Jan 20th, 2011

Eric Schmidt – writing as a guest contributor in the Harvard Business Review – talked about Google’s strategic initiatives in 2011, and one interesting, but not-so-surprising point was brought up: all of it is mobile. If it’s not Android phones or tablets, then it’s pushing NFC using Android. And even if it isn’t Android, it’s about offering innovative products for those who live their lives on the go.

It makes sense: Google has already put quite the sizable stamp on the desktop market. The harsh reality is that people aren’t tethered to their laptops and desktops 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you were to ask anyone – from a high school student to a business professional – what they’re connected to more in a day, I can almost guarantee a majority would say their phones.

All of Google’s plans – whether it be through the apps, through the hardware, or through everything else that makes up the experience they strive to provide – have a place in mobile, and I believe it will remain the most important sector of this ecosystem throughout the decade.

Life is now about converging, simplifying, and living better, and in more ways than one, Google helps make that happen – mostly through Android and the mobile web. Now that we know where their focus is for sure, let’s look forward to another exciting year. If you want to read more of Schmidt’s entry, look no further. [via ReadWriteWeb]