Toshiba Honeycomb Tablet Gets a Teaser Site


A teaser site has gone live for the Toshiba Android tablet with Honeycomb showing us nothing more than we already knew. The tablet was under pretty tight wraps at CES, but Toshiba has been eager to talk it up. An intro video runs down the pertinent specs including NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and 10-invh screen.

Check out the site for yourself at the source link below if you want to see for yourself that tablet Toshiba will surely be showing us more of at MWC.

[Toshiba via IntoMobile]

Kevin Krause
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  1. 10-invh? :P

  2. Kevin, one tip: spell check the article before final post.

    Toshiba tab….. I might have to get this

  3. This is the tablet I’ll be looking at. Good size, attractive build with hardware keys, and a rubberized back. Sign me up.

  4. yeah Kevin seriously, you’re supposed to be a pro :P how about you read what you’ve written? :)
    I’m still not convinced by tablets tbh…

  5. Hey, I bagged on Kevin first, so back off Adrian.

    And Kevin, ill proof-read for you. :)

  6. anyone have any idea about the price point?

  7. All Android blogs are starting to suck.

    Not only do most of the blogs have paid articles, where app developers pay the bloggers to write about their apps, but they also suck at their grammar skills.

    It doesn’t cost a lot of money to hire an editor instead of publishing articles with a lot of errors, such as “invh”.

  8. troll

  9. Perhaps he means 10 inch vertical height?

  10. @Joe – that would be “grammatical errors”… People in glass houses… ;-D

  11. But the important question is, will their be a wi-fi only model?

  12. Here is our light-hearted response to Toshiba Tablet’s “Such A Shame” page :-)

    “It is one thing to trash-talk the competition when you can back it up with substance, but to throw out a challenge with nothing more than a CAD mock-up of the tablet and a non-specific release date…well, you are just asking for us to come take pot shots at you”

    For the full article…

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