Jan 7th, 2011

The freshly announced HTC Thunderbolt is still a little while out for Verizon, but that hasn’t stopped the phone’s RUU from leaking. And with that comes a system dump measuring a whopping 500MB, of which not  lick of Bing has been uncovered so far.

An evening meeting between a group of us press folk and HTC PR revealed some interesting tid-bits about the hardware design of the new handset, including antenna located in the removable plastic battery cover to allow for a unibody metal casing without hampering signal strength. Another cool fun fact is HTC’s adoption of a policy to always expose some of the internal elements of the phone for those extra-techy brownie points. In the case of the Thunderbolt it is the vibrating motor, which you can see in this video capture by our friends over at Android Central.

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