Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone Still a Myth, Gets a Teardown Anyway


When speaking to Sony reps at CES about the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, I took it as a responsibility to at least ask about the Playstation Phone, knowing exactly the answer I would get. According to the person I asked, the Playstation Phone is still a myth. Myth or not, the phone that we are now getting a pre-release teardown of looks very, very real. What should eventually be known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (or as one commenter astutely pointed out, the poorly thought out abbreviation S.E.X. Play) features the Qualcomm MSM7x30 chip and Broadcom radios, not at all surprising.

We fully expect SE to continue to deny this handset up until it is inevitably launched at Mobile World Congress 2011 in February.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. By the time this phone comes out all the hype will be lost. What is Sony thinking.

  2. From what I’ve read, the quality of the games on this phone are comparable to the PS1. Not very impressive imo, but I guess there will be a small market for this thing. I still think they should have waited for a higher quality chipset.

  3. @Snaggletooth Where did you read that, no one has played any games on this phone yet. I saw a video a few days ago of someone playing PS1 games on it but they were using the PSXdroid app that is in the Market.

  4. pretty sure it can(if devs bother) get better than PSP quality.

  5. I’ll take a look at it when it’s released. I just wouldn’t want it to go into the N-Gage bin of gaming phone failures.

  6. @thedicemaster lol keep dreaming for better than PSP, that is a ways out in a cell phone still, the hardware is more than capable yes, but the programming and the source has to be there and its not

  7. Qualcomm MSM7x30 is a generation behind the chip in the Thunderbolt.

  8. Actually the quality of this GPU is supposed to be comparable to that of the PS2- http://phandroid.com/2011/01/11/next-generation-qualcomm-snapdragon-devices-coming-this-year/

  9. @Dave that isn’t true at all. The MSM8x55 and MSM7x30 are the same generation chip (second generation, first generation is QSD8x50) only the 8×55 is clocked at 1GHz while the 7×30 is clocked at 800MHz- http://www.qualcomm.com/products_services/chipsets/snapdragon.html#specs

  10. HAHAHA S.E.X Play, loving it.

  11. I swear to god one of my customers kids had this phone a week ago. He wouldn’t even put it down to eat. I was freaking out but didn’t want to ask about it. The parents were rich and uptight somewhat.

  12. @10 YES! Cant wait to ask people about their S.E.X Play when i see them holding one

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