Samsung Fascinate Gets a Maintenance Upgrade


Another US-based Galaxy S phone got yet another official update, and yet again it wasn’t Froyo. This time, Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate fixes GPS, other bugs, and updates some of the pre-installed apps. Nothing that would get me excited, personally. As usual, don’t fret if you don’t get it soon enough as they may be employing a staggered process. It’s not one to rush for, anyway, unless you use Google Maps to supplement a bad sense of direction and navigation like myself. Verizon for more details. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Makes you wonder what Samsung does in their spare time.

  2. Samsung is very busy updating their Galaxy S2 phones to Gingerbread.

  3. Its not Samsung, its the carriers.

  4. Jdog

    Not very likely.

  5. @adam, carriers are NOT responsible for writing code. They might be saying that what samsung comes up with isn’t good enough, at wich point it is STILL on samsung. NO other manufacturer had this reputation, but somehow it is the carriers fault. Get over it, they have a poor rep for a reason.

  6. This is crap, wish I would have got an HTC…. at least they have 2.2 ….and beyond

  7. Seriously, all those fixes can be done overnight.
    Samsung Support is just horrible…

  8. Seriously, can’t blame the carrier. Droid X has been running 2.2 for a long time now.

  9. Its on sammy. the DJ05 and DL09 releases submitted to vzw for testing were leaked and have been available for some time. You know why there is no 2.2 leak for the fascinate? It’s likely because Samsung hasn’t even submitted a 2.2 build to vzw for testing.

  10. @NIsme It is how they do things they didn’t update the Behold because the Galaxy S phones came with 2.1 and the Galaxy S2 phones come out in February or March so I’m sure that is what will happen again.

  11. I need your help to help me organize a consumer boycott of Samsung mobile products. Until Samsung supports the mobile products that they presently have on the market we have to stop buying their products . Enough talking about what you’re going to do and as long as we keep spending our money they’ll keep giving us the middle finger . The only thing Samsung understand are numbers and if we take those numbers away from them they’ll know how upset we are . I will be posting this on every site that has any information about the Samsung products please help me to make them to stop not supporting their products via timely updates and product support. Contact : [email protected]

  12. And actually… Has anyone actually gotten this update ota yet? I know its been leaked for a while, but so far… I have not seen it on my phone, and I’d guess that no other non-rooter has either, from what I see on the forums.

  13. Then it is still on sammy. Motorola didn’t hold group on the x because d2 or pro was around the corner. Htc doesn’t do this. Lemme guess, carriers are picking on sammy?

  14. And where is it that you are getting that the s2 is coming. I’d like to read about it.

  15. And for all who laughed and attacked me for this boycott ideal I have received thousands of support emails from Samsung customers who want to join my effort.

  16. There are 3 links in my last comment, it looks like one because Phandroid doesn’t let you space your links apart.

  17. My last 4 phones were HTC. HTC always surprised me with their great updates. But I bailed on them for the Epic.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever consider another Samsung phone again.

  18. I see no links.

  19. Actually I had the Eris and they pushed its update to 2.1 back many of times. I remember everyone playing the blame game but when it came out I had no problems with it all. I hope Verizon does the same with the fascinates update to 2.2 so that we do not have a bugged copy like some did when they first tried to release a couple months back and it was bricking phones.

  20. Wish they would Aleast release enough for custom build of 2.2

  21. Sucks to own a Galaxy phone now doesn’t it

  22. As per my discussion with Sammy’s CS support: This update/froyo release is Verizon’s fault. As per my conversation with Verizon: This is Sammy’s fault. It simply comes down to “we both got your money and don’t care”. I personally gave up on this device some time ago and would love to just throw it out the window. But due to my 2 year contract and I would need to buy another phone at retail price, I’m stuck with it. So my attitude has been a positive one in this whole adventure. No more Samsung products, my family has been instructed to never purchase Samsung products, friends and even some couple looking to buy a Samsung LED TV was instructed to stay away from Samsung. My word (even though a small one) will have an impact…if others follow, Sammy may get the point. That is; you want to get into the android game you better take notice how others do it right.

  23. No samsung is busy thinking ways to screw its customers.

  24. My Fascinate with 2.1 is still better than 90% of the phones out there. Sure I want 2.2 but it’s not the end of the world. I remember when we used cell phones to actually make phone calls. It’ll get here when it gets here, whining about it won’t make it magically appear.

  25. i agree i still like my Fascinate its a great phone, still wanting 2.2 but im happy with it right now.

  26. @SolidSnake

    You might be happy with what you have, but most people in the know are not.

    When I say, people in the know, the general consumer has no idea about what version of Android they have or what the difference is, but if you show these people the difference, let them know that HTC and Motorola have been releasing the updates, and tell them that Samsung stated that the Galaxy S line of phone would all be update by the end of 2010 …. Well, you’re going to have a bunch of pissed off people. Samsung has been playing the consumer as dumb, but it will catch up to them.

    Samsung’s after sales just SUX!!

    BTW, How’s the GPS and Bing on your Fascinate?

  27. Imagine having flash. ANY phone with froyo is better then all the phones without it. The us galaxy phones fall in the later category. So they are hardly better then 90% of the other phones. Hell, I’d take the iphone over any samsung phone. Even the nexus s fails, and google held their hand there.

  28. All I can say after reading these comments is “Amen” (except to the obvious Samsung trolls covering their behinds here; nice try, “Adam”). We should disrupt all Samsung events that promote their crappy products and publicly demand they ask why they have not held up their stated promises to support their phones. Someone should have made the Samsung chief’s face turn kimchee red in anger at CES, but none of the Android fan boys have the stones.

  29. I sadly own a fascinate. Worst mistake I ever made

  30. I am very happy I returned my fascinate for the droid x. Samsung has shown over the last 4 months they don’t care about supporting their customers. Motorola has my business for the long run.

  31. I traded my Droid x in for the fascinate. Went in 3 days later to get my x back and with no luck. I fought hard going to multiple stores and calling in on 2 hour customer care calls. Sent my fascinate in twice complaining of GPS issues. Verizon never ended up letting me trade it back for my Droid x. I am a very dissapointed customer and Samsung will never get a cent from me again. Pissed at vzw too.

  32. I think my Vibrant is great, if it didn’t have all the lag issues and GPS would work right. I only want Froyo so I have a phone that works. Otherwise I could give a rats@ss about the upgrade. I will likely NEVER buy another Samsung product, including a TV. One thing I will say is that my My Touch 3g got an OTA update to froyo and it is pretty much bricked. I would rather wait for a Froyo that works than one that is going to brick my phone.

  33. I won’t speak bad about Samsung televisions, as I have had the same flat screen since 2005 and it is still a live and kicking.
    I will say however, that their cellphone division needs to get their act in order. I’ve only had this phone for 5 months and when I purchased it, Verizon assured me I would have the Froyo update soon. Samsung even gave a date and then NOTHING! Here we are 5 months later and Samsung is trying to place the blame on Verizon. I think NOT, I’ve been with Verizon since 2002, I could very well be a poster child for Verizon, and I don’t believe they are to blame. I place the blame on Samsung.

    Now I’m having a issue with my WI-Fi and Samsung tells me to contact Verizon, WTF! Samsung you are the manufacturer not Verizon. FIX THE WI-FI bug while you still “fixing glitches” with the Froyo update, why don’t you.

    I have friends with the Epic4g and Captivate and they all have the same complaints.

  34. Crabjoe: I use bing and google on my phone and both work great. My GPS also works fine. Sure 2.2 will bring a few updates but most people want flash, and that’s something I can wait for. If you’re so unhappy with your Fascinate, you should have thought about buying something different. Better yet, pay the cancellation fee and go buy a Droid X, Incredible or any other phone with 2.2 already loaded. I’ll be right here satisfied with what I have instead of whining like a little bitch because some big corporation is screwing me out of what I deserve.

  35. Nisme: Hey genius…the Iphone doesn’t have flash! Get a clue.

  36. I never said it did. And yet, I would take it over any sammy phone. Reading comprehension ftw.

  37. Wow….some people in here are rediculous. My Fascinate is a damn good phone. The hardware is top end, the UI is intuitive, the screen is beautiful, and it’s not like 2.1 is aweful. Sure, we all want some Froyo love, and it’s a little frustrating that it keeps getting pushed back and we can’t get a strait answer. But a week after we get it, these same people will be bitching about a Gingerbread update. I have yet to use a phone that is perfect, there is ALWAYS something that can be better. So my advise, shut up and enjoy your damn good phone

  38. @JayBones
    Fascinate will probably never get official Gingerbread, according to the track record. Samsung promised Froyo sometime, but never mentioned Gingerbread, Honeycomb or any other in the advertisement.

    Just saying. I’m crossing my fingers for cyanogenmod rom for Fascinate. I have given up hope for Samsung’s official updates.

  39. I understand that Gingerbreads is a pipe dream. I guess my real point was that some people just can’t appreciate what they have, a high quality device that blows away phones that came out before it. Now, after the CES, my guess is just about everyone is going to feel a little phone inferiority complex, myself included, but that doesn’t mean the Fascinate is anything short of a great phone.

  40. The x came before it, and I would put it up against the fascinate any day. With money on the line.

  41. I’ve had a Fascinate since just after Thanksgiving. It works fine. I don’t have any issues with GPS (in fact, it, at times, has worked better than my TomTom); might it be because I don’t live or travel among tall buildings all that often? For my uses, all I’m missing is flash.

    Sure, I’d like the Froyo update, but I’m patiently enjoying what I have. Blaming Samsung or Verizon gets everyone nowhere. Has anyone who is bothered tried bringing complaints to either company, or are “those in the know” only happy and ballsy enough to whine (anonymously) on the internet? At this point, I don’t really have a complaint to make, so I’m not in the “bothered” category.

  42. Nlsme

    I spend several weeks trying to decide between the X and the Fascinate. Each offers something the other doesn’t, and both are fantastic phones. I’m not sure why your so convinces the X is far superior. In some ways it’s better, and in some ways it’s inferior, so it comes down to which features are more important to you. I was previously devoted to BB, but Verizon forced my hand at switching. I found the Touch Whiz UI helped make my transition easier, since I had an IPod touch previously and it is very iOS like. I found the Droid X ro be just a little too big for my pocket, and the screen was dissapointing after seeing the beaty of super Amold display. I did like the HDMI port on the X, but since the Fascinate has DLNA, it intergrates nice with my home setup. The small things, like DLNA, Bluetooth 3.0, Gorilla glass screen (I’m rough on phones), and the sleek, ultra thin body of the phone won me over

  43. You do realize the x has guerrilla glass and dlna. The amoled screen is washed out and tiny compared,battery life sucks, gps is screwed, memory is week, its binged to hell and back.will likely see froyo in 3 months and never see gb. And the x isn’t exactly thick. There isn’t a single thing the fascinate can do that the x can’t. Can’t say that the other way around. And if you like, I’d put a hunsky on the line to prove it.

  44. Ohh, and the only thing in your lust is touxhwiz. Bahaha.

  45. No very bright Daryl posting your email like that. I see a ton of spam headed your way. Have fun with all that. As for Nisme: if you like the DX so much, why dont you cancel your Fascinate, pay the fee and buy an X? Your problem is solved. Or do you just like to hear yourself complain?

  46. Never said I had a fascinate. Why don’t you actually read what I wrote before you respond to me.

  47. The problem is both Samsung and the US carriers.

    The rest of Galaxy S world has 2.2. It’s bascially us Yanks still waiting for Froyo. US carriers want lots of bloat mixed in and Samsung development is hardpressed to keep up. But they will.

    This is not a crappy selling Behold II. Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy S phones, nearly half of them in North America. Failure is not an option for them, although in the eyes of ethusiasts they already have failed.

    However, the Sammies shown at CES aren’t all that different from the current line. Just bigger screens and ffc’s. They have 2.2 and will get Gingerbread. The Nexus S has Gingerbread. So will we.

    I expect my Fascinate will get official Froyo some time early this spring .. probably March, but no earlier than February. Gingerbread will hit about 6 months later(roughly the phone’s one year mark), with another update the following spring and maybe one last push just before the two year window of unsupportedness. This update schedule … about every six months … would be similar to my old Omnia, another Verizon/Samsung problem child.

    If that is not frequent enough for you, then root and rom your way to happiness. Or get another phone. They ALL have issues.

  48. I got the update this morning! Seems to be faster.

  49. I agree with solidsnake my gps works fine and I dont care about bing cuz im not too lazy to pull up.net he browser and use google. t hr only reason I want the update is becuz I bought a car dock for the fascinate a nd it has a sticker on it that says it wont work until the upgrade. I couldnt believe they would sell sum shit that doesnt even work yet but other than that I dont have a problen waitin unlike you people actin like a fuckin little girl

  50. Nlsme,
    Your rediculous….super Amold screen is washed out? Compared to what, not your X, or ANY OTHER PHONE ON THE MARKET. And last I checked 4″ is far from tiny, I actually think it’s perfect. I think 4.3 is just too big for my pocket, I know because I tried it. If you also noticed, I didn’t bash you precious F***n X, I called it a fantastic phone. By the way, bluetooth 3.0 DOES give the Fascinate functionality that the X doesn’t have, so get your shit strait. I never even claimed the Fascinate was a better phone, I simply said its a damn good phone and fit my preferences. Why are you even in this forum, are you such a looser that you have to get your jollies off by overtaking your Droid X and flashing your tiny cock….boy those Verizon Droid marketers saw you coming a 100 miles away. Your so F****n brainwashed.

  51. Here’s a helpful hint to all of those who aren’t thrilled w/ being Bingified. There is a widget available in the market called iSearch. It gives you a search bar widget with any search engine you want. I currently have mine set up with Google, Wikipedia, CNET, EBAY, Dictionary, Android Market, IMDb, Amazon, and Ask. I type, or speak, what I want to search, touch the icon for the engine I need, and away I go. Works great, highly recommended

  52. I currently have a Droid X, but I am actually going to trade it in for a Samsung Fascinate. Droid X has its own serious problems too. Like someone mentioned earlier, no phone is perfect. In fact, the Droid X’s problem makes this look minor.

    The Droid X has a serious rebooting problem. I have only had the phone for 2 and a half weeks, and it is rebooting like crazy on me. The grass is always greener on the other side. Motorola has not addressed the rebooting problem. If you don’t believe me, google it for yourself.

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