Feb 11th, 2011

Right now most of the high-end smartphones are sporting screens with 3.7 through 4.3 inch screens and resolution in the ballpark of 800×480 pixels. The iPhone always gets props for having superior quality at 4-inches and 960 x 640 resolution. The Droid Bionic has a new screen technology called XHD with screen resolution of 960 by 540. Hitachi might just blow them away in October of this year.

In a press release, Hitachi promised to bring 4.5-inch screens with 1280 by 720 pixel resolution. It doesn’t skimp on other areas like contrast, dpi, brightness or other features either. If Hitachi really does unleash these screens in October 2011, we hope CES 2012 will be filled with these beasts.

A 4.5-inch screen is a bit big for me, but in order to experience the purportedly supreme screen quality? I might be able to deal.

[Hitachi via MobileCrunch]