MasterCard Helps You Find the Closes Cash Machine with ATM Hunter for Android


Aside from sounding like a neo-futuristic epic about the human resistance’s last stand against evil, sentient money machines, ATM Hunter is also a new app for Android from MasterCard that allows users to track down the closest cash dispensing kiosk no matter where they are. The app has been available on both iPhone and BlackBerry, but now MasterCard is extending the service to all Android users. The best part? You don’t even have to currently own a MasterCard to use the app. How nice.

The app allows you to find the closest ATM based on your location and a set of customizable criteria including specific banking institution and fee-free machines. If a machine is malfunctioning or no longer located where the app says it should be, you can even report problems back to MasterCard directly via the app.

This app should be a godsend for those frequent travelers in need of a quick withdraw. It will cost you nothing to download it from the Android Market now.

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  1. It’s a nice idea and it might give you a couple of more options than Google Maps, but Places does it really well if you need a quick look and Google Maps obviously covers this for your current route.
    I know that Maps is very general, but I’m really hoping we get an update to the navigation component soon(or perhaps with 2.4 or Honeycomb) so it becomes closer to a true replacement for things like a TomTom or Garmin device.

  2. Just an fyi…don’t you mean “closest” cash machine, not closes?

  3. Nice typo in the title. Are you even trying anymore?

  4. Why does it say iPhone in the app details. Lazy !!!!

  5. +1 on closest, haha.

  6. Why does an app like this need to have access to SMS? And other on another blog have pointed out that it is always running and trying to access GPS, even if you don’t need it. So how much did Mastercard pay you to showcase this?

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