Epic Citadel Demo Shown Off on LG Optimus 2X [PSPWHAT?]


LG was showing off the power of the Tegra 2 chipset found inside their LG Optimus 2X and fired up an Epic Citadel demo that we heard was out there, but hadn’t actually seen it. Only one word can describe what I can see – amazing. To have a mobile phone processor that can generate rich graphics and display them without an issue on an HDTV is – in itself – marvelling. Check it out in the video above. [Thanks, Diego!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “PSPWHAT?”?
    Seriously, Ill take actual physical buttons and joysticks over onscreen joysticks n buttons ANYDaY….

  2. Seriously? “PSPWHAT?”?
    Ill take actual physical buttons and joysticks over onscreen joysticks n buttons ANYDaY….

  3. I just hope theres a way to turn off the on screen controls or at least make it so you cant see them on the tv just on the phone

  4. Any android phone could do this.
    At least the ones with 600 Mhz processors.
    THe optimus 2x is weak trash anyway

  5. anyone other then me having issues posting? Keeps prompting for my login then wordpress says i said that already. Seams my posts poted tho. wierd.
    Be nice if we could connect PS3 controllers to android devices. ;)
    btw, its an old tech demo, showed on numerous lower specs devices already. Who knows if/when itll actually release as a game. Ignore my previous 2 screw up comments. I was thinking psp2 not PS3 haha

  6. Actually, ignore that last part too. I should just go to sleep now. I must be tired……..

  7. Before you insult the the PSP,

    The NGP (PSP2) will have specs a generation ahead of smartphones (quad core CPU and a quad core GPU, 8 cores in total). It also managed to run Epic Citadel at full specifications with additional real time weather effects.

    I know it was a hole but I don’t think that thought has been into it before posting.

  8. @meh not true… not with that resolution.. and 2x is weak because the software is not fully optimized for dual core thats why google is bringing dual core support asap to phone with the latest update for gingerbread

  9. @mac

    No he is right, any phone with a modern PowerVR processor can handle Epic Citadel.

    This is why the 600Mhz iPhone 3GS can run it too.

  10. you know what, regardless of specs and everything else, it’s still nice to see epic citadel running smoothly off a phone to a much larger screen. the next 2-3 generations of cell phones may get people thinking why they should bother with a console….

  11. @ash I’ve been saying for at least 6 months now that I see Console gaming going away in the near future. As CPU’s and GPU’s get more and more powerful with 1080p HDMI out, all you need is A) available games and B) good bluetooth controller and I see absolutely no reason to have a console

  12. @mac. You do know that Android is open source right? I am pretty sure that LG made all the changes they had to make (similar to how Motorola made all the changes they said they made) to get the OS utilizing both cores. Apps are not able to harness this power (except for the ones in the TegraZone store).

  13. @meh, ac
    Its not that a phone with a 600Mhz processor can also handle it, its about the gpu, graphics, etc.
    A good comparison of what I mean:


    Look from the 5:30 mark.

  14. i’m sorry, but am i missing the point?

    epic citadel has been running fine on higher-resolution iphone 4s for months now. what’s so amazing about this demo?

    just playing catch-up if you ask me.

  15. Is everyone forgetting that the video is projected on a larger HD screen? That means more refresh rates and a device that can render sharper resolution than what you can see on any 4.x inch phone.

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