HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Starting to Show Up, Device Could Launch in a Couple of Weeks


The HTC Thunderbolt has yet to be announced, and while we expect Verizon to spill those details at CES, others can’t wait just another day longer: Droid-Life has received word from a tipster that accessories for the device have started showing up online. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but the tipster notes that whenever OffWire notifies their clients of incoming accessories, devices tend to go on sale 2-3 weeks later. If Verizon were to announce the Thunderbolt this week, it’s possible that we could see a launch before February. Here’s hoping.

Bonus: Here’s a list of most of the accessories that will be available for the device. No real eye-poppers here, but it’s nice to know.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So i guess this means the battery is not 1800mAh, but 1400mAh standard :) it already sounded too good to be true anyway.

  2. This phone looks very promising. This Vibrant may get a kick in the butt out the door if this thing is as good as we all hope!

  3. almost dissapointed i left the big red

  4. Wow 1400mah battery just killed it! The other things better be true

  5. It says “Enabled for the Verizon 4G LTE Network.” Does anyone know whether there’s any chance that the device would work in Europe if I were to import it?

  6. Not only the battery who’d killed it, it has only 1,5GB as internal memory compared to LG Optimus 2X who has 8(!)GB. Thanks, but no thanks HTC! ;)

  7. Bad news…. this is another Android Phone that will not beat the Iphone is anything!!! Im a former 5 time android phone user…..staying with a old flip till verizon gets the iphone!!! Android stinx!

  8. Do you people actually believe the rumoured specs? Like a 5mpx FFC and a 1.2GHz dual-core processor? You’ll be seriously disappointed.

  9. DonnyDon, so why are you here?

  10. The processor that was rumored for the Thunderbolt has been in development since 2009 and was announced to be sampled in mid 2010. So its not unlikely, especially since this processor requires less battery power to power it. I’m not believing anything until Thursday when everything is announced. but that processor and the specs of it, are true, the first LTE Qualcomm chipset is that chip

  11. I actually sent this to you guys first, but Droid-Life checks email faster it seems lol :]

  12. Saw an ad on tv that pretty much hypes up the approach of this phone. (Kid in a barn opens a box and walks out to throw….. a thunderbolt of lightning.)

  13. @Chimphappyhour

    you mean this one?

  14. “Im a former 5 time android phone user…..staying with a old flip till verizon gets the iphone!!! Android stinx!”


    if you’re going to pretend to be Android turned Icrap user, at least learn to fake it a little better. Geez. While you’re at it, learn some English. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

  15. @ chimphappyhour that’s not a phone commercial, its a commercial thats supposed to hype the speed of the 4G network

  16. lol @ DonnyDon’s blatant stupidity.

  17. iamsteventucker – Maybe but I find it to be a very odd coincidence that this name is being floated about with a LTE device and they happen to have that commercial. Oh, did I mention I’m not big on coincidence? ;)

  18. I also wish people would realize there is a such thing as a Thunderbolt, here’s the definition of it, and that ad could be tied to this phone, since the kid did get a package that contained a Thunderbolt, but again the names of the phones are going to be hyping up the network and promoting it like the Droid brand did Android.

  19. If you remember post from a few months back this phone is just a LTE Desire HD possibly tweaked to a 1.5 GHz scorpion processor that Verizon was set to launch on black friday before the decision to put Lte in it. Personally I own a droid 1 and this phone will run 2 to 3 times faster than mine but if the etna or optimus impress use best buy’s new buy back plan to get them at new contract price

  20. NCX – Sorry, didn’t see that you linked the ad earlier. Yes, that is it. I don’t think it is mere coincidence that they did that. Especially when you read through the comments and see the sheer number of people befuddled by the ad itself. Looks like there’s a few people that do though. :)

  21. Google “Queen Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics” if nobody here remembers. I’m surprised that I’m the first here to mention it.

  22. A former 35 time android user here. I am going back to IPHONE! All android phones are horrible and rarely can even boot up. They bad. Caused my hair to fall out and contributed to my impotency. Rumor is they are made of crushed bunnies and orphans. When you see an android phone, run. Dont look back. Get to an Apple store immediately and ask for help.

  23. I’m just a reg’lar consumer, but you guys have helped inform me and now “DummyDon” has me lol. Tx.

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