New Android Market Now Rolling Out to Nexus S


Oddly, the Nexus S sporting the latest version of Android, Gingerbread, was lacking the overhauled Android Market that other handsets began to see towards the end of last year. While a vocal group of new-Market haters would probably have kept it that way, the redesigned app store is now starting to show up on new Nexus handsets.

Just like with every other Android getting the update, you won’t even know when you receive it as Google has been sneakily pushing this on to phones in the background with no notification to the end user. Let the cries of joy and the moans of anguish begin in the comments below.

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  1. No moans from me…as long as the market new market actually works. I self updated my marketplace a little while back but it was all messed up. The tabes were cut off and it just looked “non-optimized” for my Nexus so as long as this market fits my screen correct I’m good.

  2. just love the attention Google gives to the Nexus :)

  3. Thats right Inspiron!!!! I didnt even think of that, Nexus just came out on the 16th of last month and we’re already on our 2nd OTA. I’m glad I stuck with my Nexus and ditched the MT4G, I CANT BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ALWAYS 2 UPDATES BEHIND GOOGLE, I WONT DO IT AGAIN..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOGLE I LOVE YOU!

  4. It’s strange Nexus S doesn’t come with new market “out of box”
    as well as new maps v5…

  5. Just a note, it seems the new market reset the auto update preferences on Google made apps to on. I click all of mine off in case an iteration of an app is a dud. I was surprised to see Goggles automatically updating a couple of days ago, and not too happy about it.

  6. The reason it didn’t come with the new market or google maps 5.0 is because its a Samsung. I would still say the nexus one will be ahead of the nexus s once its gets gingerbread. All of the “flagship” galaxy s US variants won’t even have froyo til march. By which time GB will be old, Honeycomb, will be out and ice cream sandwich will be 2 months way at google io

  7. @Kevin There is nothing really wrong with the new Market and I doubt people will be complaining. You think that we are going to be mad because now we have only 15 minutes to return apps but yet again you prove that you are lazy when it coming to doing research. Even though not everyone got the new Market at the same time, the 15 minute refund window started last month for everyone not just people who got the new Market. I don’t have it yet and I just got screwed yesterday for the second time since they changed it. I downloaded Dungeon Defenders and when it wouldn’t start I tried to get a refund after 10 minutes but the app kept saying “The requested item could not be found”. I have yet to hear back from the developer, I sent them an email asking for a refund at the 10 minute mark. I look forward to the new market since I have been paying the price since last month anyways.

  8. @ksizzle… I have both phones and can tell you that even when the N1 gets GB it won’t be ahead of the S. It may be as good but definitely not ahead. And just because this is a Samsung product doesn’t mean it’s on the same update schedule as the US Galaxy S variants. And if you had the N1 this past year you know for a fact that it received Froyo first after Google I/O so rest assured that whatever release hits it will go to both the S and N1.

  9. @Damon Agreed after using the Nexus S for a week a gave my Nexus One away as a Christmas present ^_^
    The Nexus One finally showed its age when not all of the features of Google Maps 5.0 were available but it is still #2 out of 170 different Android phones.

  10. I laugh at the people thinking the Nexus S is getting “superb support” I’ve had the new market on my droid x since december, and my fiance has had it on her droid incredible since around the same time. This is not a “new feature” update that is hitting the Nexus S first…

  11. @stephen… I agree that “superb support” has yet to be seen but I wouldn’t go touting your droid x as being up to date since it didn’t get Froyo till the end of September. And as far as you having the new market place on you and your fiances phones. So did most everyone else including my Grandma and her 2 year old mytouch. I will say the “support” side for the S has yet to be proven and I think that this year will define the level of support that will be given from Google going forward with future Nexus devices.

  12. Yep, the 15 minute window is server-side. The newer market has been available as a signed update file for months, so anybody should be able to use it if they want to. I’ve been using it for about two months, on Froyo and Gingerbread, and as far as I can tell it’s pretty much just a skin. You still get the same connection exception loop, installation collisions, applications dropping out of your list when they fail to download or update, etc. It’s quite clearly just a skin.

  13. I miss the old Market :(

    The new set up is basically a big green blob that takes up half the screen with little to no new functionality. On top of that it’s slow and clunky on my Desire 2.2

  14. Still no update over here in Florida for my Nexus S

  15. @Damon I wasn’t implying that my Droid X is superior… I was just making a statement saying that Nexus S (besides having gingerbread) hasn’t had any push updates before other devices (to my knowledge) and that it seems for a flagship device, that the Nexus S is behind on getting the market update. My previous comment was directed more towards the statements made by @Inspiron41 and @davey0728… acting like the Nexus S is getting some sort of special treatment. If you look at the support given to the Nexus One… that was the first device to get Froyo and a lot of other updates w/ Google Apps before other devices. Doesn’t seem that the Nexus S is getting that same sort of treatment at all besides gingerbread.

  16. @davey0728 For someone not wanting to be 2 updates behind, other phones have had the market update before your Nexus S.

  17. @stephen….I understand what you’re saying and you’re right. I am curious to see what level of support is going to be actually given to the S from Google. So far, albeit a month, nothing special has been done. I still think that the support that Google gives the S will set the tone for future Nexus devices.

  18. The thing that annoyed me most about the new market was the appbrain functionality was crippled. :-(

  19. @Damon yeah it definitely will set the bar. It could also be (and I could be entirely out in left field with this one) but the relationship Google has w/ Samsung as opposed to HTC. As far as flagship devices go, HTC usually has been Google’s right-hand-man so to speak, first coming out w/ the G1, Nexus One, etc. It seems Google did the unexpected when it partnered with samsung for a flagship device. If you look at Samsung’s track record they have been some of the last phones to get important updates (look at Samsung rolling out Froyo to it’s “flagship” Galaxy Devices) and have dropped the ball several times in keeping up to date and supporting their popular android devices (Behold 2). HTC, while behind occasionally, has done a pretty fair job of keeping devices up-to-date. It could be that this isn’t necessarily a Google problem, but a combination of Google and Samsung partnership. This is just my opinion though.

  20. I don’t think the partnership will matter. It’s still a nexus device. I bet it will get the same treatment as the nexus one. My original mt3g had the new market a couple of months ago. It’s nothing special. I checked my nexus s just a few minutes ago and I don’t have it. Do I care? No. My phone is still awesome it’s not like the new market is going to completely change it.

  21. @stephen..I am wondering the same thing on the Google/Samsung partnership. Having purchased several phones the last year the best ones for me have come from HTC. The one that I liked the least was my Vibrant from Samsung. I tend to purchase a new phone every couple of months and switch between them. The main reason for me on purchasing the S was purely to test drive. I have to say it’s a pretty good device. Not without it’s definite flaws but still a very solid phone. I am just hoping for Android stability sake that Google really stands behind the S and keeps up with the track record it had with the N1. Who knows..we will have to wait and see.

  22. It’s that particular green that kills me. With a pleasing green it’d be fine. Thinking about going back to Cyanogen on my Epic just to have the older market.

  23. I’ve had this new updated market on my nexus one 2.2.1. It always freezes & I personally like the old market.

  24. The “New” Market is just a visual rework of the old market. You still can’t order the apps by rating, date added, etc. In summary, it’s the same Market with zero customization options.

  25. My Nexus s has still not received the new market, but my Vibrant running 2.2 has it

  26. I have been hearing about this for a while now and my Nexus S has NOT received any update to the market. It is still on the old version. How long is this supposed to take for it to get to all of us? I would like to have things up to date on my new device. It makes me feel like im falling behind, like my phone is slow in getting updates or something. I dont like that. Who has or hasnt gotten the new market yet?

  27. I’m on a Nexus S and got the new Market update today. Indeed as others said, no notification. I can’t seem to check the version as well.
    It’s surely different in appearance yes, but if it works, is more efficient in screen usage and doesn’t crash anymore, I’m a happy camper!

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