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We’re well into 2011 by now and most of you US-based Galaxy S owners still have yet to see Froyo. (Officially, anyway.) What the heck is going on with that? Samsung’s Twitter account tweeted that they wanted users to have a simple and reliable upgrade – the type of hesitation you’d expect from Samsung considering past upgrades didn’t go too smoothly for a lot of users of their other phones.

The second line of the tweet states that they “[are] running tests due to complexity [and] unique functionality.” Translation: “Getting around TouchWiz is tougher than we thought it’d be.” That’s not really fair to say, though: European variants have had the upgrade for quite some time. Most will tell you that the carriers are to blame, and a lot of that blame does fall on them. Even Sony Ericsson admitted to as much when they hadn’t committed to a date for the Xperia X10’s Eclair upgrade. It’s entirely possible that Samsung is being treated the same way by all four major carriers.

So they still can’t commit to a date, but I think it’s about time we cut them some slack – at least direct some of your anger toward the carriers.

In lighter news, though, the Nexus S could soon be headed to Europe as a device being named the GT-I90003 has recently been approved by the Global Certification Forum. The Unwired’s Arne Hesse has it from a trusted source of his that this device – unlike the Nexus S released here in the states – would be coming with a Super-LCD display as opposed to a Super AMOLED. Doesn’t sound too farfetch’d considering the Russian version is said to be getting the same treatment. The only thing we’re still waiting for is a release date and pricing, but I’m sure that isn’t long off.

[via Android Police]

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