Jan 19th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:58 pm

While we can’t say the same for Verizon’s shiny new iPhone, it looks like the HTC ThunderBolt will be on of the first devices on Big Red’s network to support simultaneous voice and data. The fact seemed to be overlooked when the training documents first showed up yesterday. It was revealed at CES that certain 4G handsets would be capable of the functionality, but until now we were quite sure which ones. Of course, dual voice and data will only work in 4G LTE coverage areas, but it’s something when you are just about the only carrier left that can’t surf the web over a data connection and chat on the phone at the same time.

And speaking of the HTC ThunderBolt, DroidLife claims to have uncovered some more evidence strengthening the idea of a late February release, and it looks like the as of yet unnamed Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone will be in tow. The last week of the shortest month of the year is where rumors are pinning the devices on the calendar. On an even more positive note, the same rumors suggest both phones won’t be so heavy handed on the Bing (in fact there may be none), which should make everyone rest a bit easier.

[via Engadget, DroidLife]

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