Don’t Panic! Lost Cricket Android Costume Has Been Found


Yesterday came the tragic tale that the Cricket crew had managed to lose a six foot tall Android costume that they valued at $4,500 right off the back of a pickup truck. But this story has no sad ending, our big Android friend has been recovered after spending the evening out in the elements next to a dumpster, which is exactly where Amber Conky found it. Conky is now an Android hero and $1,000 in reward money richer, while the poor Android costume is looking worse for the wear. See, kids, there really are happy endings!

[via AndroidCommunity]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Whew! Now I can go on with my life. I’ve been worried sick about this. Really. I swearz. Even held a prayer circle for it. Well, it was something round. Maybe I was just eating a donut. Not really sure. Pretty tasty whatever it was.

  2. Not much news today eh?

  3. $4500?! Who the hell made the suit? Armani? I understand custom suits can be costly, but $4500?!

  4. Woo! I can maybe sleep tonight now!

  5. @ DJ, yeah dude thats what I thought. haha

  6. mascot costumes are all custom made and they really do cost that much.

  7. $4,500? That is like over half the company’s net worth!

  8. mmmm…. i love happy endings.

  9. Yes they are very expensive…HEck i wouldve given her $1500 for it ;)

  10. i love seeing an iconic Android Costume reunion as much as the next guy but did anyone notice that chick holding the sign..

  11. Forget the custom…. I would give 4,500 for the chick.. Oh wait, is this even legal?

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