uTorrent for Android Gives You Control of Your BitTorrent Downloads


All talk of the legality of sharing via BitTorrent aside, the peer-to-peer networks based around torrent files have quickly become one of the most popular ways to share large files. If you are one of the many using BitTorrent files for perfectly legal reasons, you might be happy to know about the newly release uTorrent app for Android. The app links into your uTorrent desktop client to remotely start, stop, and pause downloads and check current status. Though those remote capabilities are pretty nice, the real reason you’ll want uTorrent is for the ability to add torrents found on your phone to your desktop queue.

You will need Android 2.1 or higher to get it, but you can find it in the Android Market now. This is only an alpha build, so expect future updates to bring much more.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Sweet, I can use this for all my “legal” downloads.

  2. Click Install to download it onto your phone :)

  3. this is so awesome!!!

  4. Transdroid already does this, been working great for me for the past year.

  5. Love some Transdroid, but happy to see some diversity. I do prefer other “headless” torrent clients for my home server.

  6. There is actually a “Torrent” app not a client for Android.
    Search for DroidG on market. It’s “acceptable” and does the job but takes awhile though.

  7. Swarm is a full torrent client on the market as well. There’s no free version, and using it has several caveats (large torrents tend to fail, it seems to require SD-like storage on the phone) but it’s very good for finding documents or music to put them directly on your phone.

    I love utorrent though and I might give this a shot if it’s not too difficult to configure through my router.

  8. FUCK YEA. This is so sick!! Another reason why android owns!

  9. Nice! TorrentFu does this as well.

  10. Been doing this with TorrentFu for a while, but it’ll be interesting to play with the official uTorrent Android app.

  11. Hooray! This rocks! Just made it more easier to get addfree games free.
    Android rocks big time and killing crApples expensive world. I never pay for game yet and never will. Now need wat to get hardware free. Need Hardroid!

  12. Never paid for game now or never. This why Android platfom superior to crAple,BB,WinMo7. So many easy ways for gtting fre games on HTC. Now need Google to find way to have fre hardware business model.

  13. Thanks for the double-post on your lifetime piracy achievement.

    Anyways, I love uTorrent! Been using their client for years, and this app just made my day!

  14. Transdroid has done this for the longest time

  15. As others have stated: Transdroid is much more mature and supports a variety of bit torrent clients (requires XML over HTTP) and the developer has always been responsive and friendly. If your interested in this app then give Transdroid a try.

  16. +1
    And Transdroid is open source + supports a ton of other clients.

  17. Who uses other clients? Utoorent pwns

  18. @androidclient: and people like you are wondering why google is taking the limit from a day to 15 min? WOW support the fricking developer and buy the app. if you spent months on just ONE app you would want to be rewarded, wouldnt you?? this is why i kind of support the 15 min policy, not as much piracy so we get better apps

  19. I’ve been using torrent-fu and have been extremely satisfied.

  20. I know….if you are gonna post about piracy on an Android site… least post about the illegal movies and music you get, not the illegal Android games…

  21. @13 – You are the type of jackass that drives developers to make games for apple and consoles…Buy the goddamn games you enjoy

  22. I agree with paying for apps.. personally I haven’t had a need for torrents on my phone, but nice to have the ability.. I do find it asinine of people to continually insinuate that BT is somehow shady or illegal. It’s a file transfer tool. You could just as easily say the entire Internet is a tool for illegal activity.

  23. Android is for free. Games and the other apps should be free. Google promotes the free apps so developers get paid with admob money. If developers want money buy people buying them then they risk people copying using torrenting anyway. It is “Google way”! Best apps are free one anyway.

  24. I like Andtorrent…you can search from it..and download to your phone…its not in the market….you have to find it on the web


    I can now find a torrent on my phone, and open it with this new uTorrent app, which causes my HOME PC to start downloading that file immediately!!!


    oh, and I can download any of those downloaded files to my phone if I want… all remotely.

  26. @ Android Fan Your comments on this post and a few I have read is the sole reason why Android will never be taken seriously. Calling Apple crApple is about as damaging as calling Microsoft M$. Also, those developers don’t make much from ads. That’s why they charge. Majority of people don’t want ads in their games as well.

    When developers start leaving Android because of money and going where they are appreciated then maybe you’ll see the damage a BT app can do.

  27. Transdroid is far better.

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