Samsung Fires Back: Galaxy Tab Return Rate Actually Below 2 Percent


After a report that misquoted a representative during Samsung’s earnings call as saying Galaxy Tab sales were “quite small,” the handset manufacturer was quick to fire back with a correction. They actually said “quite smooth.” Then another volley was launched with a ITG analyst report that the Galaxy Tab had a return rate hovering around 15 percent among all US carriers. They compared that to the iPad’s 2 percent return rate (on Verizon alone).

Samsung wants to correct that notion as wrong, as well. In statements recently released via their Samsung Tomorrow blog the company has come out swinging, saying ITG’s report is completely false. They add, “According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business the return rate is below 2 percent.”

Less than 2 percent is very different than 15 percent, so who knows where ITG was getting their figures. Or who knows if Samsung is fudging the numbers (as they did with reports of 2 million Tabs “sold”).

[via BGR]

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  1. Knowing Samsung we will probably here later that it was 2% returned due to be defective and the actual return rate is 15%.

  2. They are in stage of denial! I wouldn’t be surprised… Xoom is on horizon, which ships with Android 3.0 (most tech-savies can’t rely on Samsung’s promise to ship Honeycomb to Galaxy Tab as we’ve seen their Froyo delay with Galaxy S phones). The only way for them to gain their sales number is to drop the prices down (w/o contrats).

    With that said I can’t wait to get my hands on Xoom. It looks very promising.

  3. If Sammy wants to sell a bunch of these, they need to hold the price low, offer a wifi option, and publish a guaranteed Honeycomb upgrade. Heck, I’d buy one.

  4. Has anyone figured out what the heck they meant by ‘quite smooth’? I’m still trying to parse that one. Saying that sales to consumers have been ‘quite small’ makes sense. Saying sales are ‘quite smooth’ says absolutely nothing about quantity, that I can tell.

  5. I returned my Galaxy Tab

  6. Android Tab is best device in market. I have 2 play games and websurf. Xoom POS US garbage. ZTE coming with new tablet and HTC rocks Android! Android rocks world!

  7. @Android Fan… you’re a fucking idiot, Samsung has the worst damn support in the industry. After owning a Captivate for 3 months waiting for a GPS fix that never came I gave up and bought a real phone. I’ll never buy anything from that shitty Korean company again. USA #1 in your face you stupid jealous peasents from insignificant countries!

  8. @ justsomeguy
    I agree with your distaste for sammy. I am a galaxy s owner, still waiting patently for froyo. I will also never buy any of their products again.
    I do like my galaxy tab, and really hope we have a honeycomb update on the horizon.

  9. “The only way for them to gain their sales number is to drop the prices down (w/o contrats).”

    Of course. The Galaxy Tab is a small initial run sold at a $500 markup. Samsung will be dropping the prices and start shipping 3.0 tablets as soon as they can. But they’ll already have a leg up on the competition. And the Galaxy Tab is actually very good already (I have one).

  10. Looks like Apple fans can never be proven wrong…

    Something’s wrong with these people

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