Apple COO Tim Cook Says Android Tablets are ‘Bizarre’


Just because Steve Jobs is take a leave of absence for his health doesn’t mean COO and acting head of Apple Tim Cook doesn’t want to have a go at it. In an earning call today Cook discussed his feelings about the iPad’s competition, knocking Windows tablets for being “big, heavy, and expensive” and called out Android tablets for being “scaled-up smartphone[s]” that are a “bizarre product.”

Here is Cook’s full response:

“Q: What about iPad competitors?

TC: There’s not much out there as you know. There are two kinds of groups today (in the market) — the ones using a Windows-based operating system. They’re big, heavy and expensive. Weak battery life. Need keyboard or stylus. From our point of view, customers aren’t interested in that.

Then you have the Android tablets. The variety shipping today, the OS wasn’t designed for a tablet — but Google said this. So you wind up having the size of a tablet that’s less than reasonable. Or one that’s not even a real tablet experience. It’s a “scaled-up smartphone” – that’s a bizarre product in our view. Those are what is shipping today. If you do a side-by-side with an iPad, some enormous percentage are going to pick the iPad. We have no concern there.

In terms of next generation. There’s nothing shipping yet. So I don’t know. “Today they’re vapor.” However, we’re not sitting still. We have a huge first-mover advantage. And a huge user advantage from iTunes to the App Store. Huge number of apps and an ecosystem. We’re very confident entering into a fight with anyone.”

Guess there won’t be a break from Jobs’ style of elitist views towards mobile platforms anytime soon.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. He looks kind of bizarre too!

  2. Hahahaha. The just a scaled up phone argument is a bit tall coming from Apple.

  3. Lol the ipad runs the same OS as a smartphone too so he can eat his words as the ipad is bizzare too, these idiotic lashes are stupid and prove that apple chair execs cannot quiet think for themselves anymore cause they are stuck in the koolaid. Sad really

  4. What? How is the ipad not just a scaled up smartphone as well?

  5. Oh…and the ipad isnt just a “scaled up” version of the iphone? What a dingleberry! The thing doesnt even support flash for christ’s sake.

  6. Funny. Wasn’t the first impressions of the iPad something along the lines of it being, “A giant iPhone?” How is that any different than a “scaled-up smartphone?”

    Of course, I could just be complaining because I don’t actually have one.

  7. Like it not, he is right on the money. Being the first mover with iTunes is a huge advantage. That thing locks user into the ecosystem and makes it extremely hard to leave. Who wants to re-buy apps and music? Android is really late to the party with Honeycomb.

  8. He has the same smug forced smile just like Steve Jobs…
    Maybe Apple already filed a patent for it: We bring you… the iSmile!

  9. Were you looking for the word coup? As in Coup d’etat?

  10. That right there is the new face of evil.

  11. All you guys shut up and drink the cyanide laced iKool-Aid™.

  12. Its not a scaled up smartphone because they haven’t admitted it. Like “google admitted it” which I think was really motorola calling out samsung not google. Shouldn’t android get props though? Android tablets can fit in a manilla envelope.

  13. I’ll Fight him…..put up your dukes Cook! Two hit fight: Android hitting the iPad, the iPad hitting the floor.

  14. Wonder what will be said when honey comb its running and ipad sales go down!

  15. Hmmmmm. I remember another talking head at Apple using the same dismissive tone about the Android threat to iOS on phones. Last time I checked, Android was b*tch slapping iOS in that arena.

  16. a scaled up smartphone? so what exactly is the iPad then? lol #fail of course they’d seem bizarre to Apple, they dont know what innovation looks like anymore, the Xoom has them baffled

  17. *Yawn* another day, another Apple is the best comment from an Apple employee.

  18. Funny, big phone is what I thought when I saw the iPad

  19. Ipad is a giant Ipod Touch… Apple is CLEARLY afraid of Android… Android is the future!

  20. Typical Apple hypocritical BS!

    At least Apple is consistent at being wrong. . .
    1. No one will over take the Mac
    2. Android will never cat the iPhone – selling 2 Androids/iPhone
    3. smartphones larger than 3.5″ won’t sell
    4. 7″ tablets won’t sell
    And once again they are declaring victory before the fight has even started. . . Android tablets will knockout the iPad by the end of 2011.

    Always good of Apple to make statements about one-off type products since Android hadn’t even been released for tablets yet. . . . and they wonder why they polarize so many people against them.

  21. I’m not sure if he knows yet, but the Galaxy Tab is pretty damn nice.

  22. I love my bizarre little Android tab.

  23. What, and the iPad isn’t a scaled up iPhone? Major duh. If that’s the way they think, they’re dead without Jobs.

  24. Honeycomb will fuck the shit outta ipad.

  25. I heard he was born in kenya and therefore not legally allowed to head the republic of apple

  26. He looks like that Dyson guy. Dyson products suck. And not in the good way they’re supposed to suck either.

  27. I own (well my wife does) an iPhone. I used to have one. I traded for Android as soon as I could. I’ve played with a coworker’s iPad. I own both an Android Smartphone and the Nook Color (both rooted) and eagerly await Gingerbread for it.

    iPad (iOS for iPad) beats Android OS in a few areas, but Android has SO MUCH MORE potential, being an Open Source favorite. I can’t wait to see Honeycomb on Nook Color!

    I agree (Or is is iAgree?) that Mr. Cook seems a little elitist in his answer. But if you were the COO for a company wouldn’t you want to sound that way?

    Once Android supports Netflix streaming and, gasp, an iTunes app for Android, we’ll see a whole new side of things.

    And if you think that iTunes for Android device won’t be released in the future, you’re sadly mistaken. I haven’t tried Doubletwist but it reportedly it works very well to do just that.

  28. It’s not even a scaled-up iPhone. It’s like a scaled-up second-gen iPod Touch (considering the latest already has two cameras).

    He obviously haven’t thought it through, that comment.

  29. Another Apple guy drinking his own sauce… So… the iPAD isn’t an oversized iPhone? Gimme a freakin break, these people really are scary!, lmao… next thing he’ll tell us is that removable batteries are from the twilight zone and expandable memory really isn’t what customers want! What a BOZO!

  30. I assume he means Androids UI wasn’t designed with tablets in mind, which is correct. However with the impending release of Honeycomb, that will change as it was designed specifically for this device type.

  31. Say what you like, but I like this guy, he makes me laugh just as much as Steve Jobs did. First time I saw the iPad, my first thoughts were… “Honey I blew up my iPhone”.

    Like someone else said, they did dismiss Android at first, they laughed at the thought of being unseated and we see where that lead us, 2011 is the year of the Android Tablet, give it 12 to 18 months and Android tablets will be heads and shoulders over the i”maxi”Pad in sales.

  32. LMAO! He’s got to say SOMETHING. While I enjoy playing flash games on my Android tablet, he can sit in the corner and think about what he’s said ;)


  34. Given that all the Android tablets are iPad derived and the iPad went through years of testing I’m assuming at some point Apple decided a 7″ form factor had severe limits and that’s why they didn’t come out with one.

    Personally I’d buy one (a 7″ tablet). But not with a contract and not at the kind of prices we’re seeing.

    Nook Color the only one on market I’d consider atm but sadly underpowered and underfeatured.

    Which tablet will guarantee me immediate OS upgrades as they become available?


  36. I was hoping with Steve gone, Apple might get a level-headed, open-minded replacement. I can see that didn’t happen…


  38. Oh, and the iPad is a scaled up iPod touch.

  39. Lol. Just lol.



  42. Honeycomb will make Apple piss blood.


  44. I’m sure your narrow-minded views and stuck-up attitude will make Apple and you go a long way. *Roll eyes*

    There’s a huge difference between showing how proud you are about your own products and being ignorant and blind about everything else. And Mr Cook here really can’t tell the difference.

  45. ipad is just a oversize iPhone, then again they do have advantage over android.

  46. Honestly I see what hes talking about. While I love android to death and greatly despise Apple, I cannot help to see his point. (That doesn’t mean that I dont think his statement is completely biased though and he should have more perspective)

    I have toyed with a few of the tablets and they were quite annoying to use. The majority of them, despite their fast processors, just seemed rather clunky and not refined for a tablet experience. With the exception of the Galaxy Tab (which is an excellent product and makes me wonder why the rest cant be of similar quality) the majority of Android tablets are just kinda “bleh”, especially when comparing to the ease of use and refined experience with the iPad. Even if the iPad also a scaled up version of its phone’s OS, it was obviously heavily invested upon to be sleek, fast, and easy to use.

    Yet I am eagerly excited to see the new Honeycomb tablets to come out. After seeing the preview of it’s OS update, it looks like future android tablets are going to demolish the iPad. But thats it, currently the iPad is clearly a more functional device then most Android tablets, yet that shall change soon with the release of Honeycomb.

    Am I completely wrong?

  47. What does iOS stand for again? Oh yea.

  48. Btw, I realize I might get some heat for posting this on and Android form but c’mon guys, we can’t go around calling iFanboys over zealous and pompous if were going to do the same thing and not give technological devices proper comparison without bias.

    (and before I get heat I want to repeat that I strongly prefer Android over iOS and I am a proud Moto Droid Owner.)

  49. The iPad is a huge iPod Touch Appletards. Android at least is open platform and can give you a wide range of prices and products. When we get Honeycomb on the Moto XOOM and other tablets, you better hold on to your frikkin’ pants Apple, because your ass is gonna be kicked.

  50. I bet tomorrow all the Iphone winnies will be saying this same crap…wait til the Xoom hits.

  51. I guess he’s been living under a rock this past month. Come on now. I respect people having their own experience, but what he said about Android is like me saying iPad isn’t dominating the tablet market right now.

  52. APPLE IS BIZZARE PERIOD. This is why I hate APPLE they think they own everything in the market share from phones/mp3’s. N furthermore that’s why their stock went down as JOBS went to take care of his health. I would like to see HTC make a mp3 player.

  53. Yeah, that is the reason Android is kicking Apples anus as far as OS in devices, oh that is right same thing happened with them and Microsoft a while back too.

  54. Well Phans – looks like Apple called you out – Yes Android is a Third World county
    tablet not ready for prime time. Yup, a pompous pint size Hugo Chávez trying to play catch up. Wake up Androids – you have not rounds in the chamber, nada – nothing.
    Prepared to get rolled and all the faster after Google realizes resistance is futile and pulls the plug on this experiment.

  55. He didn’t say anything in that statement which isn’t true. Apple owns the tablet market right now, and if the “Retina display” rumors are true, that trend will continue.
    I am an Apple hater and a Linux (Android) fanboy, but a smooth tablet with 2048×1536 resolution would be hard to pass up and probably impossible to beat.

  56. JOBS is taking care of his health, LOL, he just can’t cope with Android’s rising power. He’s getting stressed trying to fight back :p

  57. Unfortunately, and I hate to say this, at the moment he is right. Let’s just hope Apple’s arrogance will lead to the demise of their advantage in the tablet sector, as it did in the smartphone sector as well.

  58. He’s not being elitist, he’s dodging the question. Honestly, it is odd that Samsung released a tablet when a google said they were still working on a tablet OS, of course, the investors weren’t asking about the Tab, a Cook knows that. They were asking about the new crop announced, and he had no answer.

    To be fair, he couldn’t answer for RIM’s Playbook either.

  59. by the time google release honeycomb, Apple already moved on and started something new.

    look at the history line, whenever apple started something new, android fellow.

    apple will always be the innovator and google will be the follower.

    ps: im an android user.

  60. Alright lets take our android fanboy head out of the sand. If any of you think that Galazy tab or whatever else is a good competitor iPad is being disingenuous. Yes XOOM might be it but so far its vaporware till I see one running real honeycomb.

    And please dont feed me “oh but droid is open and customizable bs”. You may be the whiz kid who built his 1st computer while in the diapers but lets face it tech enthusiast like myself or your grandma who just likes shinny gadget will always go for simplicity over customization.

    I was former iphone and current droidx users who absolutely loved iPhone but moved to droid to sync my google voice, gmail, and gcal.

    Go ahead and flame me.

  61. Right after their stock started dropping when the announcement of Jobs taking a leave was made. He’s just reassuring everyone that nothing has changed, but I bet he doesn’t have a reality distortion field to pull it off.

  62. I think he spelled “bazaar” wrong.

    (Look up The Cathedral and the Bazaar, if you don’t get it.)

  63. Probably thought the same about the PC.

  64. it’s a bizare comment. the iphone is just an ipod touch with a phone radio. the even the case is exactly the same. and the ipad is just a bigger iphone, other than size, the case isn’t even changed.

    apple has pretty much one product with three variants. which gives them no room to talk.

  65. A scaled-up smartphone with 7″ screen isn’t bad – I wear glasses.
    But a 9.7″ tablet is too big to hold with my left hand…

  66. What I can’t figure out is why anyone likes or uses iTunes. We have Apple iPod products and we just buy music from Amazon. Sure, you need to use iTunes to move the music to an iPod, but that’s all it’s used for, a file transfer product. Also, my daughter has an iPod Touch and we’ve purchased exactly zero apps for it.

    I see the iPad/iTunes product as last generation and dying fast. Daughter now wants an Android tablet to replace her last generation iTouch. The iPad simply isn’t even an option, too big, poor aspect ratio, etc.

  67. what did you expect the man is steve’s puppet.

  68. @zi “apple will always be the innovator and google will be the follower.”

    Yeah, like with multi-tasking… and copy/paste…

  69. well excuse me i love my bizzar archos 101

  70. i walked past the apple store about 3 times yesterday at the mall and it was packed………….. i thought they had a black friday sale going on or something. then my wife brought to my attention that we dont see anyone walking out with any bags. lol

  71. That’s just a tiny iceberg. Besides, we’re unsinkable.

  72. The iPad is exactly like the iPhone…. neither of them can make calls.

  73. @D-man

    i am not defending Apple, it just that Google need to come up something new rather than fellowing Apple. Yes, all those were old technology, but Apple was the one whom bring back those old tech and made it a big one, iPad(tablet), FaceTime(video call), iPhone(touchscreen phone), and 720p recording (i havent seem a phone that can beat iphone 4 720p recording quality).

    i bet this summer, Apple is going to bring back thing and Android will fellow it.

  74. following***

  75. And the sad thing is that he gets paid the big bucks for such lame comments. iPad is just an oversized iPod. Plain and simple. An Android that runs the Honeycomb version can do more what an iPad could do. We need to stop paying money for this kind of people.

  76. His face is bizzare so android tablets are a bigger version of a phone? Wdf is a ipad? Only difrence is a letter….dushbag

  77. It’s true, the current Android tablets are shit; absolute shit. The user experience is tepid, and the applications are in desperate need of upgrade. At present, the IPAD is light years ahead of the current Android tablets.

    Now, the Honeycomb tablets look pretty good. I’m pretty excited by them, and I sincerely hope the applications are improved; which take advantage of the power, size, and capabilities of the Xoom or G-Slate. But the apps are my biggest concerns now.

  78. @zi android hasn’t always been following apple, it certainly copied some aspects and added others of their own and refined them. Multitasking and widgets from the beginning, folders, cut and paste these are just the simple things apple didn’t get before ios 3/4.

    Once the music store is in and push apps to phone websites(though we had that in appbrain before google stopped it), then pretty much game over. Then it will be down to app quality which apple still have a slight lead on but that’s narrowing every day.

  79. Well seeing as apple was too good to show up at ces they must have missed some of the fine tabs running honey comb. Oooops!

  80. Cheap marketing… But love it. Team Apple nice mascot you have. LOL

  81. steve jobs is more or less finished. Beginning of the downfall for Apple. Tim Cook is no patch on Steve Jobs.

  82. Ok I was going to be nice but this dude…is and looks like a douche!

    Oh wait he is an apple exec…

  83. Actually Cook is right. CURRENTLY there is nothing out there in the market that rivals the iPad. The galaxy tab is cool but it won’t even be getting gingerbread plus basically no apps are optimized for it. Plus we all know Samsung’s track record. iPad 2 based on rumors is already gonna blow alot of honeycomb tablets out of the water. Its not unreasonable to expect iOS 5 to be as good as honeycomb or even better. iOS 5 is going to much greater update than Honeycomb will be for Android users.

    Apple has reason to not have concern in this aspect.

  84. The funniest part is that the very iFanboys call iPad an upscaled iPhone and see no reason to buy it. What a douche… And who calls a gadget with women’s hygene product’s name?

  85. @ja um you obviously do not understand android….or its users! Honeycomb, is the beginning not the end.

  86. So, 700 bucks for a tablet that doesn’t support flash and doesn’t have expandable memory isn’t expensive? I would rather have a net book for half the price.

  87. @Whap

    if it was the beginning then i guess it would be available for BOTH phones and tablets. Google needs to get off to a better start with such a huge OS update.

    Articles like these are just for page hits .

  88. Yeah okay Tim, you’re talking in the past regarding older versions of the OS, and you obviously haven’t seen this yet, or else you would’ve kept your mouth shut:

  89. What’s more bizarre than having to hold a iphone a “certain” way to make a phone call? Oh yeah, holding an iPad a certain way so your CAT can play with it. Please Apple, please create more 700.00 kitty toys! Please, won’t you please?

  90. Seriously, if I interviewed him, I’d be like “If Android tabs are scaled up smartphones, what is the iPad?” Thats shut him the F up,.

  91. Clearly your resorting to petty arguments to make up for your insecurity in how much Apple is outperforming Google. It doesn’t matter what you nerds think and how much you rush tech gadget sites. In the end people want something that just WORKS. iPad and iOS do just that.

  92. I’ve had the opportunity to hear Tim Cook speak when I worked at Apple. There isn’t a more dull boring CEO/COO speaker than Mr. Cook. Believe me. Here is no man that is trying to obtain an ego/identity than Mr. Cook. He want’s so bad to be SJ it’s kinda sad.

  93. I was going to say something about the “scaled up phone” comment, but now it just seems redundant.

  94. His speech about competitors are negative and quite frankly un professional. What kind of coo speaks publicly that way. Once they have been beaten, they will eat their own words.

  95. Tim Cook is a Job Steve cured

    if the iPad != a scaled iPod scaled

  96. This is the new boss? Sell. Jobs was was essential.

  97. this mans attitude is the reason why i should want to put my penis in an apple fans mouth and urinate non stop till it’s leaking from their eyes, ears and nostrils.

  98. for all the UK guys…doesnt he look like Lembit Öpik?

  99. @John Abraham: No one knows how iOS 5 is going to be like. Knowing Apple, though, it’s going to look exactly like the previous versions with added functions.

  100. Am I the only one who considers the Viewsonic G Tablet next gen?

    How is that vaporware? Do this guy even know what Android Tablets are out?

  101. I think he has a point. I wouldn’t touch any of the android tablets they all suck compared to the ipad.
    I’m getting a bit tired of androids amazing future potential too. I’ve had my phone for well over a year and all I have right now is a flaky mobile OS and a bunch of half arsed apps.

  102. LMAO, you guys are funny! Google is as bad as Apple and MS.

    Their only interest is to get your MONEY and brain wash you to become “iSlaves”™ and mindeless Androids!

    Ah, this just reminds me of the good old days of the fight between Atari & Commodore…. :-)

  103. @comment no. 8, ex PM of the UK Gordon Brown MP has already patented the forced smile

  104. @ja so curious that google should make their tab os available for phones… To make their os more like apple…however android tabs are just big phones….lol your killing me! I would be 100% ok if there was a tab version of the os that had functions that a phone could not handle. folks complain about fragmentation however a phone is not a tab and maybe just maybe google plans on giving the idea a bit more respect than apple has. You can have compatible os and have them function separately from one another.

  105. MOTO Xoom !!! You are up, come to market and answer please, no need to talk further

  106. And then there is another tablet that is basically an oversized phone. It sucked, its full of restrictions and it doesnt even support flash. And thats the ipad. Please talk about your own product before talking about others better than yours then under rating it.
    It suck really

  107. @exit20, comment #101
    And you would know ALL Android tablets suck cuz you used them all right?

  108. What company started the IPAD Tablet Computer revolution? Apple. What company started the Iphone revolution? Apple. What company started the GUI Computer Revolution or personal PC? Apple. What company’s stock has gone from 19 dollars a share pre IPOD to over 350 dollars a share, allowing me to purchase a PowerMac, an IPAD and Software with profits from the stock. I learned of the IPAD coming and yanked all of my money out of my savings bank account and bought Apple Stock at 202. It trades at 350. I had been holding off too long and wished I bought it at 19 per share pre Itunes. As I watched it rise, I would never dream of it reaching 100,200,300 so I bought in at around 200. In one year I made 8,000 dollars. There are ways of taking your money out of banks which pay a few percentage points interest and place your money in investments that can provide you with 50 percent gains on your investments over the course of a year. I wouldn’t sell my Apple Stock. I have a diverse portfolio that includes CTSH and Netflix. Netlix has a great business model.

  109. Geez you guys are really rabid preteens to get so pissed about this. He’s not saying ‘android is useless’. Each system has it’s own advantages and he’s well aware of the advantages of iOS for at least the next 12 months.

  110. I had heard that without His Steveness at the helm, Apple might be stabbing in the dark. With these remarks, i’m somewhat comforted in knowing that Apple is still Apple without him.

  111. We need 1000 more comments about how the iPad is a giant iPhone/iPod. Yes one company tries to copy another’s success. Its called capitalism and its what our economy is based on. There is a place for both iOS and Android. Both have pros and cons. iOS is nice and shiny but locks you into an ecosystem. One version to the next has few differences and Apple wants to charge you big bucks that. Android has more features and can be more difficult to use but 85% is just as easy and you have a million phones to choose from.

  112. He kinds looks like ryan styles to me…

  113. What the hello would you call an ipad that runs ios3 not even the newest smartphone os that apple has to offer. And with a cpu only worthy of a smartphone.

  114. Ho looks like an scaled up Jobs to me

  115. All you people saying that iPad is just a scaled up iPhone are morons. Does the iPad make phone calls? I didn’t think so. Does it have a camera? Again, no. The iPad is a scaled up last generation iPod Touch.

  116. I notice how careful he was of calling out Android tablets “shipping today” and gave to mention of the coming Gingerbreads. If it wasn’t for iTunes and the general brainwashed masses, Apple would be in a world of trouble.

  117. Cook’s just saying what Jobs tells him to say. Jobs is such a control freak that nobody can take a crap at Apple without Jobs sniffing it as it comes out their ass.

  118. Anyone with half a brain realizes what he said is true. As far as the future tablets, they’ll have to compete with the iPad 2. So I don’t think he is even worried about Gingerbread…

  119. This guys a tool. I wouldn’t take too much stock in his opinion.

  120. Hey, Tim Cook! Why not wait until the real competition from Android (aka Honeycomb) is out before casting your judgment?

    Was iOS really designed for tablets from the ground up? It looks like a giant iPod Touch to me, with some modifications to make better use of the screen.

  121. The iPad is a scaled up iPod touch. It runs the same OS, just slightly modified. So he has no right to attack Android for putting a phone OS on a tablet. Also Honeycomb is going to kick the iPad 2’s ass.

  122. By the time honeycomb came out, apple moved on with something new and taking the lead.

  123. The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch The iPad is an oversized iPod touch.

    Ok, have we gotten that out of our systems phandroid community? Please we don’t need 90% of these comments exactly the same, please say something constructive or new. But yes, the iPad is.

  124. It takes twenty android phone manufacturers to catch up with one apple company (who is on their 4th phone model ever). How long has samsung/htc been in the game? All of them put together barely match the iphone, and that’s with the iphone previously being on the worst network in the us. Keep deluding reality phandroids, htc stock isn’t in the news apple’s is, samsung’s tablets are selling like pancakes. And to quote the phandroid site’s own ipad review, ‘victory to the ipad’.

  125. @bbl- bingo! It cost me nothing to leave android but now I purchased iTunes so I’m not going anywhere web if I wanted to. Android is solid but they need something to hold those who try android, if google music ever shows they’ll have a chance, but they are way behind. More features, sure, but android has no “ecosystem” to speak of

  126. Dual-Screen Android Tablet Sprint’s “Big Announcement” for February 7th?

    Catch up icrackheads!

  127. @Ronald Mastrianni

    “What company started the IPAD Tablet Computer revolution?

    Apple is the only one who produces iPad. That’s kind of an easy one, no?

    “What company started the Iphone revolution? Apple. ”

    Again, Apple is the only one who produces iPhone… so, here’s a hint: it couldn’t have been, say, Microsoft.

    “What company started the GUI Computer Revolution or personal PC?”


    I guess what you’re trying to say is, “Which company figured out that marketing, hype and the proficienct at selling bullshit is more important than capabilities and features when selling electronics to ignorant masses?”

    That would indeed be… Apple.

  128. While I hate everything the iPhone/iPad stands for (proprietary structure that locks users into one company) I do respect Apples uniform design and user interface. While my Android does almost everything I want, there are a few other functions I wish it had. And could easily have if Google had a few more code monkeys to whip them up.

    – Uniform user experience. I want my Gmail to act the same on my phone as it does on the PC. Why can I not attach other file types besides images? Why can’t I save my attachments where ever I want? The same goes for Google Docs too.

    – Browser syncing. Why are my bookmarks not synced with Chrome?

    – Delete/rename pictures while in the Gallery.

    – Sync to home server’s media. Why can I not stream movies, pictures, and music from my home PC. Audiogalaxy has proven that it is very possible. Make it happen Google. And give me a uniform user interface for all my media … movies, music, and pictures.

    – Why must Navigator require a data signal. Just allow us to download the entire US map like the other nav apps on the market. I will pay for it. I just dont want to download a 3rd party app for it.

  129. Well, he is right….just look at the ghetto lineup of the android tablets we have access to.
    He also forgot to mention how useless ipad is.

  130. Who cares what Apple’s highest paid employee thinks about Android? And why didn’t you guys draw glasses and a Hitler mustache on that picture? And maybe blacken in a tooth.

  131. All I care is that, when can I buy my gingerbread android?

  132. to zi.By the way,apple didnt invent face time.first company to do so was IBM in japan to so decided it wanted no part in mobile phone industry,and teh lg briefly and even in europe nokia fiddled around but didnt release anything.wait tell me oh yeah itunes yeah thats what we are following.

  133. google cant attach files?im i the only one who is laughing at alex ?he doesnt even own an android…

  134. Guys guys guys…. you have it all wrong! The iPad is not a blown up iPod touch, The iPod touch is getting renamed to the iPad mini just so it doesn’t confuse the masses!

    Yeah, tongue in cheek. The iPad is identical to the iPod/iPhone in every respect, just on a larger scale. The 3G ones can even make phone calls! (google voice anyone?)

  135. There are 35 android tablets and the ipad has 90% of the market. sold 15 mil comared to samsungs 1.5 last quarter. they could sell more but they can’t make them fast enough. htc is releasing 3 tablets before they even get the upcoming tablet focused android update, why? All of these android tablets can’t even download apps either. Then eventually some day once they can download apps, they will only get a fraction of the android market. It’s a rocky start for android tablets to say the least.

  136. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  137. alright, im sick of everyone saying the iPad is better because its simpler. Everyones saying, the ipad is better because even your grandma can use it. Are we talking about your grandma?? NO!!!! so stfu, we’re talking about people who use tech everyday and know how to use it. what would you prefer, a shiny new plasma screen tv with netflix, blueray player built it and wifi enabled among other things. OR a crappy chunky POS tv from 1990 that is 15″? I dont know about yo, but im picking the new tv. how does this relate to android? android has more f#@$%&* options and customobility. ios has less options, but yes, is better for old people. now, with that said, android does have some flaws, and i realize that. but appletards, stfu and realize that your oh so magical company is just copying everyone else. Commence Apple fanboys saying their company invented everything. Oh and the ipad isnt magical, its really rather crappy and just an oversized iphone. Dumbf*cks

  138. “He looks kind of bizarre too!”

    HAHA!!!!! funniest thing ive seen in a while. Even though you missed the l on tool.

    If Scaled up Smartphone is all he can muster up about the Android Tablets obviously he is scared.

    I suppose he’s right though cos IPad is not a scaled up Smartphone, it cant make calls….its just a Scaled up Ipod touch….

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