Android Market Downtime a Sign that Something’s Brewing at Google?


While everything seems to be in working order for the time being, overnight we received word from a few readers that the Android Market has been experiencing some downtime. This is confirmed by other reports around the web. One reader informed us that the actual Android Market website was down, but by the time we checked it was all back in order. [Update: As several commenters have pointed out, now simply redirects back to]

Looks like something is going on behind the scenes at Google…will we finally get some major Android Market announcements at today’s Honeycomb event as rumored? Or was the downtime part of regular maintenance and completely unrelated? The proximity between the event and the Market downtime seems a bit more than coincidental, don’t you think?

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  1. i noticed this trying to download clockwork mod over wifi ony nexus S. so i swapped my sim to my nexus one ad had the same problem guess i know why now

  2. Maybe they are creating a secret market for Egypt? Well, while we are making wild speculations.

  3. Also, redirects to

  4. One of the android devs tweeted that app developers should upload their 512 x 512 icons because they ‘could smell the web store’. Its definitely the web market

  5. Go to
    Try clicking on “Android Market” or “Learn More” under the Android Market and you get…Hmm…Looks like they just might be hiding something.

  6. One thing, you need a comment system, this one sucks. DISQUS!

    Secondly, I have noticed if you go to and click on market (which now points to it redirects back to Before it use to point to (which is still up, just nothing links to it anymore).

    Just another reason to believe a new Android market website is coming!!!

  7. Uhmn… is it just me or was this in your news yesterday ?

    Funny reading an article that “guesses” when just yesterday you knew what was going on ;o)

  8. Speculation without any real news? You should see if you can get on a CNN it Fox News panel guessing what is happening in Egypt based on your knowledge of Google!

    But seriously, are blips in the system really something to post about? It most definitely isn’t something to get excited about. Wait until after the conference… then be excited about real news!

  9. We’re under attack by Crapple, friggen DDOS

  10. @Breticious STFU. Now on to the real news yes this is probably a good sign that they are prepping to make a switch to the new store during the conference. But it had me going nuts last night thinking I had done something to my phone. I root and try all kinds of stuff so I thought I had screwed it up lol.

  11. On my phone I used to see all my DL apps and which ones had updates. Now, when I go into “my apps” while in the market it shows “no market apps”. If I search for individual apps, then I see if they have updates. Anyone else having a similar issue?

  12. Maybe they are creating a secret market for Egypt?

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