FYI: CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Are Yours to be Had


If you thought it was strange that CyanogenMod 6 nightlies stopped being posted, it’s because of one very obvious reason: Steve and the team were hard at work hammering away at the Gingerbread source code for CM7. Nightlies have returned for all to enjoy, and they will soon (how soon, we’re not sure) be stable for every day use. If you’re a risk taker and just want to be stepped up to Gingerbread as soon as possible, give it a shot. (Don’t forget to back up!) And from what I’m hearing, it’s already looking nice for a plethora of phones. A full list of supported devices can be had here with download links for each of them. (Hint: Galaxy S owners are still SoL.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Running nightly #1 right now and am enjoying it.

  2. Nightly 3 is pretty solid. Battery lasts quite awhile. Haven’t seen any force closes on any of the 100+ apps I have on me vision (tmobile g2). Very good job they have done.

    One thing that I am anxios for is the greatly anticipated theme engine the team is implementing. Meaning, bye bye gross gingerbread statusbar and icons and hello beautifulness!

  3. They’ve done an amazing job so far. CM7 nightly is running very well.

  4. Fuck you Samsung!!!

  5. I’m running #1 on a MT4G. Solid as a rock and smooth as butter @ 1.5 GHz.

  6. Running the first nightly on my Aria. It is already at release candidate quality. Very stable.

  7. Running build 3 on my Droid. Accelerometer doesn’t work and Quadrant breaks on the 3D rendering tests. Pretty insignificant for this early of a build….and it could be just because I didn’t wipe. And the new power monitoring is really cool.

  8. Been waiting for this for a bit, but in my impatience, I went to Ultimate Droid’s GB build. I made the transition over a week ago, and it’s actually been great so far–but I haven’t tested any CM7 nightlies for comparison. I’m on an OG Droid.

    Looking forward to testing these out!

  9. I was running OMGB6 off and on, now I ran build #0 Cyanogen7 yesterday, and it has been stable on the Dinc.

    Just flashed build#2. Looks good, but it is early yet.

  10. on build #5, everything is working so far. just goes to show why android is awesome, even if google doesn’t give you the latest OS, modders like cyanogen will

  11. But why the galaxy s doesnt get nightlies ? were the ones who need it the most, touchwiz is atrocious! :(

  12. Just switched into 6.1 stable and I am drooling for the 7.0 stable release!

  13. For anyone running Cyanogen mods on their nexus one/desire…. How does the battery life compare to stock? I have been using Android since the first day the G1 came out in the USA, but I have never once rooted my devices.

    A friend of mine bought a G1 on ebay for $59, and put cyanogen 6.1 on it…. He says that with the free cyanogen ROM… it is the best $59 he has ever spent.

    Wondering how much more I could possibly love my Nexus One if it were rooted/ had a different ROM?

  14. og droid with the latest cm7 nightlies with a few extra hacks implemented to fix 3g drop after call and i love it!!!

  15. @mtcisme I am running 6.1 on my N1, and you will essentially see better performance (Interface speed & battery), with much more customisation options than stock….

    So a big win for minimal risk.

  16. Tried both 1 and 3 for droid but gapps were messed up (gmail and youtube) but it felt so much faster that build 0, which I’m on. Will be trying the next one in hopes gapps work. Oh, the new market is on the new nightlies.

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