Correction from Motorola: No Plans for MOTOBLUR on the XOOM


After word that the Motorola XOOM tablet might be getting MotoBlur hit the internet to the dismay of Google Experience fans everywhere, Motorola has reached out to us to set the record straight. The XOOM was developed alongside Google to optimize the tablet and Honeycomb’s working relationship. Motorola is calling it a “Google Experience Device” and says there are no plans for MOTOBLUR to find its way to the tablet.

We aren’t sure what that European rep was referencing when he said a future update might bring the custom UI to the XOOM, but thankfully there isn’t a lick of truth to it.

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  1. Disaster avoided! :)

  2. YES!!!

  3. This seems to be a pattern.

    Just ignore whatever info comes out of Moto at first instance. Or, better yet, reverse it.

  4. it sounds like moto needs better in-house communications.

  5. finally im wrong!!!!! :D FINALLY! now about that bootloader motorola?

  6. three words that stick out to me and made my heart skip a beat:

    “Google Experience Device”

    Dare I say unlocked bootloader?

  7. keep it like that no skins!!!!

  8. Crisis Averted!

  9. AMEN!!!

  10. *wipes sweat from brow*

  11. One road block down.
    Two to go:
    – Locked bootloader
    – $799 non-subsidized price.

  12. He may have meant future product line updates, as in the next generation of the Xoom tablet or any other tablet Moto comes out with afterward.

  13. yikes. . . . . BAD week for moto.
    They REALLY need to silence the stupid people who keep making these remarks before the xoom becomes dead before it arrives.
    I’m an early adopter with cash to spare and i own a nexus one, galaxy tab and a nexus s. . . . . Next on my list WAS the xoom. . . . . Im now very much sat on the fence.

  14. Motorola has really been on the ball lately with replies to the tech bloggers. :D

  15. Hopefully ‘developed alongside Google’ means this is to tablets what the nexus series is to phones. (i.e. developers device but available to end users.) In which case we’re likely to find a bootloader that’s unlockable to anyone who can find their way around the sdk.

  16. michael, that is what google experience device means! that is what they called the nexus 1 and s

  17. everyone joining in on the bootloader bandwagon. Do you even know what limitations it places. Probably not.

  18. Thank god.

  19. $799 is out friggen ridiculous.
    Thiers no way someone including me. I could see $599 Also I talked to a Verizon rep today he stated that the update for the 4g was a ota update not a hardware update. It will also require a contract. Which blows.

  20. You guys should have heard all the ish people where talking on XDA, looks like I was right, because somewhere in that tten minute speach from CES keynote he specifically said that xoom would only be a google experience device. Ha!

  21. Unfortunately it will still be running Android. Pity.

  22. The anti-Blur stuff is just ridiculously silly anyway.

  23. if it is made in hand with google the bootloader will not be locked either it is a google experience. For developers and all that stuff so dont worry be happyt

  24. Back on my must buy list.

  25. I guess this means I’m getting one now.

  26. Just so I know, what part of my Droid X is considered ‘motoblur’ and why do I hate it? It seems that blur has a few unused widgets, is there something more to this? motoblur seems to be a non issue to me but it seems SOOOO hated, why? thx!

  27. @riz most people actually like stock android. I personally like sense…which btw is often hated more than blur. Currently I am running 2.3 on a custom rom but will eventually put sense back on my phone. it is a preference thing. Having messed with blur myself I feel it is the worst of the overlays myself but just my opinion…

  28. I hope motorola quickly begins to appreciate the simplicity of maintaining and deploying stock android and then tries it out on their phones. I’m not suggesting that they kill motoblur, just that they make it optional.

  29. @whap.. I understand the need/want for ‘stock’ android BUT i Have a Droid X, it has motoblur, right? since yes, besides some widgets, where/what is the motoblur that is so hated? I can choose to not use these widgets, which begs me to ask, why is stock android soooo coveted over android with blur when blur is so non-existent IMO. Please share so I know :) thx!

  30. what about the Vcast craps?

  31. so MOTOROLA replies about motoblur on the tablet.. but what about motoblur on thier phones?

  32. blur is a lot deeper then the widgets. The actual homescreens are unique to blur. Thee are also differences in your menus. I use lpp, so I’m barely affected by blur.

  33. Personally, it’s still useless without an adjustable kickstand and at least one fully operational usb slot…

  34. i was so scared

  35. When can i buy in Germany. And will it have honeycomb preinstalled…?????

  36. @ riz regarding why blur is so hated…..

    1. It is not simply widgets that are added to android, it is integrated into android to such a degree that it cannot be removed. You can use another launcher (launcher pro, adw) but it is still there underneath using system resources.

    2.It tends to make the phone lag. As the processors get faster and phones have more memory, perhaps that will matter less, but it is amazing how much faster android runs without the blur on the device.

    3. It is argued that it significantly delays updates, because it adds another level of design and complexity into the process. Once google releases the new os, moto has to redesign blur so that it will work right with the new os. That design time slows upgrades. Those people who bought Moto cliq xt’s with blur are *still* on android 1.5 awaiting the promised but still never delivered upgrade to 2.1 that will be significantly out of date when it arrives, if it ever does.

    4. Some people don’t use social networking and dislike that these services are eating up system resources or they like customizing their phone and dislike that they have these unwanted things integrated into their os that they cannot remove.

    It would make more sense, from my point of view, for blur to be a separate launcher and widgets that can be turned off and do not linger in the background. That way those that don’t want them can simply turn them off and use another launcher, those that like them can use them, and moto doesn’t have to redevelop blur and integrate it into android every time there is an upgrade.

  37. Thanks cyberstoic for that excellent explanation.

  38. It’s about time Motorola figured out that Motobloat is a major detriment to otherwise awesome devices. Take the original Droid for example, save for the Nexus 1 it’s still one of the development platforms out there, why? Because it’s OS is one of the closest forms of android you can get to Google’s Nexus 1.

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