What Was Your Favorite Honeycomb Demo?


The Honeycomb event is all wrapped up, and our associate attending the event – David – is out getting his hands-on time with everything that was shown and more. But to pass time, what did you guys like most about what was shown today? Google actually showed off quite a few things in such a short amount of time – smooth video calling, a fully-featured CNN app, and Google Body, an app they described as being “the Google Maps of the human anatomy.” Then there was all that juicy market stuff that a lot of us can’t use at the moment, of course. But let us hear it in the comments below: what are you most excited for?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Renderscript has me all excited. Google Body looked very cool.

    Video calling actually looked anything but smooth to me, and I was pretty disappointed. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it performs in person.

  2. Everything! I see quality and it looks niiiicceee!

  3. Sucked they didn’t talk about Google Music…

  4. There’s finally going to be a CNN app?! Thank God!

  5. I wonder if Google Music will be released in the coming months…

  6. Disappointed, I was hoping to see Google Music and maybe a few teasers of the upcoming “Ice Cream Sandwich” (i really don’t care for that name, it sounds stupid).
    but over all, today’s event was just an in-depth view of Honeycomb like it was intended to be i guess, nothing worthwhile though

  7. the introduction of in-app purchasing is something i’m dreading. Why? becuase developers can nickle and dime you to death for features and add-ons. Microtransactions absolutely suck

  8. I agree with NCX. However my favorite feature was downloading apps straight from my computer. Great when your reading an app review and wanna try it out. Its much faster and seamless than scanning barcodes or worrying about proper spelling

  9. Not the part where an Apple laptop was used to do the demo. Really? It seems to me there are devices running Chrome which should have been used.

  10. @NCX

    You must be pretty thick if you were expecting info about Ice Cream Sandwich.

    HC isnt even finished, let alone a version for phones

  11. @ Doug all the google campus has now is macs and linux boxes. Btw if you look at the browser he was using it was chrome. Maybe not the OS but it was the browser.

  12. Did they even mention HC and features we can expect with our phones?
    Let me guess ….NO?

  13. Comments here are weak. First, gotta agree with anakin’s first point, renderscript should make things fly, good to hear.

    Next, I like the fact that they finally have a gmail widget.

    Regarding NXC & microtransactions. I say this is needed, it’s not something I’ll really utilize, but it is needed. Devs who are currently on iOS making more money and using microtransactions need this incentive to come over. Furthermore, besides some really, really crappy games, it’s not like the devs (AFAIK) really “nickle and dime” the way you put it. Also, think about a dev like Rovio, they just want to get their apps in as many hands as possible and get the ad revenues, maybe to unlock a valentine’s day 150 levels they’ll charge a buck, maybe not. Just deal with it, if the games are worth it, we’ll pay, if not we wont, the market will sort it out. We do want more good developers, the one that showed the History Channel game had something looking like Medieval Total War and I was super happy to see that. Devs like that might not be on board without less Android Dev support.

  14. agree with @andy, the thing is, if the money isn’t there, quality devs won’t come. Android users need to loosen their wallets a bit, or at least stop whining so much. Devs aren’t going to invest in a platform that is only going to waste their time. Make it worth their time.


  15. Google Body is very good, they need to add a other words in there to make it easier for children. Things like mandible also needs to be also labeled as jaw, pelvis instead of just os coxae etc.

  16. While I don’t know if I’d actually buy the game, I liked the Monster Madness demo the best. Honestly, it seems like the devs said, “Let’s not pull any punches, let’s load it up, and see what this hardware can really do.” I think that should always be the approach, and based on Engadget’s thoughts, it sounds like it works great!

  17. The 2D acceleration is a huge step forward. Apart from that I’m very happy about in-app purchases. Why? Because with this we can get rid of all of the ridiculous lite apps and expansion apps. Basically you can just make an in-game purchase to unlock features. This will also give a better assessment of how popular an application is. Now the lite app has x amount of users and the full app has y amount. If you use the same app and simply pay to unlock, the total popularity of the app will be evident.

    *off to make in-app donation button*

  18. WebApp support like on Apple iOS would be cool. I know it has bookmarks, but Apple has the edge where you can add a bookmark/icon to the home screen and it then changes the webpage into an application, hiding the address bar when you launch it. It makes the device good to use in business then.

  19. @Mark Gjøl – People said the same thing when Apple introduced in app purchasing – and it hasn’t worked. The app store is still full of free and lite versions, along side paid for versions.

    Users don’t like downloading something that says its free, only to find out later that they have a cut down demo version. At least with a lite version you know what you are getting.

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