SideKick 4G Confirmed; Samsung Galaxy S 4G Announced by T-Mobile


That didn’t take long. Just earlier, we were hearing about a SideKick 4G that was announced at a town hall meeting. Turns out the meeting was a quiet press briefing at a town hall that featured Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Rene Obermann and T-Mobile USA’s CEO Phillip Humm – a meeting we heard would take place earlier in the week.  Humm confirmed that a SideKick 4G is indeed coming. Refer to the little bit we know about it from the leak earlier: Android 2.3, HSPA+, and a swivel-out QWERTY with a touchscreen, obviously. But that’s all we know for now.

Another tidbit he threw out was that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G – the Vibrant 4G – will be coming soon, as well. We expect that to be one of Samsung’s big showings at their event the night before Mobile World Congress kicks off. We want even more details! We’ll be trying to find them. In the meantime, here’s the report from PCMag.

Update: Now with a pic! Feast your eyes on the two side-by-side below. Grainy, not official-looking, but it’s something. [via PCMag]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have a premonition…..very low sales of the new Samsung phone. I hope they choke on their inventory.

  2. How is the vibrant 4g a big showing? Its the same phone I got with a ffc and 4g added on. What a big fucking rip off! Shit that suppose to be already on the phone. Anyway good luck with the sidekick odeal…..

  3. too late, no friends samsung. You won’t rob me anymore

  4. Agreed. Why would Samsung release a froyo phone when GB is already old news? Really? Dumb asses.

  5. I think samsung should focus on customers overseas because they’re not going to get any love from american customers. They screwed us over and now they want us to buy more products. Samsung sucks big CO#KS!!!

  6. Benefits to Gingerbread over FroYo???

  7. @#^: Good question. Unless its on a Tablet, people are completely fixated on the newest, latest and greatest. Honestly, custom 2.2 roms are probably better than 2.3 right now. In 2-3 months, that will be a different story.

  8. doesnt matter to me. im selling my vibrant just to cover my ETF. Fuck Tmo. Fuck Samsung. anyone interested?



  10. It’s so obvious that Samsung cares only about their wallets. Always developing their new phones, while leaving their past phones in the dark. What’s sad is the Galaxy S phones are bad at all and would be better if they were supported. What a shame. At least you have custom ROMs and Rooting.

  11. Is the sidekick going to run Android? if not, who would actually want it in this day and age.

  12. @pimpstrong.
    superior task management, which in turn gives a significant boost in battery life.
    graphic changes that make everything look more uniform and less sporadic.
    built in task killer.
    increased speed.
    AMAZING screen off animation (this is my favorite part)
    detailed memory analysis available in the apps and memory section.
    better compatibility with current, upgraded market.

    all in all, not amazing, but fairly significant update.

    i mostly feel bad for the people on the original galaxy who are still running 2.1 because we all know that the jump from 2.1 to 2.2 was a HUGE change.

  13. @ Ben W – Thx. I honestly have not discovered the detailed improvements that come with 2.3. Gingerbread sounds like it would be nice to have but not greatly desired, like you said, as much as 2.2 was.

    Would you run around bitching that phones are coming out with 2.2 when 2.3 is out like some people? (I know you wouldn’t)

  14. I wonder how big the new Sidekick could be now. That once seemed to be the poor mans or average joe’s smartphone before the consumer smartphone market exploded. I wonder if it could catch on again by name and drive even more Android sales. Funny how MS took it…completely screwed off the data and killed it…then tried to turn it into the Kin and killed it a second time.

  15. 1.) I’ve read that the Vibrant 4G is the same as the original except with a FFC and HSPA+. Which means no notification light (really?) and flash for the camera.

    2.) I noticed that the Sidekick looks quite a bit like the Epic 4G so makes me think that it might be made by Samsung.

    Now I’m not one of those people boycotting Samsung because they haven’t updated the galaxy s line in the U.S. with froyo. If you’re on an android blog regularly then you probably know how to root and get froyo anyways.

    With all that being said, I’m really excited to see what the specs for the Sidekick are. I’m a huge fan. I just hope the screen isn’t smaller than 3.7 inches.

  16. Samsung seems to be playing the Apple game with their Android phones: Debut a phone with some revolutionary features but withhold some, and then come out with a new phone with those few withheld features so that you get the same people to buy it. Theres no reason why the first Galaxy S phones didn’t have front facing cameras and should have been updated by now just like theres no reason the iPad didn’t have cameras on it except for the fact that Apple and Samsung want to lure the same customers back in to buy the updated product. At least with Apple, they wait one year to do so where as Samsung is pulling these tricks in a short amount of months and will do the same when the Galaxy S2 comes out. Fortunately, theres alternatives for us Android lovers.

  17. Samsung vibrant gets 2.2 starting 1/21/11, Tomorrow! It will come in waves just like for the mytouch 3g. This has been confirmed from tmobile execs. Article at PCmag.com.

    stop crying, at least ur phone runs properly.
    Try having 2.2 on a mytouch 3g. my contract is only 1 yr and 4 months old.

  18. Vibrant 4G will sell… Fastest 4G T-Mobile will offer, FFC, and people that wanted the Vibrant but didn’t have an upgrade then may be closer or have one now. Just wish they were adding flash for the camera.

  19. I am excited for the sidekick. I used to always want one but i wasn’t on t-mobile. I kind of hope it might be a new windows phone 7 device. I thought microsoft acquired the company who made sidekicks when they made kin…Perhaps this can be a much more improved version of those…

    but with Android, i’m sure it will be great. I might get one of these :)

    Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy s 4g? I’ll pass

  20. If the sidekick 4G comes with at least a front facing camera, at a 1 Ghz processor and a lot of internal memory as well as the listed features above, that will be a HOT seller. I hope they wisen up and put 16GB of internal memory on the phone. I don’t know why these phone carriers are so reluctant to add memory to their phones. All that does is hurt the product on the android OS. Look at apple. All their phone come with LOTS of internal memory. These phone makers need to get with the program or they will be left behind when this cellphone war gets beyond this year.

  21. I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW SIDEKICK. i hope it has really good specs.

  22. Ummm Sharp was the company that made the sidekick…

    Would be better if HTC would get ahold of it..

  23. Nexus S = win…

  24. T-Mobile owns the rights to the Sidekick label, but the phone under Danger’s rights is called the Danger Hiptop. So it makes sense. It’ll probably be named the HTC Twist 4G..Sidekick Twist 4G.
    Naming process, for example:

    Danger Hiptop LX = T-mobile Sidekick LX


    HTC Twist 4G = Tmobile Sidekick Twist 4G

  25. @Dre

    yeah and how many people actually are able to fill up that lot of memory? 16gb’s is just the right amount for just about everything on a phone unless your are big on portable movies normal ppl have around 10 movies at the most on their portable devices or they have netflix or some cloud movie service. What real use is 32gb’s or even 64gb’s?

  26. I cannot get over how iphone esk the Vibrant 4g looks! it nearly identical!!!

  27. After samsung messed up my vibrant with their first OTA Im dumped my vibrant on my girl and used her upgrade and got myself a MT4G. Will all the issues im never buying a samsung phonne.

  28. vibrant 4g is a big deal to samsung. why? its the 1st galaxy made in US. sidekick is running android and ffc

  29. @evo4.5g the sidekick is made my Sanyo, not samsung…however, the phone is bound to be amazing…iv had a sidekick since 2004 and wouldnt trade it for anything. cheers to tmobile for bringing it into the new age of 4g and android based phones

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