Feb 11th, 2011

The quotable Kaz Hirai is back in the news, and, no, it isn’t because of an overhyped unveiling of some new PSP shwag. [Ridge racer, anyone?] This time Kaz is focused on the PlayStation Suite for Android, and even though he insists the focus of the new gaming endeavor is on phones and then tablets, he is quick to point to another Android platform that could see big benefits from Sony’s latest PlayStation push: Google TV.

Hirai states that Sony “might provide the PSS as a killer application to spread the use of the Google TV.” A statement that makes us beam with delight not only because the man himself said it, but because we agree whole-heartedly that an advanced gaming platform could bring an almost console-like experience to the slow-starting television service. So I’m a sucker for Google TV (and did I mention Kaz, too?)…sue me.

[via Engadget]

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