Jan 26th, 2011

BGR has got their hands on a bit of information, that if true, could really shake up the mobile apps market space. According to their sources, the BlackBerry team over at RIM is aiming to get a Java virtual machine running on their upcoming QNX devices, including their debut tablet the BlackBerry Playbook. The same sources are saying the Java VM RIM is currently leaning towards is Dalvik, the same as in Google’s Android.

If RIM ultimately decides to go with the Java VM, BlackBerry devices would technically be capable of pretty easily running just about any Android app or game. But if this turns out to be the case, we ca only speculate on how it would be handled.

RIM could choose a path to turn a blind eye towards the capability or they could ink some sort of deal with Google that would involve the actual implementation of the Android Market and Google apps on BlackBerry, but for some reason we feel that is unlikely. If that somehow did happen, it would change up the app game greatly, with Google gaining slightly more vested interest in the success and moderation of their app store.

[via BGR]

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