootloaders. just to shut up the whingeing moaners on here. most of whom have never owned a motorola, they just want something to pick a hole in.

  19. @John, I couldn’t agree more. As soon as Motorola is in a title it’s nothing but bootloader posts, and I’m sure most don’t even own the phone. I had a DInc and switched to the X. I’ll take Motorola’s locked phone and Blur over HTC anyday…..but, I really need simultaneous voice/data and that new Thunderbolt has it over 3G. Is that going to be the only phone in history with this feature???

  20. Ah, the whiners make me laugh. Blah blah blah Moto Blur blah blah. There’s nothing wrong with it for regular phones users.

    On that note, sounds like a “dream phone”? And then you go on to list reasons why it isn’t?

    I understand the idea of not having 4G, as long as the price reflects it. However, no front-facing camera? COULD have 2.3 at launch and not DEFINITELY will?

    No reason for that.

  21. @Jeff and @john jeff, and the reason that it might not launch with 2.2 is because they haven’t finished motoblur for it. And as for the bootloaders, if it were unlocked you could easily be running 2.3 on it and you don’t need to rely on Moto to keep you icons up to date. Lol because they wont. I will never buy a locked up phones again. Yeehaw learned my lessonlesson with the Droid X

  22. Dream phone? Far from it, I say. No FFC and locked bootloader? I think I’ll pass.

  23. Droid x3…where are you. I’m hoping everything a droid x2 has but a 5 inch screen. Do I hear an amen,,,,,

  24. My Droid X is sporting a lovely custom ROM and vanilla gingerbread. It screams. Y’all need to keep up with developments. The old bootloader/ROM argument is no more.

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