Next-Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices Coming This Year


We were easily swallowed up by all of NVIDIA’s and their partners’ exciting news and product announcements surrounding Tegra 2 this year, but you may have forgotten that they still have competitors. Qualcomm’s trying to keep pace – as we know – and they’ve confirmed to everyone that their next-generation chipsets are nearly ready for primetime. We’ve heard several OEMs have had them for some time now, with general kits being shipped a bit later in Q1.

They’ve told us to expect devices starting this year, in fact. So what exactly can Qualcomm provide? A dual-core chipset – clocked anywhere from 1GHz to 1.5GHz – with all of the necessary hardware requirements to handle 1080p video encoding/transcoding/playback/whatever, HDMI, advanced graphics capabilities, and more – nothing too surprising, actually. And we expect these next sets to be equipped with the Adreno 305 GPU, which is said to rival current-generation console graphics.

Acer, Pantech, and others are said to be among the list of manufacturers looking to pass NVIDIA up, but others weren’t ruled out. We know LG has expressed tons of interest in Tegra 2, and HTC has yet to make their move. As for Samsung, you may as well just rule them out – they have their own chipset to worry about, and if they were going to go with someone else’s configuration, we imagine they’d choose NVIDIA over Qualcomm.

I’m hoping to see the fruits of Qualcomm’s labor starting at Mobile World Congress in mid-February. [via Fierce Wireless]

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  1. Well so much for the ces phones….you are about to get passed up….and the cycle continues.

  2. In the interview with the Nvidia guy by AndroidAndMe, he says that Tegra 3 will be out before their competitors get their dual-core chips out. I think we’ll see Tegra 3 (probably dual core at 1.5 Ghz too) just before or soon after Qualcomm and Samsung show up with their dual core chips. So these chips will actually compete with Tegra 3 not Tegra 2. Expect them to appear sometime in summer.

  3. Samsung ordered a bunch of Tegra 2 chips,which is kinda dumb because I thought they were going with the Orion chipset. Maybe we’ll see a clearer path from everyone next month

  4. It does not matter, Android User Interface is still not optimized for using GPU. It is less smooth compared to iPhone. Please don’t flame me, I am an Android user.

  5. Nvidia’s chips will outperform Qualcomm’s for this reason: Qualcomm still purposely releases lower performing hardware so that they may introduce “new and improved” a little later (Adreno 200-205 ex.) while the Tegra 2 (and the Tegra 1 which didn’t see much action) provides top performing hardware especially in the GPU category.

  6. Hopefully AT&T picks up a dual core LTE device by HTC.

  7. Yeah, similar game performance to the PS3 on a cell phone? Doubt it. 360 maybe but PS3? Doubt it.

  8. In terms of graphics, yes. The PS3 is better than the 360. But as for overall performance, the xbox 360 outranks the PS3 and I still believe these chipsets will allow phones to do such amazing things.

  9. i think the projected performance on the Adreno 3xx is aimed more at 2012-2013. I doubt we will see Xbox 360 or PS3 level gaming experience anytime this year on a any smartphone.

  10. Do they mean Adreno 3XX will be available in phones in 2011, or just available to manufactures starting in 2011?

    Dose anyone know if it has been released to manufacturers because if it has not yet been released to them, we won’t see it till 2012 at the earliest.

  11. @ Klopk
    Actually HTC’s Sense UI is very responsive and good looking, really I could say its as good as, if not better than, IOS. Sure if you’re comparing motoblur, or other custom skins, then you have a point. Too bad with next gen phones coming out all the time they don’t make their skins less jittery and more fluid. Thats why a lot of people like Sense UI. Haven’t used stock Android a whole lot but I’d prefer it over custom skins any day(but sadly Verizon doesn’t offer the G2, or any phone with stock Android currently), but I do like Sense. that said it would be good to have better hardware acceleration for all of Android, UI and everything else.

  12. While I’d certainly take a Tegra 2 tablet/phone without complaining, I think people put Tegra 2 on too high of a pedestal.
    Other than the GPU, which is good but not amazing, it is a really bare bones Cortex-A9 processor. It doesn’t have NEON support only the most basic FPU that ARM designed. These CPUs from Qualcomm will be faster than Tegra because they will contain SIMD support plus Qualcomm’s own beefy FPU design.
    If you compare FPU performance between the now old Snapdragon processors and Tegra, you will find that Tegra only matches the Snapdragon performance. Clock for Clock the Snapdragon’s custom Cortex A8 is as fast as the Tegra 2’s stock Cortex A9. So I would expect good things once Qualcomm releases their custom Cortex A9.

  13. Adreno 130 has the same performance as PSP?! I have to disagree.

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