Samsung to be Manufacturer of New SideKick?


Rumorville time, folks. When T-Mobile’s CEO Phillip Humm quietly announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and a new 4G-enabled Sidekick, we didn’t get many details nor were we afforded any official pictures. All that could be mustered up was this shot of one of the slides presented.

Taylor from Android & Me has reason to believe that the new Sidekick will be manufactured by Samsung. He cites several independent sources and it corroborates reports received by David from TmoNews. Looking at the blurry slide from the event, I could totally see this being Samsung-made.

The slide-out QWERTY looks a lot like one you’d see on Samsung’s devices. I almost mistook it for a Samsung Epic 4G after taking a second look. I already have an idea about what you guys think of this, but I’ll ask anyway: what do you guys think about this? Sound off below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think Tmobile sucks and their coverage isnt worth the money saved over Verizon or Sprint. Doesnt matter what phones they offer if their network sucks.

  2. I will not give Samsung any more money till they can prove that they can handle software updates and commit to their customers that they will support the product for the two years the product is under contract.

  3. I get pretty decent coverage with T-mo. And it’s Sidekick, not SideKick. Hate to nitpick, but just a little annoying. :P

    Of course I was hoping it would be manufactured by Sharp but as long as the device looks and FEELS like a sidekick, I’ll be happy. 5 row keyboard, swivel screen, etc.

  4. Can anyone share his experience with the keyboards on samsung’s phones? If their keyboards are good, I might consider getting it IF the rumor is true, and IF they’ll ever release it for the international market.

  5. I had verizon and there service was horrible in a lot places im in and t-mobile has been the best,everywhere i didnt get service with verizon i get with t-mobile and had the droid incredible with verizon and now i have the g2 and it is awesome. I will never go back to verizon.

  6. The leaked images of it are hideous!

  7. lol….Samsung + Sidekick = Doom/Epic Fail….To bad sammy’s gonna blow this one up too.

  8. Bringin the sidekick back would be good news for Teenagers. Otherwise if your in or Out of college..you should have grown past this by now.

    If its made by Samsung, im gonna guess itll take on a EPIC look and simply swivel the screen. Samsung Keyboards are OK but HTC runs that department. I realize now that theres nothing a sidekick can do today that regular smartphones cant do already(People still use AIM & Yahoo messenger)….although the Strobe effect followed by Spaceship sounds is pretty much its only standout feature.

  9. Does it matter who makes it? It’s gonna suck.

  10. G1 keyboard still better!

  11. Lol. What makes T-Mobile think that Samsung as a manufacturer was working for them. Every Samsung Android phone on T-Mobile has resulted in unhappy customers. I was actually looking forward to it back when HTC was the manufacturer, if this is true, then I am expecting this to be a horrible fail.

  12. It looks like an EVO shift 4g for T-mo imo. Especially with the yellow button on the keyboar,d like the EVO.

  13. Love how the people knocking teens don’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re” or how to properly capitalize or use an apostrophe. ;)

    (Disclaimer: I’m in my 30s)

  14. i agree with @evilmonk, ive had att, verizon, sprint and t-mobile. With t-mobile and att, i’ve had good reception, verizon and sprint suck…my friend was over yesterday, he has a verizon phone, he didnt have 3g bars at my house, i had full 3g on t-mobile with my vibrant running bionix v…i’m a fan of the sidekick i’ve had 2 before. technology has come along way since Danger…I hope it will be good. If it’s true that samsung is making it, i’ma pass. I flashed back to stock and updated to 2.2, my gps completely stoped working, i flashed back to JFD and just loaded bionix v. What a load of crap. It makes me believe it’s a hardware issue. Anyway, it looks cool. Maybe one day Samsuck!!! can get it together…o, send check’s out to the dev’s that make these roms, if it wasn’t for them i would of returned my vibrant…ARE YOU LISTENING SAMSUCK!!!

  15. 1.5 years ago I had my Samsung stolen from me and I had to swap/upgrade my phone. When I choose the Sidekick LX over all the blackberries and basic phones (Androids weren’t on the market yet), the Tmobile Rep said that 3G service would be “blazing fast” and make social networking and browsing the web ridiculously easy. That network upgrade was supposed to happen three months after the purchase of my Sidekick LX. I am now almost done with my two year contract and cannot believe these commercials I see about Tmobile being the “fastest growing 4G network”. It’s complete BS; Tmobile can’t even get 3G right. Till this day my Sidekick LX can’t: bring up google without taking a minute or two- or even longer sometimes, refresh a page without taking a minute to do so, scale many, many, many websites for proper viewing or navigation, hold a call to save my life, hold a charge very long if i do choose to use the shoddy data service and even screen lock properly so I don’t dial people while I am walking.
    Every demonstration of Tmobile’s 3G failure has been met by profuse apologies and suggestions to upgrade to the new 4G sidekick that is coming out. Why would I purchase another Sidekick when support for it is nonexistent,
    service(both actual data/phone coverage and customer support) is awful and suggestions that the 3G coverage are greatly exaggerated? My Sidekick does make for a lovely decorative paperweight though.

  16. OMFGOODNESS! Everybody STFU! Okay some carriers work better then the other in certain places okay but u have to realise they’re trying. And all u people scolding T-Mobile JUS STFU u a FUCKIN Lie! U jus wanna feel important n u wanna start convo. I currently have a G2 and I have HSPA and 3G EVERYWHERE I go! And I go back and forth to New Orleans and Metarie Louisiana now that set u bitches straight STFU and GET SOM DICK IN YA LIFE! Fuck! All I can say is “YA NEED DICK IN YA LIFE!” And remember ALL THE CARRIERS HAVE THERE WEAK POINTS IN CERTAIN PLACES ITS JUS THAT SOME OF THEM HAVE A LITTLE MORE OF AN ADVANTAGE OVER THE OTHER IN CERTAIN PLACES

  17. Samsung. No, thanks. Guess I won’t be getting a Sidekick. *disappointed*

  18. samsung? more like samsucks

  19. Lets bash Samsung more. *bash bash bash* C’mon guys, I’m as upset at them as the next person, but I think we’ve based them enough. Even if we don’t buy anymore of their products, it doesn’t matter, we got a reason for it.

  20. YOU PEOPLE SHUT THE HELL UP. if you are going to complain you have to know the damn other way to do things. you people want froyo…FLASH A ROM. theyve been out since like october. you cant say samsung sucks because they dont send out good ota’s…they make reliable, sturdy and sleek devices and if you wanted froyo soooooo badly flash a goddam rom. the tirade is done.

  21. Imma have to pass on the samsung train.
    They feel kinda fadish.
    Like theyre making everything because theyre popular now.

    Plus If that sidekick was HTC and running android. Id be on it lol. Nostalgia.

  22. Im a die hard Sidekick fan.. Still use mine.. I realized how retarded I looked when I went to dinner with some friends.. About 16-19 people and they ALL had blackberrys.. Then I realized.. Bbm is just a wanna be sidekick.. The BEST thing about the sidekick… is.. THE KEYBOARD.. And im assuming somebody owns the design because while there are a host of phones with keyboards… none I mean non compare to the raised keys of a sidekick. The prefect sidekick.. Would have the following.. Keep the same features the sidekick already has.. Like operating in and out of apps, and programs without closing or ending, and the trackball.. Now upgrades.. Well basically make a larger screen BLACK G2 run on gingerbread.. And call it gingercookie. (lol) and am I being greedy for saying this.. Give me that SD app memory thing.. Where u can save apps on the SD card.. Cause the sidekick has the memory of a flip phone… ooh and 1 more thing.. Frontfacing camera… its 2011.. Thank you..im going to cc this to tmobile right now.

  23. I have been a sidekick user for 6 years. I love it!!! T mobile has always had great coverage in my area, so it works great.
    Some of the issues I have had with it are limited storage capacity and quirky email issues (not receiving emails…) and the camera sucks. I almost changed to a new smart phone last month, then I heard about the new sidekick coming on an android platform. I can’t wait- keeping the kick. Samsung better step it up!

  24. I had a Sidekick 2008 and loved it until it quit working one month out of warranty. I’ve gone through five Motorola Cliq handsets since then – a horrible phone/device. I was promised 3G coverage “soon” after I purchased the Clic. It is everywhere around me but I’ve been told now that there are no plans for 3G for me. WTF? I’ve been paying for 3G data service but I’m never going to have it? I’m looking at the Epic 4G at Sprint and the Sidekick 4G. Contract is up in a few months. If Sprint has 3G like their map shows, I might switch. TMobile has lied to me so much since I’ve been with them. They are a little less than other companies in terms of fees, but I’m not getting what was promised so you can’t really compare.

  25. I’ve had my sidekick for 3 years now. I love her and treat her like my sidekick. We have been through it all together. I look dumb around people with their blackberries and touchscreens with all the great apps, but nothing compares to how helpful my sidekick has been. Can’t wait to upgrade to sidekick 4g.

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