You can now trade-in an iPad for the Google Pixel Tablet


There are many Android users out there who own an Android phone but might also own an iPad. This is because as hard as it might be to admit, Apple’s iPads are pretty great tablets. But if you want to go all-in on Google’s Android ecosystem, then the Pixel Tablet is a good choice and you can finally do a trade-in for it.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it appears that the Google Store in the US is now accepting trade-ins for the Pixel Tablet. This means that you can trade-in an older device and get credit towards the purchase of the tablet. Google is even accepting Apple’s iPads where you can get up to $450 in credit.

That is far less than what the tablet is worth. You can also probably get a better deal if you were to sell it on another online marketplace. But if you prefer the convenience of trading directly with Google, then this could be worth checking out. The Google Pixel Tablet was originally launched back in 2023.

It is priced at $499. If you were to trade-in an iPad or one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets for the Pixel Tablet, you could save yourself a fair chunk of change.

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