CyanogenMod 7 Brings Gingerbread to the Galaxy Tab


Though CyanogenMod 7 has been running around as nightly builds for various handsets for the past few weeks, today we can finally relax and take peace in knowing that a public beta is now also available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Regardless of if sales are “small” or “smooth” and oblivious to a return rate that may be below 2 percent or as high as 15 percent, the ROM for rooted tabs brings Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the 7-inch slate.

As it is a beta, you install at your own risk. It isn’t 100 percent functional. Of course, as stated previously, you will need root, but you will also need to own a tab that meets the following criteria: “GSM (Euro, US ATT/TMO tabs, with JJ4 or other unprotected bootloaders that can run Euro ROMs and P1_add_hidden partitioning.” More info at the source link below.

[XDA via DroidDog]

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  1. Damn! why the crap can’t they get it working on the Galaxy S!!!!!!?

  2. Nice…Nook Color next please

  3. I prefer TeamWhiskey all the way :)

  4. I like the updated phone/app drawer/browser buttons at the bottom. CM kicks some major butt.

  5. @jmax Use ADW as your launcher on any ROM and you’ll get those buttons, they aren’t specific to Cyanogen…

  6. @jmax
    I’m pretty sure those buttons at the bottom are from adw launcher, which I use on my tab. I’ve been waiting for this, too bad mines’s from Verizon and doesn’t meet the requirements.

  7. Interesting. I’ve used Open Home, but stopped, because I enjoy the stock Android app drawer so much. I’ve also used CM 6.1 and loved it. However, it was a pain to deal with nightly builds while waiting for the stable release. It’s amazing how well the Cyanogen forum is designed and operated. I prefer it over XDA.

  8. haha. jodeon that was the first thing that came into minf. a working port will be available this week.

  9. Agree with @1 becuz they be bullshitting. I’m so over cm. Team whiskey is the new cyanogen

  10. Is this considered as a full functioning gingerbread rom ?

  11. @Moses92 did you read the article?

  12. I hate the look of Gingerbread. Froyo was better.

  13. Guys…CyanogenMod is built from source. While, it is hard to make custom ROMS, it is harder to build an AOSP/CM/Miui ROM; whether, you like it those types of ROMs or not!

  14. Also, Codeworkx and Coolya are listed in the credits at the XDA forum where this story originates from. A lot of this is probably built from their beta ROM for the Galaxy S which just came out:

    Sorry for double posting!

  15. i love my tab fo real.

  16. yeah, why not galaxy s then?! drivers for bluetooth etc should be same right?

  17. Team whiskey seems like theyre on a roll.

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