LG Earnings for Q4 2010 Down, Mobile Struggling


There is no question that LG has been faltering a bit in the cellphone game lately, but the numbers for the final quarter of 2010 are confirming exactly what everyone was thinking. Despite the late-year success of the LG Optimus One line of phones, the low-cost/available everywhere model couldn’t salvage sales with a 15.2 percent drop from 2009. Revenues did increase over Q3 results, but that still equated to a loss of 246.4 billion won. While LG Mobile is hurting, other areas of LG’s business such as home entertainment are faring a bit better.

LG is trying their hardest to be relevant in the smartphone game with industry firsts such as the dual-core Optimus 2X and the upcoming Optimus 3D, but until they get a better handle of the actual implementation of the Android OS their street cred will continue to wane.

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  1. Well, since it’s hard to find a high end smartphone from LG in north america, the results aren’t all that surprising. When you do find an Android handset from them it looks like a toy.

    I’m not going to sign the toe tag yet. There’s time for them to come up with something.

  2. Maybe if they had those Smartphones ready for Dan Hesse Last year like he wanted….

  3. Still loving my Optimus T. These things shipped in November, and new flavors are announced each week for more carriers. I have trouble believing that their full impact on LG’s bottom line is reflected in 2010 numbers. OTOH with Optimus V outed for $149 I don’t imagine they are making any serious money there unless Virgin is subsidizing their off-contract phones.

  4. While it is not a high end phone, I think the LG Optimus definitely does not look or act like a toy (well unless I am in the mood to play Mini Squadron or Angry Birds). In fact, I would say it is probably the best non-premium Android Phone going right now.

  5. Times are about to change for them with the optamus 2 x

  6. I love LG! I’m blown away by this because LG didn’t make the most expensive phones but they we’re fast and had 2.2! They were perfect for a new smartphone owner or someone who wants a small, cheap, and fast phone

  7. LG will prevail. They may not be the most well known in the smartphone game, but they have been making decent wares(feature phones) for years. So, my suggestion would be to move up the release dates( obviously) of the next gen android goodies we are all waiting on. I am very interested to see the 2X and Black hit the shelves :)

  8. LG can totally keep up, 1 GIANT MARKETING FLAW— Make your flagship phone the OPTIMUS PRIME. Everyone that has ever existed will have one.

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