LG G-Slate Makes a Quick Appearance in Korean Music Video


Aside from a quick showing on stage at CES, the final looks of the LG G-Slate for T-Mobile are a mystery. Even the recently launched sign-up page shows the tablet veiled in secrecy. But a Korean music video has hit the scene and may be giving us are first hard look at the slate. When compared to some leaked outlines of the device from earlier this week, the similarities are uncanny.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. this is like a giant lg advertisement …. shouldnt that all be samsung stuff since it korean?

  2. Wish I spoke Korean so I knew what the F**K he is saying.

  3. @ austin, LG is also Korean.

  4. @ farmerpete, there is subtitles in the video if you’re that curious LOL

  5. Fork dis! >:)

  6. gibberish, gibberish, gibberish, “break it down now” LOL.

  7. @Adrain Don’t be jealous of Seungri now :P

  8. Any info on how this Tab will stack up against Xoom?

  9. Why the fawk do these people have a LG G-Slate

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