Froyo Now on Over Half of all Android Handsets, Gingerbread Makes an Appearance on Platform Versions Chart


It was brought to our attention that haven’t taken a look at the Android Platform Versions pie chart in a good while, so seeing as Gingerbread is on the scene and has had some time to settle, here it is. While we can still number the total versions of Android represented at five, the good news is that the iteration holding the largest piece of the pie, Froyo, now sits at just over 50 percent. Android 2.2 is on 51.8 percent of devices, while the closest follower, Android 2.1, takes up 35.2 percent of the total. Android 2.1 is no doubt sticking around in large part thank to the numerous Galaxy S devices still running that version of Android; once they receive their update that slice of the pie should surely shrink. A look at the historical distribution shows Froyo’s rise to power:

Gingerbread is present for the first time, but Android 2.3 holds only a tiny portion of the total with 0.4 percent. That is to be expected given that only one phone currently runs the latest version of Android, but we expect to see that number to gradually rise just in time for Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via Android Developers]

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  1. So, these would be the numbers from a couple of weeks ago then.

    Big story.

  2. I knew it wouldn’t last long. Seems all you guys post about is Froyo, which angers the crowd and we have to hear the same old complaints. sigh… Postings, pie charts, maybe a slideshow could be your next option to drag out this issue?

  3. Only 1 phone? My n1 disagrees.

  4. froyo isn’t on my phone yet. “EPIC”-fail.

  5. 2.2 is available on nearly every phone, I’d people want it bad enoughthey can quit bitching and start researching how to flash

  6. I actually think there is a better story in these numbers. 2.0 and 2.0.1 are completely gone. What the numbers are showing is that every phone that came out with 2.0 (starting with the MotoDroid until phones started being released with 2.1) has been updated either to 2.1 or 2.2. At this point, the only phones still on 1.5 or 1.6 are first generation Android devices that weren’t prepared for the leaps taken over the last two years in android development. What the absence of 2.0 says to me is that more and more phones are capable of being upgraded, and barring the extra months here or there depending on your phone or carrier. This is a huge step in confronting the fractured market that everyone is always complaining about.

  7. Actually, thanks. I’m tired of reading “fragmentation” comments from the iCrowds on other sites. The whole thing is nothing but a buzz word Steve Jobs jumped on and made popular with the mind numbing Apple worshipers. It’s good to see articles like this to bring it all into proper perspective.

    If you’re PO’d about not getting updates, stop buying product from the OEM’s that refuse to update. More importantly, call or email customer support and let them know that’s exactly why you switched brands. Nothing gets attention like an exodus of customers, but complaining on tech blog sites don’t help.

  8. Running 2.3 on my N1 and my MT4G. I’m sure the custom rom flashers are partly responsible for that 2.3 percentage.

  9. People say the Android is fractured, and like any OS that will always be the case to some degree. However Apple fanboys like MG Siegler would like to make things look more fractured than they are, when the numbers are carefully compared to iPhone iOS versions we see that Android is no more fractured than the iPhone iOS. . . and Apple has complete control over their iPhone while Google has very little control over the Android phones.

  10. I’m running 7.8 on my Denon Supersonic quad core, 3ghz, tri-screen, holographic display world phone.

  11. If you guys(Phandroid writers) follow AndroidDev on twitter you’ll get all the developer dashboard revised charts as they come out. I do and I always find it interesting.

    Also, there’s a missing ‘we’ in your opening sentence.

  12. I’m actually wondering how much the drop of the CM nightlies, and the CM7 Final will influence the charts, considering the phone modding forums/toppics are growing like shrooms.. :P

  13. running 2.3 (CM7) on my Legend.
    how do they tell what version people are running on?

  14. Why do I >have to< flash again? Am I now being 'forced' to flash with no other reasonable 'choice' (that works)? So now I have to spend my time searching throughout the worldwide internet for a decent rom's, most of which crash all the time and have access to all your personal information? I am forced to be a test monkey for some random shady home dev? It's okay with me if you guys want to learn, search, install, crash then research reinstall over and over, but if I'm not into spending that much time on my phone I would want a regular working version option. I paid 200 dollars for a top of the line phone so I can enjoy it, not learn how to program it. And no, I don't want to buy a new phone. Iphone 3gs have netflix and infinity blade, I bought a top of the line phone a year after the 3g came out and still no update?
    Plus after all the rooting and time spent, we still can't get netflix. Blackberry users laugh at us. Netflix themselves blamed fragmentation you phandroid morons saying apple is making up fragmentation are sheep, dumb sheep.

  15. Too bad its not on the epic

  16. I’m willing to bet that MOST of that 2.1 is the US Galaxy S phones!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Until people just throw away there galaxy S’s, 2.1 will always be around

  18. CM7 build #4 Gingerbread, Droid Incredible.

  19. @alphachef your epic FAIL. root and upgrade.

  20. Someone say “Shrooms”? oooooh yeah!

  21. re: the missing “we” in the first sentence…Kevin, maybe you can start proof-reading your posts before actually posting them? You’ve got more typo’s and missed words when you type than, well you have a lot lets just leave it at that. :) Take care of it bro!

  22. @thatguy510
    “At this point, the only phones still on 1.5 or 1.6 are first generation Android devices that weren’t prepared for the leaps taken over the last two years in android development.”
    Not true. Motorola, in particular, is notorious for abandoning its international customers on 1.x, while upgrading the American releases of the same hardware to 2.1.

  23. @Steve – I did root and upgrade, however, when it was “announced” that an “official” release would be made, I backtracked to 2.1. Let’s also put this out there – not everyone knows how to root/upgrade. Just because there’s a small percentage of us who know how – doesn’t make it the norm. I’m also not the one who bitches and moans about any “official” upgrades, nor am I looking for one. I am simply stating a fact that Froyo isn’t on Galaxy S phones. So, yes, it is an “EPIC”-fail.

  24. @Juan or get smart enough to root and upgrade themselves.

  25. If you have to root to make your phone good then you need a better phone.

  26. Some of us on older phones CANT upgrade to newer versions of android even if we are rooted and wanted to! I’d love to put CM7 on my Samsung Moment, but it’s never been supported. Now, in all fairness, the devs at SDX are trying to accomplish this, but its slow work. For all of you who tell us simply to “root and upgrade”, why dont you do just a tiny bit of research before making such stupid comments. I wish it were as simple as rooting flashing a file, and hey-presto I’ve got 2.2! It’s not. I’m not even a dev by any means and I know this much at least. I’ve hacked the crap out of my Moment just so that I dont have data lockups every day, or to finally have a gps that actually WORKS. Take your ignorant comments somewhere else and be appreciative that you actually HAVE 2.2 or 2.3.

  27. im sitll on 1.5 :(

  28. People stfu if you’re rooted and running Gingerbread.

    And thank you squiddy20, one of the best comments i’ve read.

  29. A pretty big percentage of the 2.1 users are probably people with galaxy s, lol, release 2.2 for those, and 2.2 percentage will boost like crazy

  30. Better article wud be how many u.s cellphone owners are running 2.2. I bet the numbers would drop from froyo

  31. Fragmentation is REAL! Get your heads out of the sand, people. A minuscule percentage of people actually root their phones. It seems like alot to us because thats the type of people we surround ourselves with but in the real world people are clueless about root.
    Most people that own Samsung phones have zero access to flash or anything else that requires 2.2.

    The thing I hate is when geniuses say “thats what they get for supporting Samsung… They should just buy a Nexus S”.

    What???? The Nexus S is a Samsung!!! So you punish Samsung for not releasing updates by buying a new phone by them and give them more of your money? Yeah, that’ll teach em.

    Google needs to step up and do something about fragmentation because it just keeps getting worse and worse. What was once exaggeration by Apple is quickly becoming a reality.

  32. I think google should INTERCEPT the lack of 2.3 to VIRGIN android MOBILE users lol. How’s that for subtlety for getting our update sooner! We want froyo google perhaps a non branded version for us that don’t like to advertise.

  33. oh u forgot the mytouch slide phones they are 2.1 still :P

  34. Lol@ everyone getting upset @ root and flash comments. It’s true, its super easy to learn to root and flash. Stop making excuses and do it or stop whining. And while im sure galaxy s phones make up a large part of phones running 2.1 dont forget they arent the phones out there. My mytouch slide should be running that but i have 2.3 instead thanks to relying on a community that doesnt rely on carriers and manufacturers for updates. Btw, the mytouch slide is one of the tougher phones to root out there and i figured it out with my limited techy knowledge :P

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