Verizon Sends Mass Text Warning of Samsung Fascinate Emergency Dialer Bug


Attention Samsung Fascinate owners currently on the DL09 software version: your ability to use the emergency dialer could be compromised. If you use pattern lock as a means to keep your phone undisturbed, chances are the dialer that allows your phone to dial out an emergency number without being unlocked won’t work. Verizon issued a mass text to many of its customers to keep them aware of the situation.

“Free VZW Msg(s) – Use of your emergency call button on your Fascinate phone with software SCH-i500.DL09 may not work while the phone is locked. A software fix will be pushed to your device soon. Until available, disable pattern lock to ensure emergency calls can be placed. To check your software version press Applications>Settings>About phone and view Build number. Only version SCHi-500.DL09 is impacted by this issue. Versions SCH-i500.DI01 and SCH-i500.DH12 are functioning properly. To disable pattern lock press Applications>Settings>Location & Security and remove check from Require Pattern.”

Pretty basic advice. Turn off pattern lock until an OTA fix arrives. Problem is, who knows how long that wait will be.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Just put out froyo, and put the fix in with that!!!

  2. My emergency dialer works perfectly on DL09 non rooted…and awaiting froyo:/

  3. There is a leaked version of froyo available on xda. I haven’t tried it yet because my fascinate is in the drawer but it my take care of this problem.

  4. Apparently to a small mass. I have that version along with some other people I know and no text received regarding this. Maybe verizon is going to take on samsung’s customer service policy, “take their money and forget em”

  5. @joshua- holy sheet, man I never thought about companies doing that. That would be something else if it were true.

  6. Weird… as I opened this article, at right about 1 pm EST, I received the warning text message. <>

  7. i’m running the leaked version of froyo. No problems here :)

  8. I have DI01 and just received the text.

  9. Well its a good thing im running froyo and not this

  10. My emergency dialer works perfectly on DL09 non rooted

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