Do 56% of Verizon’s Smartphone Users Really Plan to Switch to iPhone (and Are You One of Them)? [Poll]


A recent survey conducted by research firm uSamp has uncovered some startling news. Among Verizon’s current Android and BlackBerry users, 56 percent are planning to switch to Apple’s iPhone when it launches next week. Additionally 26 percent of AT&T’s iPhone users also plan to make the move. We just aren’t buying it, and here is why.

The survey conducted polled a total of 727 people chosen from uSamp’s database. That number includes both AT&T customers and Verizon customers interviewed. Assuming that it breaks down evenly, that means that only roughly 364 members of the poll were actual Verizon smartphone users, a mere 0.004 percent of the 9.3 million smartphone subscribers added last year alone. While we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume their polling methods are fair and true, such a small sample size really can’t be representative of what half of Verizon’s smartphone subscribers will really do.

Remember, many users are locked in on two-year contracts and don’t plan on paying the fees it would cost to break such a contract. By the time their contract runs out, who knows if they will even want the iPhone anymore or if they will have been enticed by some other new Android or BlackBerry handset. We’re just not buying that over half of Verizon’s users of those handsets will jump ship for the iPhone, merely on the economics of it alone.

But don’t let our opinion be the true measure, we want your voice to be heard. Do you plan on ditching your current Verizon smartphone for the iPhone?

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[via uSamp]

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  1. I’m not switching but I’m not sure a poll on phandroid is really going to be accurate either as almost all of us that would go to a site regarding android, are probably die hard android so I don’t think the sample poll taken here could be really accurate.


  3. Not gonna really get a fair view no this fanboi site. Truth is, the iPhone set a pre order sales record today. Can’t bode well for anything android…

  4. our poll isnt verry accurate either but i think it is more realistic at least short term :P

  5. I’m with Aaron; WATALOADADUNG!

  6. Even if I was a total Apple fanboi (and wasn’t just half-way through my 2 year contract with AT&T,) I’d still not jump ship. Why get locked into another 2-year contract when the next iPhone will probably be revealed just a few months from now? Verizon already killed off their early upgrade program, so what makes anyone think that Apple will give them a break?

  7. Yeah, something tells me this poll is going to be skewed toward Android by nature of the beast. Most people who follow this site are die hard android phans. Myself? I’ll switch to whichever OS is the best. For me, this is still android. The notification system on android is really my point of loyalty.

  8. The numbers are too high, but there will be a sizable amount of people flocking to verizon for the iPhone. It’s mostly at&t’s fault for having so many dropped calls, especially in major cities like NYC. I would consider making the move if the iPhone 5 is extraordinary, but I doubt this will be the case. Too many good android phones coming this year to make the leap.

  9. Um, NO!
    I am trying to tell poeple at work and in my family as well as friends to not go to the IPhone…

  10. haha…I agree with aaron

    this is all hype, if people really do switch I wouldn’t care…when I had my g1 I felt somehow cooler knowing I had the ONLY android phone.

    If people truly switch to an iphone after having had an android phone, then I will consider it like every other fad…its just a bunch of brand whores

  11. I left Verizon in December 2008 for an AT&T iPhone. I’ve been a free agent (month to month on AT&T) for 2 months, and am not impressed by the Verizon iPhone. I’m buying the Thunderbolt on a 1 yr contract (2 year deals too long these days). I could see myself switching back once an LTE iPhone comes out on Verizon, but I honestly think Android and the Google Apps make for a better mobile computing experience. I might be in the minority, but I’m an iPhone user that could easily have pre-ordered the VZW iPhone, but didn’t.

  12. i agree with the first post

  13. Nobody biting at Mr. Troll’s flame bait?

  14. Neither of these polls are representative of the population. Like he said, there are 9.3 million smart phone users on Verizon. A polling of 727 people is not a large enough sample size to be representative of a population size of 9 million. And this poll is posted on an android fan website, so its also going to be skewed. Same thing would happen if you posted it on an iPhone fan site. Neither of the groups is representative of that actual population’s opinion.

  15. +1 first post

  16. Where is the answer on your poll, Hell no! Why would an Android user downgrade.?

  17. Verizon didnt do anything to the early upgrades. They are doing away with new every two. Big differance.

  18. I think this poll would be more accurate since it actually targets Verizon Android users. An Android user would be more more likely to respond on this site than their site since they are more concerned about Android news than iPhone news as of right now.

  19. I would be willing to bet that only those who think of i-anything as a status symbol of complete and utter yuppieness will be the ones to make the switch, otherwise, the pre-order sales record mentioned by Mr. Truth are simply users already using an iPhone on AT&T’s sub par network. Everyone I know who has an iPhone, loves it, but they hate the dropped calls. Go Android or go home!

  20. to mr truth:
    point is pre-order sales records don’t mean jack…ever play black ops? the game broke all pre-order records and guess what the game had a lot of bad reviews from gamers…

    its like the choice between a bmw and a mercedes…similar pricing and options, but people drive the bmw because they think it makes them look cooler

  21. Wish there was an option to vote “Hell No!!!”

  22. typical Apple FUD

  23. Are there really that many idiots? Well, you never know.
    My wife is one of them, sadly.

  24. I can see where the original poll could be somewhat accurate. While I have the OG droid I will be upgrading to a newer Android phone but my wife has a Storm 2 and I will be getting her the iphone. So that’s one blackberry person who will be moving to an iphone. I can see why a normal consumer would be glad to move from a blackberry to an iphone, not many apps, browser is sooo sloooww. On an Android phone we don’t gain much but blackberry users would see the biggest benefit just like if they went to Android.

  25. My rooted DX > iphone. Any day of the week.

  26. Recall that “Smartphone” include Blackberry. There are probably a fair amount of Blackberry Curve users out there looking to step up. iPhone makes sense for them, as does Android.

  27. Looks like this poll just disproved their stats.

  28. The only thing that annoys me about the verizon iphone is that many of my friends who just finished their 2 year contract with their blackberrys on verizon will never get experience android before they get the iphone. All they know is that they have wanted the iPhone since day 1 and now they can have it. On the other hand a small portion of my friends have had android phones already and will not consider switching to the iPhone even tough at one point they lusted for the device… why is that you may ask? because they know how much functionality they would lose. oh wellz

  29. I would have considered it if the iPhone had been LTE as I will be upgrading in the next month or two to an LTE Droid. No LTE, no sale for me.

  30. Any Android phone > iPhone

  31. I would be tempted if it has a dual core processor and LTE (a bigger screen would be nice, but that isn’t happening), but as it is now, no.

  32. If I were going to get a CDMA iPhone, I’d wait for the next iteration and start a fresh contract with that. However, I am way too much of a tinkerer and really enjoy my rooted Fascinate. My fiancee prefers an appliance, however, and will likely be switching.

  33. Android is for the naive and gullible.

  34. No FRICKIN’ way!! Clear? Geez. I loved my Mac back when, love my ipod usually…but the iph____? Unh unh. Horrible navigation, keyboard, feels 1990’s.

  35. i switched and am getting my phone monday already droid 2 global was the worst phone i ever bought i dont care what anyone says i hate it if moto keeps locking everything then y not just switch to apple they have better apps i stilll love! my galaxy tab love it its way better than ipad you can watch ne thing on it but after the droid 1 moto screwed up.

  36. I really feel sorry for the iFools. Its like they ride this hype every time theres a launch. Then they look like fools a month or two later when the market share numbers come out. Then they get all defensive and come up with any excuse they can find.

  37. Key here is they polled “Android and Blackberry users”.
    If the two groups were equal in size, I would guess it went down like this:
    Blackberry Users that would switch: 100%
    Android Users that would Switch: 12%
    Also, if the question was “Are you going to switch to the iphone?” I don’t think that question will predict behavior because the participants aren’t being faced with any choices like they would be if they walked into a Verizon store.

  38. “DroidFTW wrote on February 4, 2011

    Are there really that many idiots? Well, you never know.
    My wife is one of them, sadly.”

    Ha i’m in the same boat. Been trying to convince my wife not to take the iphone plunge but she doesn’t want to hear it.

  39. @John. Why not wait for thunderbolt? Its faster, you can still watch flash, and its 4G.

  40. LMAO!!!! How awesome will it be when verizons network crashes from all the new 3g data users connected to the towers? ROFL!! Careful what you wish for vzw users….. Long live the EVO 4G!!

  41. HELL NO

  42. really? you couldn’t find a picture of the phone that is actually going to verizon?

  43. yup im jumping ship to the iphone, i had the OG iphone, and the 3g, left att for a droid and better service, but i miss the iphone.

    android is cool, my OG droid is rooted, but i still prefer iphone…

  44. At a certain point the sample size is not that important. A sample that small absoluty can represent a population that large. The important element is the randomness of the sample. The more random the sample the more reliable the results. So we would have to know how the company prepared and maintains its database before we could judge.

    That said the numbers strike me as very high and it’s hard to believe they are accurate.

  45. The fact of the matter is that for the non-tech savvy, the iPhone is a wonderful choice. There is also value added with all the updates they provide. Even if the update is a BS update to lock out jailbreakers, it SEEMS like a better deal for the lamen. Many people don’t care about customizability at all, and those are the people that don’t care/mind the “walled garden” approach of iOS. I think the numbers will be far less than 56% though. I’d expect it to be more in the high teens perhaps.

  46. @Devil You must be pretty naive and gullible to make your journey over here, to an Android site just, to say that. Oh, wait, I know why, it is because you’re a troll. ;)

    Have fun with your nearly 3/4 of a year old Apple hardware. We won’t miss you. :)

  47. I’m on the fence still running an original droid rooted of course and my experience is that android is a worthless OS unless you root and put a custom rom on it and that is not how it should be.

  48. 56% is a big number, maybe I’ll apply for food stamps next week so I can afford one, lol!

  49. Can we at least get the correct picture for an iPhone 4 (the one Verizon is actually selling) for this article?

  50. But watch some iFan take these results and run with them…
    As much as iFans try to deny it, Android isnt the only smart phone being sold on Verizon. It isnt the only smart phone being bought on Verizon.

    *iFan is an iDevice fanboy. Not a sane iDevice user. There is a difference.

  51. Do remember their is a bigger iPhone army out there that have been waiting for iPhone to come to VZW. And they bought a Android just to tie them over. IPhone is simple to use and Apple is god that all those folks care about. I will never give up my DroidX.

  52. Verizon is hard coding all iDud’s ringtone to “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” in tribute to all the gays with rainbow colored Apple bumper stickers. Too tee toot, toot toot tee toot!”

  53. Anybody that jumps straight to VZ for the iphone is risking the same fate as those that jumped to ATT for one. Nobody knows for sure if the dropped call issue is an Apple or ATT fault. Also it would be wise to see if the Iphone boost can be handled by VZ network.

  54. @Simon Belmont, I have a feeling that comment 33 by Devil was jokingly referring to what Apple users were, and then flipping it sarcastically. If not then he is what you said he was.

  55. Real poll was yesterday (02 -03 -11) between 3 am and 5 am.
    In 2 hours Verizon sold more i Phones,then any Android phone in first 24 hours.
    Android phones are great ,but from design point of view ,they are ugly,they look the same,they have no sex appeal.
    And one more thing – marketing: Motorola Bionic – announce in January,will be delivered in June(maybe)………..vapoware

  56. Yep, Yepp :)

    I will just use it for a little bit to see if like it and if i do, I can do what I do and just give both my HD7 and mytouch to my brother and cousin respectively(or sell them)

    I’m ready for a much more refined User experience then the tiresome experience i tend to get with Android.

    I have a great experience with Windows Phone 7 and I know, that the experience with iphone is going to be great.

  57. I really don’t understand this carrier-dependency in the US.. Are there regions where AT&T is not supported? Or what would prevent someone with a Verizon phone to switch to AT&T? It seems to me that having the phone I want is much more important than being loyal to my carrier… if they wanted an iPhone so badly, why didn’t they switched already??

  58. a vote here doesnt rlly count either, as this site is “Phandroid”, i doubt many of us intend to switch Lol.

  59. Hell naw

  60. I don’t really care who or how many switch to iPhone. If thats what they want, then hope they’re happy with the iPhone. I love Android cause it’s perfect for me.

    P.S. I had an iPod Touch, iTunes really sucks. :-)

  61. got an my touch 4g and i love it and an iphone before this.wow i really didnt get the wow factor.i paid the get out prison fee from att and apple to get a mt4g..well worth it.like someone said its all yuppiness and special apple koolaid..fools.

  62. Well at least some Verizon users will be running the most current version of their phone’s OS.

  63. usamp is a shill analyst, they asked 700 people it seems lol

  64. There’s no way there’s that many idiots…

  65. Hell no call me a Android fanboy whatever but I’m Android for life. I wanted a linux based phone and until Ubuntu or Suse makes a good mobile os I wouldn’t think ov moving from Android. I’m about what linux stands for pluses 700 people is nor enough to make a great assumption like they did.

  66. I’m surprised there are already 190+ phandroid readers that want to switch to an iphone. I guess that explains why there are so many trolls on this site. What’s even more puzzling is, if you’re such an apple fanboi, why would you spend so much time on an android site to begin with. Yeah no I dont take too much stock in this extremely biased poll. There are obviously punks out there voting iphone just to skew the numbers. We all know the tyoe, 12y/o punks with nothing better to do, 42y/o losers living in mommys basement, fanbois looking to start trouble, and so on.

  67. Actually why people are buying the iPhone I hope my thunderbolt comes out the same day so I can rub it in there damn face I’m chillaxin on the 4g network and my phone working great on the future ov computing the cloud

  68. i what? Oh, that thing. Nah…

  69. I am a statistician. As long as the sample was random it is a good representation of the population. Population size doesn’t matter. They way they worded the question is also hugely important. But based on the raw numbers there is a 99% probability that more than 52% will switch. Again, assuming a random sample and a non-biased question.

    I would never give up my android phone though. Even though it is a fascinate :)

  70. I can see this being devastating to RIM and its archaic Blackberry line but as a previous Iphone owner switched to Android I don’t see many Phandroid Boys switching. IOS sucks!
    @Devil you deceiver! You want us to make the switch lock into a two year contract only to have the Iphone 5 come out then laugh at us huh?

  71. Well to be honest, there’s two groups of people who bought Android phones on VZW, one is the group of people who want an iPhone and weren’t willing to leave VZW, I think this is a large group, but not as large as when the original “Droid” came out. Many found it that their Droid is as good as an iPhone.
    The second group are those who actively wanted an Android device. I don’t even know the breakdown of the two groups.
    While I don’t think over 50% will go for an iPhone even if they were eligible I do think about 25% give or take will, at least for Android users. I do think it will be higher for Blackberry and other smartphone users.

  72. I read the “record sales”, so lets here what those record sales #’s are. I have yet to read how many pre-sales they actually pre-sold.

  73. Added to the above. Many dumb phone users who have been waiting, will go for an iPhone. I feel those numbers will be quite high.

    But, I think some balance is going to occur on AT&T with good high end Android phones coming out for them. Many on AT&T were waiting for phones like the Atrix and the Inspire amongst others to follow. (wonderful things happen, after one gives up their all fruit diet.)

  74. Someone commented earlier that if people wanted an iPhone before, why they didn’t get one. I live in a area where we don’t have AT&T, so we are unable to get iPhones. The major thing that Apple has over Android is that they know how to market the crap out of something. There aren’t too many advertisements explaining the greatness that is Android. And Apple has convinced the world that the best place to get music is iTunes. If Google (or whoever) were to advertise Android (and not the phone) as effectively as Apple, I feel the numbers would be smaller.

    And I agree with Dave, as long as the sample was truly random, the sample size has surprisingly little to do with the representation of the population (even though common sense would tell you otherwise)

  75. Of course all those Blackberry users said yes, as they just don’t know any better:)

  76. The poll didn’t even survey 1,000 people. They just wanted to make the news.

  77. angry birds on iphone costs money
    angry birds on android is free

    nuff said!

  78. @sputnik Gotta agree with you. iTunes is super lame and that is the #1 reason I’d never even start to consider the iPhone. Who would want to use iTunes to do everything with your phone? And for all you iSheep that are gonna reply and tell me how good iTunes is and how much you love it, you need to go to Google and search iTunes problems and you’ll see that I’m not just spouting this stuff. It’s a POS software and you’re giving your control of your phone to Apple, besides paying out the nose for it. I will not let anyone control my phone except me. I’ll set it up the way I want it. I’ll manage my software the way I want it. Can you hear me now?

  79. I don’t care what anyone else does, really. I feel Android has already surpassed iPhone as an OS and will only get, possibly exponentially, better.

    That said, I would think people would wait for iPhone5, at least. If they didn’t jump to ATT just to have the iPhone, then they’re probably also discerning enough to wait a bit. Maybe widgets, better multitasking, better notifications or some tidbit of one of them will be added, not to mention an lte capable radio…

    That said, god knows what amazing Android phone will be out by then. Of course, if enough iphone users hop to big red, maybe ATT’s network will miraculously improve and I’ll hop over for the atrix :)

  80. F#ck iphone and apple and at&t can kiss my ass. I traded my iphone for a droid and have not looked back. Droid stomps apple to juice any day!

  81. F the iphone and apple’s arrogance….…i’m sticking with android all the way.

  82. @mr.truth
    Only CURRENT Verizon wireless customer with eligible upgrade available can order the iphone.

    If you’re from Att wanting iphone on big red, you gotta wait till feb. 10th. This also includes current VZW customer without upgrade available.

  83. The Iphone is better than my current OG Motorola Droid, if I could only choose between an Iphone or my OG droid, Id choose Iphone.. but I dont have to choose between those two, so id much rather switch to a sexy new generation Android phone!

  84. Ummm ofcourse im dropping Android for the iphone!!!! Not because the hardware is better than a android phone but because of the unlimited support and great applications!!!! Without support from REAL DEVS the os is useless. Plus i laugh when i hear that android is open……….ummm since when?? Bootloaders locked, you have to root etc….same as jailbreaking!!!

  85. LOL @ all the idiots drinking Apple’s kool-aid. I did myself a favor and adopted Apple’s old slogan “Think different.” and WOW the grass really IS greener on the other side. ;P

  86. You people are as dumb as the apple fanboys. So much ignorance.

  87. I come from at&t and the iphone 13 months ago. I have the first droid and still love it. I can upgrade feb 11th. My next phone will be the bionic. I will never go back to the iphone, because apple has to much control. I love my music apps gps turn by turn, I can speak my text messages and e-mail. I can say this to my droid, listen to Elvis Presley or when im lost, I can say nav to home, and then the next thing i know im listening to Elvis and my nav is taking me home, with voice turn by turn. Talking to an iphone is like talking to the wall.

  88. Y would anyone want to downgrade? Wats next? Ppl buying 80’s phones….please iphone has nothing on the android phones…hell android 1.5 is still better than an iphone right?

  89. There are two problems with their survey. As the article correctly points out, the population sample is too small to truly represent all of Verizons users. Second and more important is the fact that the poll doesn’t take family share plans into account. In my case I have 4 lines and 4 android phones for the wife and I and our 2 kids. I pay and purchase all of the phones on that plan and decide what phone/OS everone is getting. The poll assumes that each Android ” user” is an owner and decision maker when that is not the case. So essentially, you could have large numbers of android phones that are controlled by a much smaller number of users. That alone would completely skew the results of any survey.

  90. This poll is useless. Ask a bunch of Android fans is they’re going to Apple and what result would you expect to see? Ask the same question on an Apple fan site and what results would you get then? Pointless.

  91. Iphone for girls. Android for real men.

  92. I have to believe it, I know of many who have Android on Verizon only because they couldn’t get an iPhone. Now, I love Android, but this is how things are. I have an Android on AT&T, a Captivate, but I’m selling my X to pay for my new Verizon iPhone 4, not because I love Apple any more than Android, I don’t, I just like a little variety. I am sure Android will do fine, but this will hit their sales for a bit.

  93. It will be interesting to see how many more dropped calls iPhone users see on Verizon once they find out just how crappy the iPhone radio section is. AT&T has been taking the heat for a poor radio in the iPhone for years. Time and again I’ve watched iPhone toting friends lose calls while my own AT&T phone worked just fine. It’s not the network, it’s the hardware… will Verizon have the same problems, we know the radio will be different, but will it be better?

  94. I don’t plan on switching, but honestly can understand why those less obsessed with technology would. I’ve had an X since September. It is a great phone and I believe better than the iPhone in all ways; except one. The Android OS is unstable. Like it our not, the tradeoff to our open OS are apps that don’t always play nice with Android. Force close issues, freezing and unexplained battery drain may be a small price to pay for phone geeks, but average users are simply put off by such occurrences and feel the OS is “broken” (which in some way it is). People that are not interested in customization and simply want a phone that plays games and acts as a music player are better served by the iPhone. So, for me – “no”. For many, it will be “yes”.

  95. i love android but you gotta bring more apps to the game, and have your updates on time not wait 2 months.. google gotta fix that!!! have some ball googles TAKE OVER!!

  96. Absolutely not. I love my Droid X, and I love the flexibility of Android. The iPhone is a fine phone, but it doesn’t hold a candle to new Android phones IMO.

  97. I think its hilarious that people talk badly about android updates, its not google you idiots…its companies like samsung that ruin it. I got my dx update the day it launched. On top of that we get several updates a year to help catch up to ios. As for apps and devs, you guys are acting childish when you try to say android has no support…I’ve seen every app I wanted from apple put in the market. Final word…stop saying I like the iphone over my og droid, cause that’s like saying I like my dx over my g1…you are talking about one of the first android phones vs. a 4th gen iphone…idiotic

  98. I was all about the iPhone at one point before android hit Verizon, but I’ve had my moto droid for over a year now and I love it. I think its too little too late for apple to convert me, but I’m sure there’s plenty of other people that would.

  99. Why are android fans switching to iphone?

  100. this is complete bs. Ive seen different numbers from “polling” companies anywhere from 40% to 60%. complete bs. android will keep going strong, iphone or w/e


  102. Funny how people will buy an inferior product just because they think it will make them cooler. That’s what I call iSheep.

  103. I think most of those want to switch are the ones with laggy Samsung phones.

  104. Honestly, Android has caught up so fast that I now really don’t feel as compelled to get one. The apps are the only reason why I want it (Android still lags in that category) but the vibrant with 2.2 is such a superior phone hardware wise. But still, brings choice to customers.

  105. I thought about switching because the iPhone finally comes to my region after 4 years. But after getting my HTC Incredible, I can’t live without widgets honestly… they’re the lifeblood of Android and one of the biggest advantages. Everything’s at your finger tips instead of launching an app.

  106. I’ve been using both the iPhone 4 and Samsung Captivate since they were released. I am very happy with the Samsung once I did some things to optimize it’s performance. I like it much better than the iPhone 4.

    The main reason I have an iPhone is I was an early adopter of the iPad and have my music collection on iTunes and my MacBook Pro. Yet I also use a new ThinkPad and I’ve become very impressed with Android 2.1 Eclair, considering how young the OS is.

    Going forward I’m going to be buying the new HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T. I’ve had nothing but good service from them, even before the iPhone gave them a bad name. Previously my BlackBerry’s never dropped calls, nor does my Samsung Captivate. I’m very eager to try the Sense UI, the larger 4.3″ display, especially the overall size is perfect for my large hands. Android IS the best phone for me, and I only see it getting better.

  107. I will be sticking with my Droid Incredible. I love making the phone all mine with different types of widgets. The IPhone is nice but doesn’t compare to all the new androids coming out. Just my personal opinion though. I came from a blackberry so I am sure many of them will jump to the IPhone.

  108. I have a Droid Incredible. Why would I want an IPhone?

  109. I think that people are just now coming around to the idea/ fact that androids and iPhones are not interchangeable that’s being said people who like androids will stick with them and people who don’t, won’t simple as that.

  110. Although the i-phone has the best apps first, the screen is just too small now! I do want an i-pad though!

  111. usamp should change its name to uscam, yet another shill operator wanting me to take advantage of iphone/android war and get some page views

  112. What am suprised about that big red
    is prepairing to do same thing that AT&amp did.That is throttle their net
    work reguardless of phone or tablet.
    Because they know that with 3 millio
    n iPhones running all the time do to
    the network.As far as I know it still runs even when turned off.Can’t even get to battery.CAN HEAR THE
    VES.O yes I forgot you also have buy
    most of their apps. NOT A TROLL EITHER

  113. Why would a Droid user want to switch to an iPhone. What give up the freedom of a phone you can costomise almost any way you want. To one that’s lock down to one mans idea of what a smart phone is. Not to mention being locked into iTunes:-( My Verizon renewal is in June, I’ll be purchasing the Droid Bionic. And making alot of friends with iPhones envies. Just like when I purchased the motor Droid1. 3 of my friends now have droids, after dumping there iPhones. ANDROID stands for openness and freedom. IPhone stands for closed and being led around like sheep. Death to iphone:-(

  114. Most apple fan boys will do whatever they can to skew the news in their favor.

  115. great, fight a shitty poll with another shitty poll.. phandroid = FOX news of phone blogging

  116. You all sound like children. I am an Android fan over Iphone 100%. But I see why people like iPhones as well. I love you all calling people apple fanboys, when you’re clearly android fanboys. They’re smartphones guys, who cares?

  117. I consider myself a gadget-phobe and would consider switching for the apps alone. It seems to me apple always gets the new apps first and then eventually they get around to android. Not to mention the other gadgets you can get with the iPhone, ie: speekers, cradles,etc. that are harder for people to manufacture for android phones because there are so many different types. To me the phone is only as good as the apps in it and the many things you can do with it.

  118. You people need to realize that majority of America don’t give a shit about processors, ram and whatnot. That’s just most of you here and on Engadget. You all huff and puff over a super Android phone only to see a better one coming the following month. Motorola and HTC know exactly what they are doing. They put out a phone and all of a sudden leaked pictures of a better phone just shows up. So after you buy your phone, you back in the store again buying another and another.

    My stepfather would be a prime example of general consumers. He has a Captivate and hasn’t said ONE word about the processors or the lack of updates or anything negative about the phone. Because people like him just don’t have the time to sit around and bitch about a phone not having updates or whatever the case may be.

    One thing Android fanboys and Apple fanboys have in common. You all are both the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen.

  119. I seriously was considering the switch to iphone. But after really thinking it over with android being open source type and iphone being so locked down i think android will keep getting better and better. And all the sites i read say that new iphone will be released later in 2011. Lets not forget the iphone antenna and screen breakage problems. And contracts suck. Every time you buy new phone someone releases a better one right around the corner. Many people swear by their Htc Incredibles. Maybe i try one of those. I would rather wait little while for dual core phones being released.

  120. If the uSamp poll is skewed, then the Phandroid poll is the most useless poll ever. But that seems understood by the readers. I think it’s a weird time to come out with an iphone 4 in verizon. Lot’s of people got into a 2 year contract with the 4 on att and everybody expects a 5 this year. Given all those odds against it, it selling out says something good about the phone. And it seems like uSamp is polling people as good or bad as anyone else, android polls work like this etc. None are above criticism.

  121. And people on here to think all iphone owners are only buying it to look cool are showing how little they know about people. Lots of electrical engineers, cs engineers I know (who are better and analyzing devices than most people here) own iphones and love apple. A lot of android fans are sheep too, nobody can admit to fragmentation, huge gap in number of apps even though it’s supposedly developer friendly, and huge lack in good quality apps. Lots of android users lack access to free apps I love and apps that I buy are usually cheaper and better quality since there is more app competition on the app store. That fragmentation issue isn’t going to get any better either as more phones come out (ie windows phones have netflix apps way before android even gets a release date).
    Plus the poll results shouldn’t be that surprising. 20+ android phone manufacturing companies with a ton of phone models are finally catching up with one manufacturer apple that is making their 4th model phone ever. All the android companies give away free phones even and still it’s barely catching up to the one company apple. Android still has a way to go to compete with ios in a lot of areas, I’d suggest waiting for them to get their basics in order then get android once the ‘great selection of apps’ actually exists.

  122. Google/Android: don’t sit on your laurels. You need to make syncing, photo uploading, etc more seamless.

  123. Why are you losers so jealous of Apple and the iPhone? Your envy is so obvious, every other day more comparisons, etc… I personally believe Android is a great product so why do you feel it is necessary to keep talking about the iPhone? Furthermore, when you talk about the iPhone and marketshare, why is it EVERY ANDROID PHONE FROM EVERY MANUFACTURER INCLUDING DIFFERENT MODELS FROM THE SAME MANUFACTURER vs iPhone? Don’t you see how that comparison alone makes Apple look so good? Finally, since you think having an iPhone is “being like everyone else”…what are you going to do if/when Android has 51+ percent marketshare? I’d assume you’d be ditching Android following the same philosophy? When it comes to iPhone…you don’t have to buy it! Stop your bitching, go out and start your own company that makes cellphones and do what you want with them. And let me know when you do…I will buy one. Just make sure the service is included with teathering, unlimited data, etc…oh and most importantly, make sure you don’t focus too much on making much of a profit either. I personally wish you’d do as much comparison of products within the Android line as you do with iPhone. And because of my stupidity and the fact that I’m a mind numb robot, I will be waiting impatiently for my iPhone to be delivered tomorrow before 3pm…

  124. I don’t plan on switching to the iPhone at all. My upgrade is up in June/July and if the rumors about the DroidX 2 are true, I’ll be waiting for that. I couldn’t pass up a nVidia dual core 1Ghz Tegra processor for an iPhone. I just don’t like how protective Apple is of their products.

  125. Who cares just for people that loves APPLE and the fanboys as well. I’m waiting for the Atrix to launch

  126. I dont see a simple poll on an Android forum (which is full of rooters) is representative at all. Please mind your sampling channels and selection method.

  127. @beggingtodiffer666 What are you rambling about? You are not even making sense haha. There are people within those fields who own iPhones, so what? There are people within those fields who own Android phones, Windows phones, WebOS phones, Blackberries, and so on/so forth. So what?

    The only users (actual users, not people on the outside looking in) who complain about fragmentation are the ones who buy crap phones. High end devices are capable of running all apps and running them well. If you are expecting your $300 phone to have the same capabilities as a $600 phone and receive similar support to the latter, then you are truly retarded.

    Have you seen the Android market? Despite being over a year newer (and only relevant since 2009 instead of 2007 for the iPhone), it does have a great selection of free apps. May be lacking in the games department but smartphone gaming is for losers anyways. Do you have any apps which allow you to customize YOUR phone? NO (by that, I mean alternative launchers instead of the boring gird to make the UI how YOU want it, I mean apps which have WIDGETS, themes, alternative keyboards. And that is without rooting which opens up more possibilities). Can your slow crappy browser view flash? HELL NO. Does your phone include access to tethering without having to pay your carrier? NO (well carriers lock that down but stock Android/unlocked phones still have that capability).

    iOS is lame. It is boring, you can’t do anything on it. Are you Apple fanboys so insecure about it to the point where you have to come on a website for Android fans to defend why you are getting ripped off? @ScottL Who is jealous of Apple? You are a retard. This is an ANDROID PHONES WEBSITE. People are bashing some stupid poll and somehow you perceive it as jealousy towards Apple? You are a moron. The iPhone is perfect for you.

  128. @scott…cant argue with the “mind numb robot” comment, especially since the iphone ur impatiently waiting for doesnt have tethering(correct spelling btw) or unlimited data, etc. along with a whole host of other options that are standard on all android phones. we’re not envious, we android users know we have a superior product. the problem with isheep is that theyre proud of a substandard product simply because it comes in a shiny metal case. its the same as gold plating a crappy tin ring, it dont make it gold, just looks fancy when its actually crap. grow up

  129. android vs iphone……. angry birds

    angry birds on iphone ……..99ct
    angry birds on android……..free

    any questions ?

  130. Angry birds on ios is free also, they have both versions. The free android version has ads that block parts of the game so you can’t aim well, and you’re stuck with that version even if you are rich enough to afford 99 cents to just buy the app. Plus you got the halloween angry birds in christmas time. Plus the windows phones beat you to the netflix apps. If you like angry birds so much you will probably love netflix and the other 200k more apps ios has.

    You can see flash videos on the iphone, you’ve been able to for a while. Ios as had downloaders for a while, videos songs anything is there and you don’t need a jailbreak. I was also streaming sirius radio and browsing the web for a good year and a half before the official multitasking came out without jailbraking. I’ve seen how great flash works on android too, the game controls do not work usually and sites like Hulu and NBC can block you if they want. My android friends have yet to know how to get around the blocks or pick any flash game and be able to play it. Androiders can see all the flash advertisements though. And do you notice how on your PC you have to move your mouse Cursor over the video to see the controls for volume seeking etc? There is no Cursor on touch phones, so how does that even translate? It doesn’t, that’s why Flash keeps telling us the Next version of flash will be catered to touch devices. Flash keeps saying the Next version is going to be much much lighter and faster, so that says this current version could have been much much better.

    And the high end android phones still cannot get great games. There are a few okay games, but graphics intensive new great games are only on ios. Look up how many games EA games, Capcom, Activision, Rockstar, Gameloft makes for android vs ios, ios has 50 times the apps. It’s not like android has 100k apps and apple has 150k, apple has 200k more apps of higher quality. A lot of android apps are cheap imitations of good games like the fruit ninja cheap copy. That’s great you spent extra money on high end phones so you can speedily use your angry birds app, that gpu must be roaring for angry birds and it’s intense graphics. Maybe later you’ll get good games but not for this phone, this phone’s capabilities may be a lot but nobody is taking advantage of it.

  131. Games are for children and/or losers.
    And flash works great for me (except Hulu which a workaround is found every few weeks lol). I don’t use it often but it is nice to have the option to. Once you run into a video you can’t watch or a game you can’t play, don’t complain.
    And it is not a single phone, it is many phones. If you are into gaming, there are Tegra 2 phones releasing this year with the Android OS which have GPUs that blow away that of the Hummingbird/iPhone. They will even have a TegraZone appstore with games optimized for the intensive GPUs and dual core processors. In terms of hardware, there will almost always be Android phones available with hardware that blow away that of the iPhone. It is like 1 vs 40. It is and always will be just like the Mac v PC argument. Yes Angry Birds does have apps, no it does not block the entire screen and while it does lag on crappy phones, it runs great on high end devices. Once again, you shouldn’t expect your $300 phone to act like a $600 phone. It is optimized for high end devices. You are comparing an app market which has been around for 3 years to an app market which has been around for 3.5 years to an app market which has been around for like 2.25 years (and only relevant for like 1.5). And despite this, it is fairly strong (in all areas except for gaming).
    Despite this, I still prefer the apps available for Android (since Google doesn’t filter the market like Apple does. I don’t want Apple to dictate what I can or can put put on my phone). Do you have Full Tilt Rush Poker (real-money poker)? Swype (easy to use, quick, keyboard)? Google Navigation (free turn-by-turn directions)? Any apps which allow for tethering without having to pay your carrier? I am pretty sure the answer is NO on all counts.

  132. Good luck trying to enjoy watching Netflix on your tiny 3.5″ screen lol. Windows Phone got it first because it uses Silverlight and easy to make. And Netfix for Android is coming soon (it was seen on Verizon’s LG Revolution at CES).

  133. beggingtodiffer666,

    this quarter you will find android exceed 50 million phones.

  134. I just said that flash works for me as much as you and you didn’t counter that statement. except for games and hulu copyrighted websites etc just like you all the videos that are in flash can be seen in ios without jailbreaking. ios apps can let you watch it in regular flash or you can have it converted to html5 before you play it.
    So if you are naming off apps that we supposedly don’t have, you are saying having more apps is better. You like having certain apps, I think the 300k menu beats the 100k menu easily, especially since more apps are of better quality and often cost less than android alternatives because of there being 200k more choices. And apple has had a bigger app store than google because they have been working on it longer, and google copies their idea. Some say blackberry had a similar app idea, but the concept did not work to this magnitude. Sadly even android even beats the blackberry app store now.
    How can you say android apps are fairly strong except in gaming? there are 200,000 less apps as of now. Comparing all other useful apps with my android friends always leaves me with more, better and cheaper choices than them. The money you save with the gps from google you will spend on cheap apps which seem quickly put together and rookie made. Did you see the story on Phandroid about the known scam apps that are still in the store? Don’t all android phones come with crapware that helps fragment? Apple has no crapware and they can do us the favor of doing a virus scan before selling us apps.
    And the screen looks much better than the choppy low quality screens on most androids. Put them side to side, let them do animation and play videos and you’ll see a huge difference. 100 moe pixels per inch than the evo 4g screen looks better. And let’s take you position that simply bigger size screens are better then, do you also say all the android tablet are worse because they all have smaller screens and cost more money.
    And Mark, android is on all networks, made by many different manufacturers who have been making phones for a long time. And yet they are barely catching up with apple’s numbers, apple is one manufacturer that has made only 4 models of phones ever. And they were on the worst network att (which has more throughput but has more traffic since it’s more popular. verizon saying we have no traffic to slow down is like south dakota telling nyc they have less traffic). So one network, one manufacturer, 4th model matching numbers with all networks, 20 manufacturers, and 50 (fragmented) models per year, that just shows how good the iphone is.

  135. I will probably switch. I came from AT&T and left because of their horrible service in Denver. It pisses me off that Motorola can not keep a phone updated till I am at least out of a contract. I bought the original droid and not it is EOL. I never had that issue with my iPhone. I know I can run CM7 (and I am) but it just seems wrong to ditch updates for a phone before a contract runs out. If the iPhone 5 is LTE I will be switching.

  136. Well, you are the only iOS user who flash works for. Congratulations. Everybody else is boxes with question marks everywhere. Flash is more than just videos and games, it is an interactive experience on which over 90% of the web uses. Instead of some watered down version that might play some videos, we have FULL Adobe Flash 10. Nice try tho.

    No apps in the market have viruses. Google’s security is extremely good thanks to sandboxing (same reason as to why Chrome has yet to be hacked while Safari/iOS get hacked so easily at Pwn2Own every year while Google is offering $20k to anybody who can hack Chrome). It is apps installed from outside of the market (YES, WE HAVE THAT OPTION) which might be spyware.

    Can you name any alternatives to the apps I listed? NO. Those are the apps which I use most, which most interest me. Thanks to a company which does not filter apps which they deem “immoral” or filter apps which allow for customization.

    If you think that 480p on a smallish (5″ or less) screen is choppy, then you are truly a blind fanboy. Have you seen the screen on the Evo? I doubt it. Yes, bigger is easier to see and yes, it looks better (many reviews for the upcoming Inspire say that it might be the best screen on the market as it is a massive super LCD 480p display). And most people cannot see pixels on a smallish 480p screen (which is the resolution on almost all high end Android phones). I have compared my screen to an iPhone 4 screen (3.5″ 480p, Acer Liquid, about 262ppi) and I could not tell the difference.

    Numbers don’t mean jack to me. It is a fad. My sister has one, my mom has a 3G, my grandpa has an iPad, my dad is getting the second iPad. I am very familiar with iOS. Have used it many times and every time, I come away with a negative experience. The browser is a joke (and very frustrating to use). The UI is boring. Its just crap. I want a phone which can do more than “just work.”

    You are truly sad. You made a bad purchase and now you are regretting it, that is the only reason I could see as to why you are attempt to defend your purchase on an Android news site.

  137. Furthermore, the reason I named the apps above is because those are important to me. I want to be able to play real money poker from anywhere, I want to be able to customize my phone to make it the way I want it (to put everything important to me, easily on my homescreen so I can see it, make my homescreens look THE WAY I WANT IT TO LOOK, make my user experience how I want it), I want free turn by turn directions (I use it very often and it usually works great), I want alternative keyboards (ie. SWYPE), I want a fast browser that renders webpages effectively and can load everything (including FLASH content). What good is 300k “high quality apps” if it doesn’t have the types of apps I want? If I can get a selection of 100k apps which has everything I need, works great and looks great, I am happy.
    Why don’t we just agree to disagree? Why is it necessary for you to be hating? You sound like a broken record and repeatedly saying stupid crap like “300k high quality apps,” “300k high quality apps.” Android has a great selection of “high quality apps,” and a great selection of free apps as well (and more potential for free apps since developers are not bound to iAd and can use whichever advertising service they want to use, Angry Birds on Android is making over $1million per month).

  138. @beggingtodiffer – *yawn* you are yet another typical, foolish iHole who doesn’t get it. If you were a developer or knew more about the industry you would see how foolish you look. Phandroid users, if you stop feeding the trolls they will go elsewhere for the attention and discord they desire. No one in real life cares enough to give them the time of day.

  139. Yeah…. Htc Evo 4g… Rules you Iphone ASSHOLES

  140. swampfoxface, this is what these websites are all about, iphone vs android phones. I’m a gadget guy into why people like other gadgets, you can discuss specs like a man and win a convert, or you can be a close minded fangirl not able to even debate ideas.
    And ace agree to disagree but there are some clearly false misconceptions that should not be brought up anymore in ios v. android debates. Flash does work, there is a skyfire app which converts flash to html5 any video works except for the hulu blocks which is on both of our phones, and there is the cloudbrowse app which just plays flash itself. And I still don’t know how the cursor roll over move was replaced. I think since I’ve seen basic flash games not work on nexus phones, there are things that do not translate to a mouse/cursor less device. The full flash is fully on the phone but it’s not fully functional. The integral to flash cursor needs to be replaced and still has not been addressed by flash. Plus the battery drain is a big drawback. Apple also dropped the old big floppy disks before anyone else when it was a standard, maybe not the decision you would make but given the drawbacks and lack of flash addressing them it could reasonably be seen as not worth it. Html5 has worked fine, the two biggest providers of video, youtube and netflix use it for mobile devices and it doubles battery life with no cursor needed and better quality. Flash software code is about 10 times the size of html5, it’s not that crazy to drop flash if there’s an alternative. They paid adobe to use their photoshop and pdf reader, but the video just wasn’t great.
    And hardware wise the iphone definitely holds it’s own. I had an electrical engineer friend who works in displays say the iphone 4 screen was much better than the evo 4, not even asked about it just was mentioned. It might be more apparent in more colorful sharp games like fruit ninja but it looks really clear sharp and full of color, like if a little color boost image filter was added on everything. The animation is extremely smooth too.
    Software wise there are anti virus apps on the market and many android users I know get viruses and say they have to check out an app developer’s background before downloading. Wouldn’t it be much easier to not worry about viruses and just get on with downloading right then? They can handle the security I just download and play.
    And I’ve seen real money poker apps. The desktop organization feature seems like not enough of a good reason, just changing how it looks makes up for less functionality/apps? You can fit 200 apps on the home screen with folders, that’s useful I don’t care how it looks I don’t stare at my home screen that much. I’ve also seen other keyboard layout changing apps it seems like it should be in the app store already or can be done but the copy write owner is holding back by google probably, do you really think ios does not have the capability to do that keyboard app? And all my android friends brag about the app and nobody uses it when they think nobody is looking.
    And I my phandroid friends always try to look for apps and compare to my apps and I Always either have more choices with better prices and quality.
    And you say the things you love about android is changing the layout back and forth and typing fast. That sounds like one boring use for a phone. There are a ton of games newspaper work related apps I use all the time, I hate having to resort my apps instead of using them.
    I’m trying to find good reasons to support android but the android users seem really closed to debate turkey and I just don’t think it’s a mobile OS that is where it needs to be. It may or may not catch up but right now everybody seems to admit in one way or another it hasn’t reached where it needs to be. I just do not want to wait for the good games to come out I don’t want to wait for fragmentation to be fixed or wait for some decent apps, I’d just rather use my phone to my fullest today.

  141. Consumer reports, the people who started and kept on fighting the antennagate battle, said that even though the iphone has the bad antenna it is still the best phone out now and beats the evo 4g. Look up the consumer reports stats and article. Even with a ‘handicap’ it still beat the evo 4g. It got lots of other best phone ratings but I just pointed out the most vocal independent iphone ‘opponent’.

  142. On the other hand, the Iphone OS has fallen to #3 in the world, with Android becoming #1. IN THE WORLD.


    Does that mean Iphones aren’t as good as Androids? Nope. I would like to give beggingtodiffer a hug! I just wish that there was a real forum somewhere so we can understand the pros and cons… I sense that these instruments are used in different ways, meaning that we all have valuable perspectives.

    My personal gut is to stay away from the Iphone as I don’t believe there are enough high level developers and that the original weakness of Apple’s approach to things means that they develop concepts faster, but offer less design diversity on a base level. I sense that Apple ported Iphones for Verizon far more quickly than originally planned because Apple is operated by intelligent people who can see the writing on the wall.

    I’m unfortunately with Verizon because of living & working in fringe areas only served by their networks, but have friends and family who love their Iphones. I also have friends who love their HTC, Motorola & Samsung droids..

    It is a silly survey approach Kevin. Please come up with different wording, as if this is possible….

  143. Skyfire is slow and buggy. It is nowhere near comparable to Flash 10. I used to use it on Android prior to the release of actual Flash.
    HTML5 may be better but Flash is the standard. And Flash is a pretty powerful tool itself. I doubt every web developer is going to change because Apple has changed. It isn’t comparable to floppy disks (not as easily replaceable, even if HTML5 becomes the standard, Flash won’t disappear). And I have had no problems with battery life. I once streamed the second half of a 9er game live with no problems. And why can’t your finger replace a cursor? Sounds pretty simple right?
    As far as the screens go, it is about personal preference. I cannot see any pixels on a 480p screen (maybe you can, I can’t). And I prefer bigger screens, much better when it comes to surfing the web, reading e-books, playing games (your favorite thing). Ever seen a Super AMOLED screen? If you want to talk about colors looking vibrant, check out one of the many Galaxy S phones.
    As far as software goes, I hang around Android forums often and have never heard about anybody actually getting a virus. I don’t use any anti-virus app and I feel fine. If iOS is so secure, then why is the iPhone always one of the first devices to be hacked at the annual Pwn2Own competition. I would be more worried on the iPhone than Android when it comes to security.
    I wouldn’t play real money poker on some random site nobody has ever heard of. Why would I trust my money with some unknown? In terms of major sites, the only mobile app is Full Tilt’s Rush Poker app on Android.
    So having your phone organized in such a way where everything you need can be easily accessed may not be a big deal for you, but it helps keep me organized. It isn’t a PSP, it is a SMARTPHONE.
    No idea what you are talking about when you say “brag about the app but when nobody is looking, never use it.” a) I have no idea which app you are referring to, b) I don’t do that nor do I know anybody who does. c) How would you know what they do “when nobody is looking.” Parts of your story does not add up so I don’t care about your loser friends.
    And that is not what I said. I said I do like customization (having everything organized in such a way that everything important is easily accessible) and typing fast (especially since I am not very good with touch keyboards to begin with) but that isn’t the only things I love. I love having free turn-by-turn directions, I love being able to tether my phone without having to pay my scumbag network (2GB and I can’t do what I want with it, what a joke), I love having a free market for apps (by that, I mean no lame restrictions), I love the fast browser which renders pages brilliantly (and has the option to use Flash if needed).
    And wait until dual core devices release. One thing NVDIA is doing with phones that utilize their dual core processor (Tegra 2) is opening up a TegraZone store. A special appstore for games optimized to take advantage of that monster GPU and dual-core processor. Should be enticing for developers as there is no fragmentation problems (since all the phones have extremely similar hardware) and just so much potential they can do with hardware that powerful.
    I’m gonna leave it at that.

  144. The cursor in flash cannot become the finger, because the cursor first needs to roll-over over a video, Then click/select. First you move your mouse over a video, the controls then appear, then you select pause or change the volume (try it on any flash site right now if you don’t get it). So there needs to be a way for move the cursor over a video, but not select anything yet. There isn’t any hovering over an area detection on phones, it’s only touch detection, thus it has the ‘touch display’ name. Your finger guess is physically impossible and if it could be fixed flash would have done it by now. Look up flash’s comments on their next release, they admit it will be leaps and bounds ahead in saving battery life. It’s simply program that takes a lot of code to run, the files are 10 times as big as html5, a ten fold decrease in file size with great improvement on battery life and video quality which is open source is easily going to take it out in it’s current form. Battery life is extremely important for Mobile phones, it’s ridiculous to argue otherwise. If you told any engineer that battery life is not important for mobile devices they would throw you out of a window. If that game you watched on your phone was okay on your battery, you can get two to three times the battery life. You would say no to doubling the battery life extension if you had the option? You’re definitely reaching by saying so what about low battery life and pulling that finger replacing cursor idea out of your ass.
    Isn’t a big part of tegra 2 that it saves battery life? Isn’t it nice that it does more while saving battery? I can admit that’s a good thing, I can compliment a feature on something other than my phone. And you know iphone is going to get the dual core soon. It’s been last summer since the last version came out, and in the last round of phone models last year no androids had the tegra2 either, it’s barely starting to come out in the next months. Apple will either have it this year or at the latest next year. That’s obvious, most android fans admit it’s good hardware but too expensive, but then again they only brag about equally expensive phones on android. The android value argument and high end phone capabilities argument contradict.
    And we will have to wait and see about the games, right now there is a very poor selection (which by extension shows apps selection in general in the market is bad).
    And the skyfire works fine for me, I don’t know if it’s a fluke but so far it’s great. I’ve seen a lot of android users say the flash is buggy and crashes so it seems like the random bugs are on both sides, but the apps to run flash are officially on both os’s. Saying ios does not have flash has been completely wrong for while now. Same tit for tat goes for security holes, android gets holes found often too. Just that on ios they take care of all the security concerns, I need no anti virus app, and you can download any app whenever I want worry free. And if there is a security hole, who is going to fix it faster? Android is known for taking a long time to release updates and fixes. Whenever I see an apple security hole discovered in the news I see apple fixing it in about a week. And I know many staunch android users that are weary of possible virus apps or apps that take their info. My friends aren’t dumb android users either most are electrical engineers.
    So at the end of this debate, your flash still cannot perform a basic roll-over function that is essential to flash. You say battery life doesn’t matter to you (reaching and ridiculous). You say you love certain apps, but having a couple hundred thousand more apps on ios isn’t that great. And you say in the future some time maybe there could maybe be a big market for games. My guess is that it’s going to take a while for enough tegra 2 phones to sell before it becomes worth it to develop for it. At first only a very small percentage of phones will be able to even use the tegra 2 apps store, so it’s going to be a while for that to get going (like how the app store got a head start and has many many more apps than android). Meanwhile though the app store Today is where that tegra 2 app store hopes to be in a year or two. I can maybe see android having more choices and good apps from high quality developers later on, but it’s not for sure, the developers often complain about fragmentation now (that seems like a problem that can get worse as more and more phone models come out), and once android gets more choices for apps and good games, apple will just be even more ahead and have even more games and apps.

  145. I never said anything about battery life being unimportant. Where did I say anything along the lines of “so what about battery life.”

  146. I love how you are insulting my ability to debate when your ability to debate consists of putting claiming I say something and then attempting to argue what you want me to say.

    I streamed a half of a 9er game once. It worked great and was still able to make it through out the day on a single charge. Yes, you are a lucky one because Skyfire is crap. As far as the cursor thing goes, I don’t really know because I haven’t really needed to use it. If i come across it, will note it.

    I don’t ever use an anti-virus app either nor do I need to (tho as technology gets crazier and hacking becomes crazier, it might become important down the line for all platforms like it is now on PCs). Yet to run into any viruses or spyware tho. There are anti-virus apps available for the iPhone as well. What is your point? You don’t have any anti-virus app for your iPhone like I don’t have any anti-virus app for my Android phone. I still don’t see your point here. I don’t care if your friends are electrical engineers who own Android phones. I have still yet to see anybody (including myself) with any problems like this (and I am fairly active on Android forums and news sites as you can see).

    No your recap of what I said is off. Learn how to read, THEN attempt to debate. I am done with this. Retarded troll.

  147. iPhone is perfect for somebody illiterate like you.

  148. My Verizon Droid-1 contract is up in Sept. If it were up today I wouldn’t jump to the Verizon iPhone because of it’s current generation.

    By Sept I will probably hava a tougher decision.

    My kids have iPod touches which I like the feel an crispness of their operation. I also like that a used iPhone is probably worth more on average.

    If their is a quality and light nxt gen android with a slider avail the end of the year that will probably make up my mind. Because while my Droid sometimes seems a bit clunky there is no substitute for pulling out a real keyboard when the screen frustrates my fingers.

    Voice, maps (and for the most part pictures) and most Apps are extremely good on the (an)Droid.

    But certainly I will look at iPhone when i renew.

  149. -So I’m guessing you cannot counter that the flash roll-over move (the integral part of practically all flash content on the web) is physically impossible on a touch device. Maybe later if there is a hover sensing display we can use our fingers like you argued. Maybe later I can also shoot a falcon out of my arse while using my hover sensing device. Maybe.
    -Battery-wise, it’s well established hmtl5 gets at least 30% more battery life than Flash. You said your battery is fine, and html5 offer much more battery life, therefore you Are saying battery life does not affect your choice between flash and html5. You can choose less or more battery life video players and say battery wasting does not stop you from choosing flash. If you like not having to recharge your phone after one sports game, how about not charging it after two sports games? Why not recharge your device less if you can? Can you at least admit much more battery life is a plus? Add on to the power waste that html5 uses 10 times less memory, and html5 is higher quality shows flash does not compare to html5, especially for mobile devices.
    -You say flash is the standard but Youtube, Hulu, ABC, and Netflix use html5 for ios apps. There are also options like mobitv and others which have been on the iphone for a while now and offer espn live, etc etc. I’d say content wise that beats the content available on android (and in a better quality format and layout), and android’s video content can also be seen on the iphone. You have the ‘video standard’ but you can watch much less video on android than ios, we beat you by a hulu netflix and abc mobitv combined video content. You’re content is free, but we can see that free video also. Wikipedia flash videos history of bad security too.
    -And I looked up the antivirus apps in ios, none are actual antiviruses for the iphone itself. You waste my time with your arguments yanked from your bacon filled arse stupid! Some ios “anti-virus” apps let you keep watch of viruses on your pc, give you updates on warnings, and others are games called antivirus. That’s how it is on mac, apple says don’t worry about buying antivirus software, we will be responsible for that pain in the neck job. It’s not perfect, because the internet is inherently not 100% secure, but software patches and updates are much more frequent on apple than pc’s. Security holes are on all OS’s, only apple os’s say they will take responsibility for it. PC’s and Androids make you do the antivirusing and you pay for it too. Or you can download illegal antivirus apps from the internet and get a viruses downloading it.
    -And by the android market allowing so many apps (a feature android phans brag about), it’s not like just apps that brick your phone are all the ‘viruses’ out there. Many apps in android have been found to take your personal information continually. A good virus keeps your phone working, goes unnoticed, and keeps taking all your personal info after that. You do have to check the background of app makers on android FYI. You probably don’t do it out of being naive, but I’ve seen viruses with my own eyes and staunch android supporters who are technical professionals say they need to check the background of an app. Stop living in a fantasy world where no virus protection is needed, wise up, there is a lot of money in getting all your personal info…
    -So android makers are not telling you that flash is physically impossible on the device, nobody figures it out, nobody wants to admit to fragmentation (if you say the tegra 2’s are less fragmented then everybody besides the tegra 2 still is even more fragmented), you have a measly amount of good apps, almost no name brand apps, you are bragging about being able add a widget and use a gps how awesome, you guys are being sold an inferior product not ready for prime time yet. Android people always say it will have a lot of apps some day, it will have less fragmentation some day, it will have good games some day, it will have video content some day over the rainbow. I have all that done and ready to use today. Keep waiting acer. In the meantime how about alphabetizing your apps then reversing the order, how fun!

  150. -And don’t forget that consumer reports (not in cahoots with apple for sure) said even though there is a death grip (shown to be on all phones, after other droid makers made fun of the apple antennagate), even though the death grip is combined with the worst network in cellphones, even after all that it beats the evo 4. Many other tech reviewers also said it’s the best, but CS is no phanboy of apple, does not step down to apple, and they still admit the iphone 4 beats all the android phones out there. That’s 20+ experienced phone manufacturing companies versus one apple. And if apple sent the free covers and made up for admitted mistakes, so after beating the evo 4 with a bad antenna, the antenna issue was fixed so the iphone must have beat out the evo 4 by much more actually.
    -And att is known to be worse than usual in big cities, therefore now that those big markets can actually use their iphones will probably really rack up some numbers for the iphone. Get ready to have a slightly more level playing field.

  151. So to tally all of your endless misconceptions, the rollover for flash can work without a cursor, that ios has anti virus apps, you think android’s numbers match up to apples even though it’s one carrier against 5 and one manufacturer against 20, you think more battery life is not that much better than having battery waste, that the video standard is flash but yet it offers mobile devices much less content in a quality fashion, you think you can forget about viruses on android, and you are Speculating that some day these and other issues will get fixed, while all these issues are fixed and done on the ios today. How many more crazy things do you have to shamelessly argue to convince you that android is currently better or even comparable?

  152. @beggingtodiffer666

    Consumer Reports….lol. Have you checked the rating letaly? The iPhone 4 and 3 other Android phones are tied for best rating…now…This is 2011, not summer 2010.
    Whats REALLY interesting…..is when you set the filter to only show ‘recommended’ phones…the iPhone 4 doesnt….even….make….the….list….

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