Dungeon Defenders Gets an Update, Price Drop to Go with it


Trendy Entertainment has just released a major patch for their Unreal Engine-based Dungeon Defenders for Android. Dungeon Defenders v2.0 brings a pretty hefty list of new features, content, and bug fixes to the full 3D gaming experience, the biggest of which being direct cross-platform gameplay between Android and iOS. The full list:

New Features:

  • Chase Camera which allows for a true third-person, console-like experience
  • GameSpy support for direct cross-platform iOS-Android game play.
  • Performance Scaling Options
  • New tutorial video, explaining the game in only a minute
  • Familiars (pets) re-added into the game

New Content:

  • Max item level raised to 15 and max character level raised to 70
  • New item drop types
  • New campaign level and challenge mission for high-level heroes
  • Cross-platform leaderboards

Game Fixes:

  • Eliminated low cap on speed stat. and changed some related calculations
  • INSANE difficulty is much, much harder
  • Rebalanced item drops to make super items harder to get
  • Fixed levelling & item farming exploits
  • Improved voice chat stability
  • Eliminated many GameCenter & iOS related crashes
  • Large performance boost due to media and code optimization
  • Rebalanced item value ramp
  • Replaced on-screen pause button with character button which allows for fast-healing
  • Moved pause button into character sub-menu
  • Lots of minor bug fixes, etc.
  • Items now have a level requirement based on their quality

To celebrate the big update to v2.0, Trendy Entertainment is having  short term sale bringing the price of Dungeon Defenders down to a mere $0.99, so grab it while it’s hot in the Android Market.

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  1. Its 0.99$ for Android too.

  2. [QUOTE]Large performance boost due to media and code optimization[QUOTE]

    I wonder if this helps out for the DInc or Evo. Would love to play this on my DInc

  3. It is listed for $0.99 on Android marketplace. Just bought it!

  4. and i’m not regret to buy the galaxy s, run smoothly
    in my phone…

  5. I’d like to give it a try on my DInc too, but it takes longer than 15 minutes to install and download all of the files, so I wouldn’t be able to get a refund if it sucked.

    I’ll wait until Google fixes their insanely short refund window to try this one.

  6. even after this i STILL cant play this game on my G2, still get “mounted readonly” message on my phone when i try to play it and it tells me theres an unexcpected problem with my sd card. i am frustrated.

  7. “Best: All Tegra 2 Based Devices, High-End: Nexus S Samsung Galaxy Tablet Samsung Galaxy/Captivate based Cell Phones Samsung Galaxy S, Mid-Range: Droid X Droid 2 T-Mobile G2 myTouch 4G HTC Desire HD”

    Galaxy S FTW!

  8. just bought it the other day for $3 FML….

  9. @jasonv … is it the MicroSD card that came w/the G2? If not, your SD card may not be compatible. I had a similar issue (“mounted readonly” would sometimes appear) with a Kingmax 16GB Class 10. I switched brands and now everything’s peachy.

  10. To clarify, I received the “mounted readonly” error that @jasonv is seeing during regular usage, NOT while running this game.

  11. This game is totally worth it even if it were $10 (which it’s not; it’s only $3 normally). At $1 it’s a no-brainer! Heck, even if your current device can’t play it, your next one will. If you by it now, it will always be downloadable from your acct. Or wait for another sale, I don’t care.
    @jasonv: Sounds like maybe your SD card has the read-only switch on or something. Can you write to the SD card otherwise? This game saves a lot of files to the SD card.

  12. im not using the sd card that came with it. im using an 8 gig class 4 i baught off amozon. as far as i know its always been able to read and write. but i could be wrong. anyone know if theres a way to check? if anything i will have to buy a new sd card. wich i should prolly do anyway.

  13. Just bought it on my DInc and it runs better than I thought it would. It’s playable when you select tablet mode and decrease the graphics to about 50%. Also I’m running Android 2.3 with CM7 Nightlies.

  14. update: i backed up all my info and formatted the sd card from the phone and that worked for me. now i can play it and i like this game a lot. thank you for helping me out tho guys.

  15. I got this update last week. Maybe it just got released today in the US?

    I sent a mail telling them about the status screen and hero info screen being upside-down on my Galaxy S and they sent a mail telling that it would be taken into consideration. A week later, this update patched the issue! A-freaking-mazing. As a bonus, it runs way smoother now!

  16. Wow, so I paid a 300% premium to get it in Dec?

  17. It shows as $5 for me. Am i in wrong market?

  18. wow. short terms sale indeed. its back to $5 now. ill pass.

  19. And now, it’s $4.99. Way to jerk people around, Trendy. I think I’ll pass.

  20. @Iffy

    I’m in the same boat, I’m not going to buy it if I can’t know for sure it will even work on my phone…

    In fact I haven’t bought any apps since the 15 minute return policy. I hope Google re-evaluates this soon…

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