Android 2.2 Coming to Samsung Intercept for Virgin Mobile this Spring


According to a recent tweet, Virgin Mobile USA will be updating their Samsung Intercept to Android 2.2 “sometime this spring.” The Intercept is relatively new to to VM’s lineup, arriving only back in October of 2010. If they stick to their word it could set a new record for getting Android 2.2 to a Samsung phone, but we’re not holding out breath. More details are sure to come out in the coming months.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Really? ANOTHER 2.2 post? I mean REALLY?

  2. Pathetic…the Sprint-branded Intercept has gotten 2.2 already. How long does it freaking take?

  3. Cue the legions of disgruntled Fascinate owners in 3, 2…..oh wait, that includes me.

  4. I have to make a resolution to stop reading these posts and just let the updates happen when they may.

  5. I have had it with the waiting for 2.2 on my Captivate. I am seriously considering leaving At&t. Along with many others seeing Verizon is getting the iPhone. There is NO excuse they could give for not sending the update.

  6. To me this is signifigant news to us all. The likes of prepaid, or month to month service networks are taking care of their customers, and may help to keep the Contract providers honest by forcing them to update in timely fashion to compete.

  7. It’s kind of obvious now where the hold up is right? Samsung updated Galaxy S with Froyo already so they moved onto the Intercept. Which means………….

    I’m also starting to wonder why the voice features were taken out of the Galaxy Tab for all of North America?

  8. hi.SMILE AND BE BLESSED. lets do more PRAYING AND SERVING ‘GOD” than worrying so much over the phone deals. ok. have a great day.

  9. Some time this Spring as in sometime between March 21st and June 21st?

  10. I am about to go on a rant again, when the hell is the Epic going to get 2.2. Samsung upgrades their lowest Android handset before their flagship phones, I can’t believe this, I would fire the product manager in charge of the US Galaxy S phone in a heartbeat if I could. If they want to redeem themselves, they better skip to 2.2 and go directly to 2.3. BTW, today one of my wive’s friends asked me which phone I would recommend, and of course I mentioned Android immediately, then told her, stay away from Samsung, go with one of the Evo’s, and this is not the first recommendation I’ve made against Samsung. Hear that Samsung, I know you are listening. Get your crap together or you’ll have a hard time selling 5 phones.

  11. Wow really?? I cant believe the intercept will get froyo before the my touch slide…..

  12. @NATHAN: Its taking a while beacause it has brick issues on Sprint. And there is a baseband modification

  13. There is latest tweet fron virginmobileusa

    @islandboy4lyfe Yes – the update will be coming this Spring – stay tuned for more specific details.
    10:33 AM Feb 8th via web in reply to islandboy4lyfe


    Looks like everyone missed it.

  14. On Twitter:

    We know you have been asking for specifics on when VM will be getting the update to Android Froyo 2.2….it will be available about 3/25.
    1:46 PM Feb 16th via web

    Virgin Mobile USA

  15. How much better will 2.2 be as compared to 2.1? Look forward to any upgrades but cant complain about my Intercept on Virgin Mobile for $40 a month with no contract. Yes there are better phones and coverage out there but people are signing 2 yr contacts and paying a $100 a month for the luxury. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

  16. how long will my intercept take to updateit has an android icon and a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. does that mean it failed/ and should i try again?

  17. I got a message from Virgin Mobile that 2.2 will happen soon and to stay tuned

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