SideKick Rumors Popping Back Up – Now With 4G


Been a long time since we heard this one. Since T-Mobile killed off the SideKick brand, we’ve heard rumors of T-Mobile wanting to reignite it with Android and a new hardware manufacturer. Those rumors started as early as the beginning of Summer: remember “Project Emerald“? Yea, we haven’t talked about it for months as time has come and passed without a peep regarding a new SideKick.

But according to reports received by TmoNews – from a bunch of people who attended a town hall meeting – there is a SideKick 4G. It’ll don Android 2.3 and HSPA+ radios, reportedly. And in true SideKick fashion, it’ll have a swivel-out QWERTY keyboard. The real story is that all of this was supposedly revealed at some town hall meeting – really? Of all places, a town hall meeting? Whatever. There’s the rumor. We’ll be digging for more soon enough.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. danm what the hell is wrong with tmobile, first the cliq 2 now this.

  2. Why T-Mobile , NO! you cant that name is forever DEAD… TMO your stupid

  3. What are you talking about? Its going to be awesome especially for the teen crowd.

  4. Yea teens love phones with style straight outta a fifties sci-fi movie.

  5. Except for motoblur whas wrong with the cliq 2?? It has a 1ghz processor that is likely the same TI OMAP that is also sold as a 1.2 ghz in the Droid 2 global. I don’t see too much problem with that. Shouldn’t be a awful phone, at least not as bad as the original cliq

  6. the phone you loved your freshman year of High school is back….

  7. Teens dont care about the sidekick name anymore, but it will target some teens i think T Mobile should have waites out the sidekick naming, for another 5 years , sidekick actually died out , but hopefully it packs good Specs

  8. Hopefully it is an Optimus 2.x with a Sidekick keyboard. If so, WIN.

  9. Ummm, yeah…Project Emerald was not the new sidekick…It was the Tmobile internal codename for the Glacier/MyTouch 4G. Do you guys actually do any research or pay attention to what you are writing, (especially when it comes to T-mobile)? Sorry to sound so harsh, but c’mon.

  10. @bmg I only mentioned Project Emerald because that’s what everyone first believed it to be about – the SideKick. I never said that this was project emerald. Just a small anecdote. Sorry you didn’t get it.

  11. A sidekick…really, will be interesting to see how this pans out. One thing looks promising it has 2.3, while the vibrant still has 2.1. I own a vibrant

  12. Teen crowd? I think is a sick idea the 3g was a fail but it wouldve done 10x better if it had been powered by android

  13. @Quentyn: No need to apologize. It just didnt read that way to me…my fault and my apologies to you. I didnt mean to come off as troll-like.

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