Samsung Website Teaser Hints at Galaxy S2 for MWC 2011


The very same teaser site that dangled the original Samsung Galaxy S before our eyes is at it again, this time promising the “next evolution in Samsung Mobile” at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The site also gives a few other little quotables, including “Evolution is fate” and “something big is coming.” We could surely chalk it up to any new device, as handset maker’s tend to overblow every little release in the next “evolution” or “big thing,” but given the size of the proverbial stage Samsung will be on, the very same one they revealed the original Galaxy S on, we have no reason to doubt we won’t be seeing the next version at MWC.

We have long heard rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be shown off in all its potential glory at the 2011 event, and if this site is any indication we’d say it is all but confirmed. We’re hoping for dual cores, Super AMOLED Plus, and Android 2.3. What about you guys? Maybe the teaser slated for February 1st will tell us more…

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. no updates for it no doubt

  2. Did you blur out the address? you can get it just by clicking the link? Or did you take it from another website who was pretending it was an invite?

  3. Hey we can not support the Galaxy S line, so buy our new phone that we won’t support either. Instead of updating OS’s Samsung has discovered they can make more money if they do not update the OS on their phones, instead making customers buy new phones to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2

  4. Sorry, but after my experience with the Fascinate (which I’m using right now), I won’t be buying any more Samsung phones.

    Still no 2.2! Reading up, it seems this is a trend with Samsung.

  5. +1 on the comments about updates.. I, for one, was enamored with the Galaxy S line, but waited to see if froyo was released… and it wasn’t (for VZW)… So I am glad I didn’t bite the appple… Still hanging on to my WinMO O2…

  6. Why do we keep talking about the Galaxy S phones? That brand is not worth our time.

  7. I’ve an international SGS, got the 2.2 update and wasn’t impressed at all, still slower than my N1, now i got a Darky 8.1 Rom (k2.21) and is smooth and fast as expected :-)

  8. samsung can suck my DICK

  9. I Will be perfectly honest with you guys. I would buy another Samsung phone in a heart beat. Even when I had my g1 I never waited on a ota update for my phone. I root whatever phone I get and always have the latest updates. I had the vibrant since day 1. And had 2.2 on it for the last four months. I do understand some people fustration towards samsung and it’s carriers over the 2.2 updated. But as long as samsung keep giving us the most powerful phone at that time, they doing all that I need them to do. I will do my part by rooting it and updating it…Bring on the next galaxy phone!! Just don’t leave out shit that suppose to come with the phone! Led Flash, 4g, dual core and front facing camera. And you’ll be all good with me Joe.

  10. If they could update them then Samsung would have awesome phones. They make sweet hardware though.

  11. Evolution is Fate…. You know, I owned a Samsung Behold II. As you all know, it came out with 1.5 with video promise (still have a copy of the video) that it would be updated to android 2.x. That never happened. Since that was their first android phone, you would think that they might… evolve….. and learn their lesson about changing customer demands and expectations and how to succeed in dealing with android on these devices. Sadly, they have not learned, they have not …evolved….

    Evolution is *not* fate. And just like in the Darwinian world, where creatures that do not evolve to meet the demands of their environment perish; in our world, companies that do not meet customers expectations and demands fail. At this point, I will not spend any money with samsung on any product.

    Perhaps a lesson there for our friends at Samsung.

  12. My biggest issue with the galaxy s line has always been the design… it’s fine to take tips from apple but it’s quite another to copy 3G design down to the menu system and outlined button in the bottom centre.

    Let’s see what the future holds… also.. more metal in the casing please! (big fan of HTC)

  13. samsung update galaxy s to froyo in indonesia :) id.samsungmobile.com/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s-specification

  14. I am hoping for timely updates? Stock android? And how about product support?

  15. Im wit mr walker. I didnt buy the vibrant for updates, would it be nice hell yea, but not completely nescesary. I flash a new rom at least every 2weeks. Im not rockin gingerbread jus yet due to the port being highly experimental but ive been rocking froyo for a while now. If this new vibrant has better specs (wishing for a bigger screen) I will get it. Why? Because I want good hardware, which love em or hate em samsung does make, and I will more than likely root from day one.

  16. 4.5″ SuperAMOLED Plus, FFC, HSPA+, on TMOBILE and I’m happy. Even if it’s stuck on FroYo for eternity.

  17. If they don’t release 2.2 for my Fascinate before they release another phone this will be the last damaging product I will ever own.

  18. HTC FTW!

  19. If Samsung can’t bring themselves to update their, up to now, flagship devices (Galaxy S) then I don’t give a rat’s ass what they plan to unveil. Why should I? It’s not like they’re going to provide any support for it, or try to keep it updated to the most current version of Android. Screw Samsung. Never Again!

  20. Who cares? Sammy can’t even upgrade their Galaxy S devices. Unless, and until they do so, I could care less what they are releasing, and jumping ship to either HTC or Moto. At least they provide timely updates to their flagship devices.

  21. have 2-fascinates – if vzw and samsung cant get act together to provide an update to froyo – iphone will get my business soon

  22. Buy a Samsung and I guarantee you wont get any updates. I literally cant see how any Samsung Android phone users would ever buy another Samsung phone ever again.

  23. for all you people complaining about updates… you read android blogs but cannot root your phones and put Froyo on yourself??? Yes samsung sucks with updates, but damn they make sweet phones!

  24. people it is not the end of the world because you do have 2.2. I really done care anymore because I am still using my captivate. Samsung isn’t listening to your cry yet. Just wait or keep ranting. Lol. Calm down you own a samsung!

  25. I have two Samsung TVs. They are good TVs. I have had one of them for about 6 years now and it still has an amazing picture. Samsung’s quality has never really been a question for me. However, after owning the Vibrant for about 7 months now, I can honestly say Samsung is all about FUCKING its customers right in the ASS. Just another money hungry giant. I’m sorry they have such good products, because I will be missing out on all of them from now on. I will no longer support Samsung in anything they do. They have officially lost ALL of my business. No more Samsung TVs for me, no more Samsung phones, no more Samsung anything. For the record Samsung…GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!

  26. i had 2.2 for a week and then had an internal sd card failure that bricked my phone. If samsung fixes my phone and gets it back to me with 2.2 still installed, Samsung is still number 1. I’m currently using a Desire Z as a loaner phone and it’s just not the same. HTC sense is so annoying, I hate the layout. Touchwiz is weak too but not AS bad

  27. To all u guys talking about rooting/flashing as the answer to samsung’s inability to update: fail. I’ve been running froyo on my captivate since it was available and Im never going back to stock, but that does not alleviate Samsung of their responsibility to provide after market support for their phones. On top of that, official 2.2 source will lead to better Roms.

  28. #neveragain

  29. Look at all these idiots from the u.s crying about lack of updates.
    it’s just you guys who didn’t get the update. The rest of the world has been on froyo for some time and the updated froyo 2.2.1.

    my next android will yes be another samsung and this phone will do another “all-kill” this year just like the galaxy s did in 2010.
    All those Samsung haters can suck it.

  30. 2.2 is not that much diff then 2.1 other than flash. stop crying and just update the phone yourself. blah!

  31. OK you guys keep saying go FLASH to a different rom but I have not been able to find NO FRYO ROM for VERIZON FASSINATE… if I’m wrong please give me a link so I can upgrade

  32. I want my 2.2!

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