Phones 4u to be Exclusive Retailer of the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S


Remember the Giorgio Armani edition Samsung Galaxy S? We first heard about it back in November, but details of its release weren’t exactly clear. We now know that the phone will be available in the UK exclusively through Phones 4u, where it will be limited to only 800 units produced.

To get this exclusive and fashion-friendly Android smartphone you’ll need to drop 49.95 in conjunction with 45.96 per month contract. You can find it at 100 Phones 4u locations around the UK.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Me first

  2. Maybe Giorgio can twist Samsungs’ arm into releasing 2.2

  3. it probably comes with 2.2 as a slap to the face to everyone else.

  4. yay, fashion phones….so can we get back to froyo now?

  5. Why would you bother?

  6. It does run official 2.2. XDA is playing with the ROM for Cappy.

    I’m sure it costs more than 49.95… that seems pretty cheap.

  7. Only 800 units produced eh? Thank god, there’s only 800 nutters out there who would buy one.

  8. 50 pounds?

    That is a very cheap phone.

  9. That’s just the Captivate with ATT removed and “Giorgio Armani” put in it’s place.

  10. Y 800? Wont go in market ?

  11. yes, £50 may sound cheap, but then they are charging nearly fifty quid for monthly line rental….bunch of nutters.

  12. £50 for the phone seems cheap but they are also charging nearly fifty quid a month on contract……..that’s iphone territory:-(

  13. Normal galaxy s is free on 30 pounds a month contracts. 15×24 premium for armani name?

  14. Tacky shit.

  15. This one has a 1600maH battery I believe. Bigger than most top of the range phones atm.

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