T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Pictured in the Wild


It wasn’t too long ago that we first glimpsed the Sidekick 4G for T-Mobile and it’s been even less time since we heard rumors it might be Samsung made, and now get our first in-the-wild look at the handset. Still hard to tell if the thing was designed and assembled by Samsung (it certainly doesn’t borrow any design cues from their current Android lineup), but the references to the old-school Sidekick line are well done. A slide-out display reveals a keypad that should have any fan of the original getting all nostalgic inside.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Why am i not exicted about this anymore?

  2. Looks like an FFC which is good, looks like a smallish screen which is not good. Should be interesting to see the specs on this.

  3. Is it touch screen? Stupid question I know. Still G1 KB FTW

  4. keyboard is awesome

  5. Looks like a G1 only with a slightly better look. Not very impressed at all.

  6. Your not excited about a sidekick because this is 2011. Back in 2001 few phones were capable of TXT/IM/Web convieniently in one package. That was a time where people actually used AIM and Yahoo Messenger religiously. You were cool in class watching the LEDs flash whenever you got a txt message and Pinball machine Audio effect followed. Tho you most likely kept a second cell phone to make actual calls with cuz you only kept a Messaging & Web plan on your Sidekick and nothing else.

    But today TP2,G2,Droids & EPICs can do everything and more…and not look like a Palm pilot next to your ear.

  7. It doesn’t look like a slide out screen, more like a swivel screen because it looks tilted :)

  8. ive seen sidekicks but are they smartphone?what do they run on?

  9. That thing looks ugly to be honest.

    Looks like it was designed in the 90’s.

  10. This thing better have a swival screen, not the boring slide up.

  11. If it still has its swivel screen added with a touch screen. Samsung’s super almond plus display 1ghz hummingbird processor 16gb of on board storage and a micro SD slot. T Mobile 4g net work front facing camera and a rear facing camera with flash I think we may have something here!

  12. This is a joke, right?

  13. Sidekick slide was a fail the first time. Why does T-Mobile think its going to work this time. A sidekick without a swivel screen or some form of android with a danger ui. Is just a poorly made g2. They really should let the sidekick R.I.P.

  14. Why do people like keyboard so much? I can type a hell a lot faster using touchscreen and swype.

  15. Looks slick. I like the number row of keys. Too bad it’s by Samsung.

  16. Stop hating yall. Its looks nice. Nice 5 row keyboard. hope thats a FFC. Nice tilt to the screen. HSPA+. Android. Whats not to love.

  17. this takes me back to when i was banging 17 year old scene chicks after shows in deep ellum

  18. Why T-Mobile This Device needs to be Buried along , im sorry the whole sidekick lifetime was cool back then, when internet wasnt standard to phones , but with phones of these days, i doubt sidekick will up its hype like it used to, wrong Move Tmo….

  19. hell yeah, im excited. IDGAF. looks like it will do well. sadly though it is made by samsung. I WANT TO SEE THIS THING IN ACTION. CANT WAIT!

  20. Should have stayed with htc.

  21. I can tell you now there is no flash on the camera. Tmonews has pictures of the back of it……… no flash.

  22. well T-mobile’s CEO said it. “We are going to make cheap, sorry, affordable phones”. So there u have it, they pick Samsung.

  23. looks hot! Sidekick was a hot gadget when it came out.

  24. depending on the specs i might pick one up. i love the g1 keyboard and in canada all the phones suck so i gotta pick one up next time im down

  25. If you look at the other pictures of this sidekick it shows that it was made by samsung, so itll have the hummingbird processor at least in it

  26. wow a new scene kick! Thousands of emo kids will love this

  27. how big does this screen look to you guys? any ideas?

  28. @ anthony 3.7 most likely

  29. and thats definetly not a super amoled and it doesant even look like an amoled so i would completley rule out samsung honestly from the keyboard and trackpad and screen it looks like an htc phone to me. the trackpad looks exactly like he incredible / arias

  30. ah thank you austin

    man i cant wait for this phone to come out, the keyboard looks really nice!

  31. I like!!! hope you guys are wrong in regard to this being a slide out KB sidekicks NEED kick out’s thats why I love them

  32. Nothing cheap about my Nexus S, full on high-quality. and Affordable =/= cheap and if you believe it is then you are F*ucking stupid.

  33. What the F*uck is so damn great about htc?? especially in regards to their build qualities? Nexus One had soooooooooooooooooooooooo many issues. Some people get faulty hinges on the G2. Samsung hardware is of the best hardware there is. Look up any HTC devices forum and I bet you there will be more issues regarding the hardware than samsung.

  34. @ Nexus S Owner

    Yeah I completely agree about about the screen. I really hope it flips out instead of sliding, that’d kind of kill it for me =[
    But I think it’ not just about hardware, it’s about the support Samsung gives. HTC support is more reliable, that’s probably why people prefer it over Samsung.

  35. @ dc-Samsung updates

  36. I hope I am one who loved that the fact that the g1’s buttons did not move with the screen! This way you can have a bigger keyboard unlike the G2 where the screen was much longer looking than the keyboard when revealing its keyboard.


  38. Im not a samsung fan but Tmo has the only us galaxy s phone with the official OTA froyo to be released

  39. Does it have wifi.I love the sidekick

  40. It has WiFi connectivity and WiFi calling. It also has WiFi sharing and USB tethering.

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